Zarame Coarse Sugar (Product of Kikaijima Island, Japan) 1kg

Zarame Coarse Sugar (Product of Kikaijima Island, Japan) 1kg


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About Zarame Coarse Sugar (Product of Kikaijima Island)

The Zarame Sugar is made of pesticide-free sugar cane from Kikaijima Island. The raw ingredients, pesticide-free sugar cane, are cultivated and processed into zarame sugar using the homemade method.

Please use it for making sweets, add to drinks (tea, coffee, etc) and seasoning simmered dishes.


What is Zarame Sugar?

Zarame sugar or Japanese coarse sugar is one type of sugar commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It has the characteristic to richen the flavor of dishes with mediate sweetness. The sugar blends well and soaks with the whole ingredient, making it easy to use for many recipes.

Zarame Coarse Sugar FAQ

The package does not say pesticide-free, is it pesticide-free?
We have confirmed this matter with the manufacturer. Although the package does not indicate that it is pesticide-free, it is a pesticide-free sugar that uses natural ingredients.

Product Details

Name Zarame Sugar (Coarse Sugar)
Ingredients sugar cane (from Kikaijima Island, Japan)
Quantity 1000g
Preservation Method Avoid direct sunlight and store it in a cool and dark place (pantry).

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