[Wholesale 80pc] KAWASHIMAYA Black Soybean Tea 100g (5g x 20 Teabags) - 100% Made in Japan with Pesticide-Free, Chemical-Fertilizer-Free, Naturally Cultivated Iwakuro Black Soybeans

[Wholesale 80pc] KAWASHIMAYA Black Soybean Tea 100g (5g x 20 Teabags) - 100% Made in Japan with Pesticide-Free, Chemical-Fertilizer-Free, Naturally Cultivated Iwakuro Black Soybeans

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Wholesale KAWASHIMAYA Black Soybean Tea 100g (5g x 20 Teabags)

This product is the wholesale bulk item containing 80pc of KAWASHIMAYA Black Soybean Tea 100g (5g x 20 Teabags). If you want to purchase the single item version, you can go to the product page by clicking here.

Nutritionist's Recommended Point① Gentle and Fragrant Flavor

Being in tea bags makes it convenient and easy to use. I found it handy to just pour hot water into a mug and enjoy. The taste has a gentle and fragrant flavor unique to black soybean tea, making it enjoyable for people of all ages without any bitterness or strong aftertaste.

Yurie Ando


Black Soybean Tea is Gentle on the Body and Packed with Nutrition.

Non-caffeinated and with a mild taste, black soybean tea is preferred as a beverage during pregnancy or before bedtime. However, it is also an ideal tea for those conscious of their health, as it provides the rich nutritional benefits of black soybeans.

Black Soybean Tea is Gentle on the Body and Nutrient-Rich

Made from 100% organically grown black soybeans, you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Black Soybean Tea Package

Relaxing Aroma and Roasted Flavor, Similar to Roasted Soybean Powder

Rich aroma reminiscent of roasted soybean powder. The taste is smooth with no strong notes, and a gentle thickness can be felt. Whether enjoyed warm for a comforting moment or as an iced tea, the mild flavor makes it easy even for children to drink and quench their thirst.

Relaxing Aroma

Recommended Usage of Black Soybean Tea Bags

Steep for Convenience

The slightly sweet and mellow flavor is perfect for relaxing before bedtime or after meals.

  1. Place 1 tea bag in a teapot or cup.
  2. Pour 200ml of hot water.
  3. Close the lid and let it steep for 3 minutes.

Brew for Full Flavor

Recommended for those who want to fully savor the flavor of black soybeans and enjoy the remnants.

  1. Place 1 tea bag in a pot or cast-iron kettle.
  2. Pour 500ml of hot water.
  3. Simmer on low heat for 5 minutes.
  4. Remove the tea bag after stopping the heat and wait for 10 minutes to finish.
Hot Black Soybean Tea

Iced Tea

For refreshing hydration in the summer, an ice-cold black soybean tea without bitterness is recommended.

  1. Cool down the steeped or brewed black soybean tea.
  2. Pour the cooled black soybean tea into a glass with ice to complete.
Iced Black Soybean Tea

※You can also put it in a water pot and refrigerate or carry it in a water bottle for hydration on the go.

Nutritionist's Recommended Point ② Suitable for Everyday Tea

It's delicious both hot and cold, making it perfect for hydrating in the summer. Black soybean tea contains nutrients such as black soy polyphenols and dietary fiber that are not easily obtained in daily meals. It's a convenient way to incorporate these nutrients into your diet through tea. While green tea and matcha are typical with Japanese sweets, black soybean tea pairs well for those concerned about caffeine.

Yurie Ando


Various Ways to Enjoy Leftover Black Soybeans after Brewing

The leftover black soybeans from black soybean tea can be eaten. It contains abundant dietary fiber similar to soybeans and various nutrients that do not dissolve in tea. Besides adding them to meals, they are recommended as a delightful snack or appetizer for a happy stomach.

Inside Black Soybean Tea Bags

Black Soy Latte with Leftover Black Soybean Tea

Black Soy Latte

Ingredients (For 1 serving)

  • Leftover black soybean tea (from the tea bag) - 1 piece
  • Soy milk (or regular milk) - 180 ml


  1. Remove the leftover black soybean tea from the tea bag.
  2. Place the tea bag and soy milk in a pot and heat gently without boiling.
  3. Once heated, remove the tea bag and pour the mixture into a cup.

This simple black soy latte combines the nutritional benefits of black soybeans and soy milk, making it perfect for those concerned about health.

Make Every Day Relaxing with Black Soybean Tea

Whether you're looking for a comforting beverage before bedtime, a healthy tea option, or a refreshing drink in the summer, black soybean tea is a versatile and delicious choice. Enjoy the gentle and fragrant taste along with the nutritional benefits it brings to your daily life.

Black Soybean Tea in Everyday Life

Various Ways to Enjoy Leftover Black Soybeans After Brewing

You can also eat the black soybeans left after drinking black soybean tea. In addition to being rich in dietary fiber, almost equivalent to soybeans, various nutrients that do not dissolve in tea remain in black soybeans. Adding them to your meals or enjoying them as a delightful snack or appetizer is highly recommended.

Inside Black Soybean Tea Bags

Even Adding Leftover Black Soybeans to Your Dish of the Day

Black soybeans go well with various side dishes, such as being added to potato salad, croquettes, salads with fresh vegetables, miso soup, or topping soups. The possibilities are endless.

Ways to Use Black Soybeans

100% Organic Cultivated Black Soybeans from Hokkaido

The black soybeans used as the raw material for organic black soybean tea are cultivated organically in the naturally rich land of Hokkaido.

Black Soybean Field
Harvest Season

※This is a photo of a black soybean field during the harvest season.

Polyphenol Components in Black Soybeans Support Daily Health


The skin of black soybeans contains a type of polyphenol called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin, found in purple foods like blueberries, eggplants, and red wine, is beneficial for UV protection and relieving eye fatigue.



The germ of black soybeans contains isoflavone, a polyphenol unique to legumes like soybeans. Isoflavone, with a structure and function similar to the female hormone estrogen, supports the beauty and health of women who want to stay youthful.


Aid for Irregular Eating Habits: Saponin

Saponin in black soybeans supports the functioning of the liver. Especially recommended for those who consume a lot of alcohol or fatty foods and feel the burden on their bodies due to irregular eating habits, black soybean tea can help optimize the liver's natural abilities.


Product Details

Product Details
Ingredients Organic Black Soybeans (Hokkaido)
Net Weight 100g (5g x 20 bags) x 80pc
Production Area Hokkaido
Storage Method Store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.
Product Weight In Total 12.5kg
*Delivery with EMS and surface mail has a maximum limit of 30kg. If your total order exceeds 30kg, we recommend separate shipments.
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