What is plum sauceMeat with meat is a meal that has been matured by combining plum meat and soy sauce.Dissolve it in tea and drink it, eat as it is,...

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What is plum sauce

Meat with meat is a meal that has been matured by combining plum meat and soy sauce.Dissolve it in tea and drink it, eat as it is, as a seasoning to vinegared things and Japanese foodYou can use it. This plum sauce is a plum blossom pizza with no pesticide cultivation "Ryujin plum"We add ginger to natural brewed soy sauce and carefully kneading it.
If you put a coffee cup on a plum sauce you can eat plum sauce tea that will warm from the core of the body.In Macrobiotics, it is said that Umeshicha tea is effective in relieving coldness and fatigue.It also helps to alleviate the stomach condition and hangover. Even those who use plum sauce for the first time are comfortable "How to drink delicious meat of Japanese meat sauce"It is enclosed for free. Please help us with plum sauce for healthy everyday.


Production scene of plum sauce

Plum sauce was cultivated in pesticide-free chemical fertilizer in rich nature of Ryujin village, Wakayama prefectureIt is made from the fruit of plum.
【Production process】1 It is a plum of the material of plum paste which is raw material of Umeboshi plum sauce. 2 kinds of seeds First remove the seeds with a machine and squash the plum fruit. 3 Paste Mix plum vinegar in crushed plum and strain it.
 4 It is the finished silk plum (plum paste) of silk plum sauce. 5 Mix meat and sauce Mix soy sauce, mushrooms and ginger with plum paste. 6 It is finished packing it in a plum sauce jar.
 Since extra additives are not used in Umezu at all, children to elderly peopleYou can relax with confidence. As Umezu-cha tea is a positive drink, it is effective to drink before meals or on an empty stomach. Ideal for when your stomach is in bad shape or when you are tired. It also leads to constitutional improvement by drinking a cup every morning. In winter, promotion of blood circulation promotes blood circulation from the body and summer bat is canceled in the summer. Please also try thicker plum sauce tea at the time of hangover. Depending on the idea, you can also use it widely for cooking.



How to make 梅 番 茶茶


梅醤番茶 用意するもの Preparation of Umeshicha tea · Cup of tea or mug· Plum Soy3 years old tea
梅醤番茶 用意するもの How to make 梅 番 茶茶 1. Place ume mackerel with plum sauce.Put 1 ~ 2 spoons of meat dish into a cup.Please adjust the amount of plum sauce as you like. 2. Pour the green teaPour the hot tea ceremony that I boiled in beforehand into a tea cup containing plum sauce.The tea ceremony is organic cultivation and aged for three years "3 year old tea" is recommended. 3. Stir wellMix well with tea ceremony so that the mass of plum sauce disappears. This is the completion of Umeshicha tea. It is also recommended at the beginning of a cold when your stomach is not feeling well or when you feel tired.

Umezu (Agrochemicals Ryujin plum · Shiso · Natural brewed soy sauce · Ginger noodles) Note

Name: plum sauceIngredient name: plum meat, book brewed soy sauce, plum vinegar, shiso, gingerContents: 250 gStorage method: Avoid direct sunlight, please save in cool dark place. After opening is refrigerated.
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