Japanese Domestic Pine Needle Tea Set of 2 x 100g (100% Japanese dried pine needle) by Nakajima Seiyaku

Japanese Domestic Pine Needle Tea Set of 2 x 100g (100% Japanese dried pine needle) by Nakajima Seiyaku


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Japanese Domestic Pine Needle Tea

Japanese Domestic Pine Needle Tea

Our Pine Needle Tea is made from carefully selected Japanese dried pine needle and has undergone strict quality control procedures by our skilled craftsmen.
We are paying attention to the production area, quality, and safety of our product. So please enjoy our domestically produced dried pine needle without worry.

What is pine needle?

What is pine needle?

The pine needle grow naturally in various areas of Japan and has been popular since ancient times. It can be proven by the pine needle's appearance in ukiyo-e prints, kimono patterns, and family crests.

It is said that the medicinal benefit of pine needle has been recognized in China for a long time and the record was found in 500 years old Chinese medicine books. There is also a legend said that hermits ate them as an elixir for longevity.

Pine Needle’s Nutrition Information

Pine Needle’s Nutrition Information

Pine needle, has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time, contains rich nutritional components. Such as:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Quercetin
  • Terpene essential oil (alpha pinene)
  • Vitamin
  • Minerals (Calcium, Iron, etc)

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Pine Needle Tea Article

Pine Needle Tea: All You Need to Know, From Benefits to How to Make
Pine needle tea has been known for its many health benefits since a long time ago. However, there are still many common misconceptions about it. This article provide every facts and information that you need to know about Pine Needle Tea, from benefits to side effects, even how to make it.

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How to brew pine needle tea

Tea bag type

There are two ways to brew pine needle tea: brewing in a pot or kettle and brewing in a kyūsu or japanese traditional tea pot.

Brewing in a pot or kettle

With this method, we will boil the tea, recommended for those who like a strong taste.
Recipe for4People
Cooking Time10minutes
Brew with pot or kettle


・Pine Needle Tea
10g (About 2.5 tablespoon)

 Step by step

Put 10gr of dried pine needle and about 1L of water in a pot and heat to a boil.
When the water boils, simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes.
Turn off the heat and strain the leaves with a tea strainer.
The pine needle tea is ready. You can adjust the boiling time to your liking.
** When brewing in a kettle, put the dried leaves into a tea bag for easier cleansing.

Brewing in a kyūsu (Japanese Traditional Tea Pot)

With Kyūsu, you can adjust the taste to your liking.
Recipe for4people
Cooking Time10minutes
Brew in kyusu


・Pine Needle Tea
15g(Around 3 tablespoon)

 Step by step

Put about 15gr of dried pine needle in a kyūsu and pour boiling water.
Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes. You can adjust the time, and enjoy the tea once the taste is to your liking.

How to use Dried Pine Needle as Bath Salt

Pine needle tea for bath salt

Dried pine needle commonly used as Bath Salt in Japan. Here is how to use the dried pine needle as part of your bath routine:

  • Put 30g of dried pine needle (about 7.5 tablespoons) in a large tea pack,
  • Let it simmer for a while,
  • Then put it in your bathtub

The pine needle contain essential oils that improve your body circulation system. And the gentle scent of pine needle is said to have benefit of relieving fatigue and relaxing.

About Nakajima Seiyaku

Traditional ingredients

Nakajima Seiyaku was established in Kyoto,1887 under the name of "Nakajima Chinese Medicine Store".

Our experienced staff carefully examines each raw materials and selects them by hand, with the first priority to "use good materials and finish them carefully".

We believe that a product’s safety, taste intensity, and beauty of appearance vary greatly depending on the place of origin and the manufacturer. Therefore Nakajima Seiyaku commits to use 100% domestic ingredients.

Since our establishment, we cherish our trustworthy relationship with our manufacturer and networks with only using high quality domestic raw materials for our product.

Pine Needle Tea Product Lineup

  • 100g packaging


  • set of 2

    100g × 2 bags

Product Details

Product Name Japanese Domestic Pine Needle Tea by Nakajima Seiyaku
Raw Materials Japanese Domestic Pine Needle Leaves
Nett. Weight 100g x 2 bags
Store Direction Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
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