About The 4 Years Matured Mirin (Issi Souden)– The Special Made Ogasawara Mirin Issi Souden is a mirin made in the origin place of mirin, Hekinan City of the Aichi...

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About The 4 Years Matured Mirin (Issi Souden)
– The Special Made Ogasawara Mirin

Issi Souden is a mirin made in the origin place of mirin, Hekinan City of the Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Moreover, it is made in the finest mirin brewery of Hekinan City, The Ogasawara Mirin Brewery.

The mirin is made using the high quality of glutinous rice from Saga City, a homemade koji specially made to make mirin, and a domestic made shochu for the ingredients and made through a period of aging for four years.

小笠原味醂 一子相傳

To make the mirin, we carefully use the traditional work that kneads glutinous rice and koji in a room exceeding 30 degrees in three days and three nights.

It is a mirin which has the original taste from the rice's sweetness without using any sugar.

Because it has elegant umami taste on it, you can also enjoy it as a liqueur as it is.
(It is offered to serve "on the rocks" in the long-established bar in Kyoto)

We made the highest quality of mirin by sticking with the old-fashioned manufacturing methods because of the motto of "Making the 'real' mirin to the customer by hand."

This mirin will make our usual dishes become more delicious by adding only a small amount of mirin in your cooking.

小笠原味醂 一子相傳


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Message from The Mirin Producers

What we do in the Ogasawara Mirin Brewery - "Issi Souden":
1. Use only the domestic rice as raw material
2. Use the handmade koji
3. Use the natural sedimentation process
4. Any heating process is not performed because it is a row mirin.
Therefore, this product has a mellow flavor and sweetness. It is a mirin that is delicious even if you drink it.

We support the "Food Safety" issue so that problems such as contamination of foreign matter and microbial contamination do not occur.

We also trying to make a manufacturing place that does not allow compromise, so at the time of brewing, we have refused any entry except for the brewer itself.

This is not the usual mirin you could found.
First of all, we would like you to try to drink it a bit.

While try to drink it, please put in mind that we made the mirin with lots of hardships.

The manufacturing process is considered to take irrational time and labor,
It is manufactured by the Ogasawara method which continues from the ancestors,
Sometime it is manufactured for several days which resulting an insomnia,
Lastly, we are securing the domestically produced glutinous rice as our material in the optimum way,
These are some difficulties we faced.

But we will smile when we see the completion of the product.

That's why we will make it next year.

- The Representative of Ogasawara Mirin Brewery

小笠原味醂 一子相傳


Contents 600 ml
Alcohol Contents 13.5% ~ 14.5%
Raw materials glutinous rice, rice koji, shochu
% of Mirin Extracts Remaining After Evaporating Process 45% or more
Expired Date about 1 year
小笠原味醂 一子相傳

*The higher % of Mirin Extracts remaining after evaporating process will make the mirin more sweet and have more umami.
This mean that this product will have 45% or more remaining mirin extract after you use it in your cooking (cooking will evaporate the mirin extracts).

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