Handmade Miso Kit - Portion for 2.5kg (Organic Soybeans, Organic Rice Koji,  Wajima Seasalt, and Pouch)

Handmade Miso Kit - Portion for 2.5kg (Organic Soybeans, Organic Rice Koji, Wajima Seasalt, and Pouch)


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Handmade Miso Kit

This is a set with ingredients and a preparation pouch that allows you to easily start making miso at home. It also comes with a compact storage resealable pouch that can be a container for the miso during the fermentation. The miso kit contains pesticide-free soybeans from Hokkaido, organic rice koji from Okayama Prefecture, and salt from Ishikawa Prefecture. By referring to the enclosed "How to make miso" leaflet, you can easily make delicious homemade miso.

Estimated finished miso: 2.5kg

Read More About Miso
How To Make Miso
In this article, we will explain an easy way to make miso detailed with video instruction. This recipe is an instruction from the Japanese miso manufacturer summarized by Kawashimaya. Use it as a reference on making homemade or even restaurant scale miso.

This Set Includes

Pesticide Free Hokkaido Soybeans


Pesticide-free soybeans that are carefully grown in Hokkaido. The soybeans are harvested after they are completely ripe, so they absorb plenty of nutrients and have a high-quality taste and flavor. Pesticide-free soybeans without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and naturally dried. If you boil it, you can enjoy the sweetness of plump beans. If you use it as an ingredient for miso, you can make a delicious miso soup that is full of flavor and umami. Please use it for making homemade tofu, soy milk, and natto.

Okayama Organic Dry Koji

Dry Koji

Dried koji made by artisans using only JAS-certified organic white rice from Okayama Prefecture. It is characterized by being slowly dried with warm air so as not to destroy the koji spore. The strong koji spore and high-quality koji give the miso its umami and richness. It has passed not only JAS, but also the world's strictest FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) certification inspection.

Wajima Seasalt


Salt derived from seawater taken from Wajima in Ishikawa Prefecture. Instead of cooking in a kettle, the seawater is heated to the same level as body temperature, and slowly evaporates and concentrates at a low temperature to crystallize. It has a balance of ingredients suitable for fermentation, so it will add umami into the fermented miso.

Compact Pouch


A resealable plastic pouch that is very convenient for making miso made of thick and durable material, it can store about 2.5 kg of miso. By changing the direction in which miso is placed after preparation, there is no need for weights or re-mixing. Using a plastic pouch also makes it difficult for unwanted mold to grow. After the fermentation is done, the pouch can be used as a storage bag.

Size (When closed):21.9cm width and 34cm height with 5cm leftover space even after adding 2.5kg miso.

What Our Customers Say

Handmade miso with safe ingredients I bought the kit so I could make miso with safe ingredients. All of them are organic materials, so they are a little pricey, but I think they are good products. I'm satisfied. (F・30s)

I'm confident I can make delicious miso with this As soon as I open the product, I can feel the quality of the material. Soybeans are especially good. I think it is rare to find such beautiful grains in organic farming. When boiled, it smells so good that I couldn't help but want to eat it as it is. Koji can also be frozen and stored for a long time, so it is convenient. I was convinced that I could make delicious miso. Thank you. (F・40s)

Can't wait to try the finished miso I wanted to try making my own miso, and when I searched for good quality ingredients, I came across this one. I felt that it was a sincere shop with a polite and quick response. The kit included a printout of how to make miso, so I tried making miso for the first time while looking at it. I am putting the miso to ferment now. I'm looking forward to the finished product. (F・30s)

It's easier than I thought I tried making miso for the first time. It came with an easy-to-understand manual and it was very helpful. It's a set, so I didn't have to worry about the amount, so I could use it all as it was. It was easier than I thought. I'm looking forward to the completion. (F・30s)

Product Details

Product Details
This Set Includes Pesticide Free Soybeans From Hokkaido:500g

Organic Dry Koji From Okayama:1kg

Wajima Seasalt From Ishikawa:300g

Resealable Storage Pouch:1pc

How to Make Miso Leaflet
Miso Handmade Kit

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