[Wholesale 20pc] Polypropylene Cloth (Pairen) for Koji Making and Cooking 100×135cm - 100% Made In Japan

[Wholesale 20pc] Polypropylene Cloth (Pairen) for Koji Making and Cooking 100×135cm - 100% Made In Japan

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Product Details
Name Polypropylene Cloth (Pairen)
MOQ 20pc

Price is negotiable for bigger quantities. Please contact us for more information.
Size 100cm x 135cm
Material Polypropylene 100%
Storage Guide Use in temperature below 130℃
Country of Origin Japan
Product Weight In Total 5.69kg
*Delivery with EMS and surface mail has a maximum limit of 30kg. If your total order exceeds 30kg, we recommend separate shipments.
Polypropylene Cloth 100x135cm

Wholesale Polypropylene Cloth (Pairen)

This product is the wholesale bulk item containing 20pc of Polypropylene Cloth (Pairen) for Koji Making and Cooking 100×135cm. If you want to purchase the single item version, you can go to the product page by clicking here.

What is Polypropylene Cloth? (Pairen)

This is a polypropylene steaming cloth manufactured by Kotobukikako-Seiki. This cloth is a koji-making tool that professional koji makers love.

Make good-quality homemade koji using the cloth favored by koji maker professionals. Mat cloth from Polypropylene fabric prevents the spillage of raw ingredients. It also optimizes the humidity & temperature to keep the koji warm at the right temperature and smoothly finish the fermentation.

Polypropylene Cloth

Because the cloth is durable in high temperatures, it’s perfect for wrapping koji during the warming/breeding step. The fabric holes on polypropylene cloth are small, preventing the spillage of grains and koji starter and letting extra moisture escape. Add one layer of cotton cloth to wrap on the outside to absorb the excess moisture. This way, you can create the perfect humidity and temperature for koji to propagate.

Compatible with Koji Tray Size L

This polypropylene cloth is made in a size that matches the Koji Tray size L that you can use with the Koji Fermenter. You can wrap the koji with this single Polypropylene Cloth 100 x 135cm. Koji Tray size L also compatible with the 94 x 100cm polypropylene cloth. Choose the right size of Koji Tray and Polypropylene Cloth before making your own koji to produce the perfect one!

Polypropylene Cloth with Koji Tray

The Rice Grains That Won’t Stick To The Cloth

Polypropylene Cloth That Won't Stick

The best feature of this cloth is that it is tough for rice grains to stick to. It will make koji-making more effective since you don’t have to waste time cleaning sticky rice from the cloth.

Ideal For Adjusting The Humidity of Steamed Rice

Steaming Rice Using Polypropylene Cloth

When keeping the warm temperature during koji-making, wrap the steamed rice grains that have been sprinkled with koji starter using a polypropylene cloth, then add another layer of cotton cloth on the outside to absorb moisture. This technique will adjust the humidity and temperature of koji.

We recommend this cloth for making koji at home or professionally.

What Exactly is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a durable and environmentally friendly fiber. It can be recycled and consumes less energy when recycled. As polypropylene became more and more popular in many consumer and industrial applications, it was gradually discovered that this type of plastic also showed potential as a textile.

Origin of Polypropylene

Polypropylene (PP) has the characteristics of being resistant to heat and chemicals. This type of plastic is safe to use as a raw material for making food and beverage containers that are in direct contact with food.

Why You Should Use Polypropylene Cloth?

Polypropylene is classified as a “thermoplastic” (as opposed to “thermoset”) material which has to do with the way the plastic responds to heat. Thermoplastic materials become liquid at their melting point (roughly 130 degrees Celsius in the case of polypropylene). Here are the others remarkable properties of polypropylene:

● Non-Stick

● Reusable

● Durable for long-term use

● Lightweight

● Quick-drying

● Hard to fade & stain

● Heat Resistant (Temperature safe below 130℃)

Polypropylene Cloth Size 100x135cm Details

Polypropylene Cloth Size 100x135cm

Wholesale Polypropylene Cloth Size Variations

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