[Wholesale 20pc] Tetron Steamer Cloth For Steaming and  Making Koji 31 x 31cm - 100% Made In Japan

[Wholesale 20pc] Tetron Steamer Cloth For Steaming and Making Koji 31 x 31cm - 100% Made In Japan

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Wholesale Tetron Steamer Cloth

This product is the wholesale bulk item containing 20pc of Tetron Steamer Cloth For Steaming and Making Koji 31 x 31cm. If you want to purchase the single item version, you can go to the product page by clicking here.

What Is Tetron Steamer Cloth?

Tetron Steamer Cloth (a type of polyester) is the suitable cloth to help you get the best steaming result that made from high-quality material. Mostly preferred by Japanese professional koji makers to make the nicely steamed rice. Also suitable as bamboo steamer mat and sushi rice cooking net. This tetron cloth is manufactured by Kotobukikako-Seiki.

Tetron Cloth Preview

Compatible with Small Bamboo Steamer Size

This Tetron Cloth is made in a size that matches the Small Bamboo Steamer Size with a 7 inch (18 cm) diameter. You can wrap the food by using this Tetron Cloth to get the best steaming result. Tetron Cloth can also become an important cloth to use when making koji because it will help to steam the rice evenly and make no rice stick to the steamer!

Tetron Cloth with Bamboo Steamer

Excellent For Steaming And Making Koji

Made from tetron yarn, this cloth is heat resistant and not prone to discoloration, preferred by Japanese professional koji makers to make nicely steamed rice and foods.

Tetron Cloth Preview

It is durable in high temperatures and helps to get the best steaming result. It’s made from high-quality material and it’s easy to use for steaming. Therefore, it is perfect for making koji.

The Rice Grains Won’t Stick To The Cloth

Regular Cloth vs Tetron Cloth

Regular Cloth VS Tetron Cloth

The best feature of this cloth is that it is difficult for rice to stick to. Since you don’t have to clean the sticky rice from the cloth, it would save so much time during the koji-making process.

Ideal For Adjusting Humidity of Steamed Rice

Tetron to Wrap and Cover the Rice

During the warming period of koji, wrap and cover the rice with a tetron cloth, then cover it again with a bleached cotton cloth (double wrapping) to adjust the humidity of koji. The inner tetron layer has almost no water absorption and the outer cotton layer moderately prevents condensation and doesn’t absorb too much moisture. This technique is excellent for humidity and temperature adjustment when propagating koji on steamed rice grains.

What Is Tetron?

What Is Tetron

Tetron is a brand name for polyester-based synthetic fibers. The raw materials are ethylene/xylene from petroleum and naphthalene from coal. The material is characterized by its elasticity and durability. Since it doesn't wrinkle easily and is resistant to friction and water, it is used for clothing and is widely used for industrial purposes such as hoses, fishing nets, and insulating tape as well.

Why You Should Use Tetron Cloth?

● Non-Stick

● Reusable and durable

● Heat Resistant

● Lightweight

● Quick-drying

● Hard to fade & stain

Tetron Cloth 31x31cm Size Details

Tetron 31x31 Details

Wholesale Tetron Cloth Size Variations

Care Instruction

● Please hand-wash the cloth with dish soap and dry with sunlight after use.

● Please avoid washing it in a washing machine

Product Details
Size 31cm x 31cm
Material Tetron
Country of Origin Japan
Product Weight In Total 0.78kg
*Delivery with EMS and surface mail has a maximum limit of 30kg. If your total order exceeds 30kg, we recommend separate shipments.
Tetron Cloth 31x31cm

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