[Wholesale 100pc] Koji Starter For Soybean Koji (For Making Kinzanji Miso) 20g (For 15kg Portion) - Special Product From "Hishiroku" Shop Kyoto, Japan

[Wholesale 100pc] Koji Starter For Soybean Koji (For Making Kinzanji Miso) 20g (For 15kg Portion) - Special Product From "Hishiroku" Shop Kyoto, Japan

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Wholesale Koji Starter For Soybean Koji (For Making Kinzanji Miso)

This product is the wholesale bulk item containing 100pc of Koji Starter For Soybean Koji (For Making Kinzanji Miso) 20g. If you want to purchase the single item version, you can go to the product page by clicking here.

What is Koji Starter for Soybean Koji?

Established 300 years ago, this is the koji starter (koji seed) made by the long-established store "Hishiroku".

This koji starter is a koji starter for soybean koji and is very suitable for making kinzanji miso. Kinzanji miso is a mixture of kinzanji koji (mixed rice koji, barley koji, and soybean koji) and chopped vegetables, such as eggplants, cucumbers, shiso , carrots, ginger roots, etc.

Use this high-quality koji starter for making soybean koji, and you can make your own kinzanji koji by mixing it with koji rice and barley koji.

With your delicious kinzanji koji, you can make delicious kinzanji miso!

Koji Starter for Soybean Koji Seed

This product contains 20g of koji starter (Aspergillus) that can be stored for a long time in a convenient sachet package, so you can open it just as much as you need.

20g of this koji starter can be used for 15kg of soybeans in koji-making (the weight of soybeans before adding water is 15 kg).

What is Koji Starter/Koji Seed?

Koji starter or koji seed is the Aspergillus spore that becomes the source of koji.

In the brewing industry, we call the koji starter "sprouts". We can make koji to produce fermented foods such as miso and amazake (sweet sake) with these sprouts.

The appearance of the koji starters bud popped out, and its whitish hyphae grow the bean sprouts and budding trees figure, so it's called like that.


What is Koji?

Give water to raw grains (rice, barley, beans, etc.), sprinkle seeds on steamed grains, and culture the seeds under temperature conditions suitable for the growth of Aspergillus oryzae.That is how this koji starter is made.

Koji has so many enzymes that it is said to be a treasure house of enzymes and could decompose grains with its power. Also, koji itself is a nutritious food filled with sugar, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. All these nutritions are made by the koji starter (Aspergillus oryzae).
With koji, you can make traditional fermented foods such as sake, authentic shochu, mirin, miso, soy sauce, vinegar, amazake (sweet sake), etc.

miso amazake shoyu

Health Benefits of Koji

When the intestinal environment (intestinal flora) gets better, body immunity and skin health will get better. Koji is a fermented food that maintains good gut health. Koji also contains other healthy components such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin H (Biotin), Pantothenic Acid, and Essential Amino Acids.

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Message from Hishiroku Corp., the Maker of Koji Seed Starter - Special Product from Hishiroku Shop, Kyoto

Hishiroku Corp.

In the main region of "The Land of Royal Castle" of Kyoto, standing there for over 300 years is the reputable "Hishiroku" Shop. In its long history, we devotedly making steady progress of koji starter (koji seed).

We believe that small activities hidden in koji starter's Aspergillus will eventually produce big things and will become life force for tomorrow, so we are making research and efforts to deliver the pure, stable, and high quality products of koji starter.

We are looking forward to your further patronage in using Hishiroku's koji starter for making koji.

Q & A About Koji Starter

How long is the life of a koji starter (koji seed)? How long can I keep it?

・ If the package is unopened and stored in a vegetable compartment of a refrigerator, the standard storage period is about 6 months.
・ After the package is opened, please seal it with a ziplock, etc., and save it in a vegetable room of a refrigerator. With this, you can save the koji starter for about 6 months.

How can I store the finished koji rice?

・ If you want to store it for 1-2 days, please put it in a cold dark place with a temperature lower than 15ºC.
・ If you want to store the koji rice for 2-3 days, please put it in the refrigerator.
・ If you want to store it for more than 3 weeks, please put it in the freezer. In the freezer, the koji starter can be saved until 3 months.

Can I drink koji starter as it is?

Since it's not a drink, please do not drink it. If you look for a supplement product, we recommend you to try KAWASHIMAYA "Lactic Acid Bacteria Powder" - Probiotic Supplement Taken from Japanese Fermented Foods (100 g)

How much should I use the koji starter when making koji rice?

The amount of koji starter is about 1.3g-10g for 1kg of rice (rice for raw material) (about 0.2g-2g per 150g of rice).
If you are still not used to koji rice making (first-time try), it's better to use the koji starter more.
Because even if you use much of it, there will be no problem.

About the finised amount:
・ The steamed rice will be 1.8-2 times heavier than the original/raw weight if you steam the rice.
・ Then, after the koji rice is completed, the weight will be 0.9 times the weight after steaming. Thus, the finished rice koji will be 1.62 (1.8x0.9)~1.8 (2x0.9) times from the original/raw rice weight.
・ For example, if the raw rice is 1kg, the finished amount of koji rice is 1.62-1.8 kg.
(This is an estimated amount. The amount of finished koji rice depends on the soaking condition, steaming condition, and the condition of fermentation process).

The color of the finished rice koji is reddish-brown and smells strange. Can I use it?

There is a high possibility that other bacteria are mixed and increasing in the process of making it. Please don't use it.

After you have sterilized all the equipment, please try increasing the amount of koji starter when making koji rice next time (about 3-4 times more) so it's easier to ferment.

In addition, please be careful about temperature control during the fermentation process.

How To Make Koji?

How to Make Koji Rice — Without Fail!
how to make koji
Koji is a famous mold that is popular in Japan. It is the basic foundation of amazake, soy sauce, sake, and other traditional Japanese fermented foods. The mold, scientifically called Aspergillus Oryzae, is usually inoculated on all kinds of steamed grains like rice, soy, or barley. To make rice koji, steamed rice is sprinkled with koji starter (koji seed) and kept at a controlled temperature. When the mold starts to cover the rice grains, the koji is done and can be used as an ingredient.
Need More Info About The Koji Starter's Enzymatic Contents?

We have compiled more informations about our koji starters. Please click the button below for details.

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Product Details
Name Koji Starter for Soybean Miso - Best for Making Kinzanji Miso
Netto 20g x 100pc
Expired Date About half a year
Storage Guide Please put it in cold dark place with temperature lower than 15ºC.
Product Weight In Total 2.7kg
*Delivery with EMS and surface mail has a maximum limit of 30kg. If your total order exceeds 30kg, we recommend separate shipments.
Koji Starter for Soybean Miso - Best for Making Kinzanji Miso
    Important Points
  • Be sure to clean up tools, clothes, hands, etc., correctly, and be careful with germs.
  • Please use it as soon as possible after you open it.
  • This product is for rice koji and barley koji. Please do not use it for other purposes.
  • We will deliver it in a thick envelope.
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