Ryujin Ume’s Umeboshi Paste (Crushed Ume) 470g

Ryujin Ume’s Umeboshi Paste (Crushed Ume) 470g


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About Ryujin Ume's Umeboshi Paste (Crushed Ume)

Umeboshi Paste from Ryujin Ume, a product of Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. It has an old-styled, sour umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum) flavor.

You can use it easily because it is a pure umeboshi extract.

The tart, puree-like texture is suitable for daily cooking ingredients.
Please use this umeboshi paste when making onigiri (rice balls), sushi, vegetable stir-fry, salad dressing, or simmered dishes. The size is also suitable to use as a souvenir!


Get To Know Umeboshi, The Japanese Salted Plums
What is umeboshi? Umeboshi is a pickled plum that has a sour and salty flavor.
Because of its excessive benefits, umeboshi are loved by Japanese people even now.
Let's get to know umeboshi and learn how to eat it deliciously!
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Product Details

Name Ryujin Ume's Umeboshi Paste (Crushed Ume) 470g
Contents 470 g
Raw Ingredients Plum (Kishu Ume), Umeboshi ingredients (salt, perilla leaves)
Preservation Method please store it in normal temperature

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