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Green Yuzu Kosho 150g - Additive Free, 100% Ingredients Made In Japan

Yuzu Kosho, Born In The Town Of Hagi Do you know about a town called Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture? The town is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the...
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Hatsukari Soy Sauce 1000ml From Matsumoto Craft Soy Sauce Factory

Hatsukari Soy Sauce From Matsumoto Craft Soy Sauce Factory Hatsukari Soy Sauce is a saishikomi soy sauce that has been aged for 2 years and made using the best local...
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Rice Koji Powder 100 g - Kyoto Hishiroku Special -

Rice Koji Powder 100 g --Kyoto Hishiroku Special Kyoto's long-established fermentation foods manufacturer "Hishiroku", which lasts more than 300 years since its establishment, The malted rice powder that is good...
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Kaneso Dashi Stock Packets 10g x 30 Packs - Salt-Free, MSG-Free, Additives-Free, 100% Made in Japan

Japanese additive-free dashi stock packet Only Japan’s domestic ingredients are used for this product, and no salt or chemical seasonings are added. This is a packet type and can be...
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Tetron Steamer Cloth For Steaming and Making Koji 100 x 100cm - 100% Made In Japan

What Is Tetron Steamer Cloth? Tetron Steamer Cloth (a type of polyester) is the suitable cloth to help you get the best steaming result that made from high-quality material. Mostly...
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Awa Wasanbon Sugar (Special from Okada's Sugar Refinery) 500g

About Awa Wasanbon Sugar(Special from Okada’s Sugar Refinery) The freshly produced wasanbon sugar (和三盆, known as Japanese fine-grained sugar), directly packaged and ship to you to use as raw material...
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Hokkaido Organic Azuki Bean "Erimo Azuki" 500g

About Hokkaido Organic Azuki Bean For over 30 years in Makubetsu Town, Hokkaido, Mr. Hirawake Yuu has been carefully raised his Organic Azuki Beans. Since the Azuki beans are well...
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Furikake Rice Seasoning Katsuo (Bonito) 28g, Made in Japan with Domestic Ingredients

Bonito Furikake Made With High Quality Domestic Ingredients From the main ingredient to the seasonings, all are obtained domestically in Japan. We valued the original taste of the furikake ingredient...
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