Uminosei Seawater Nigari - Tofu Coagulant From Oshima 200ml


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What is Seawater Nigari

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Tofu made from Seawater Nigari

It is an ideal nigari (brine, a byproduct of extracting salt from sea water) for making tofu that contains rich natural minerals in every package. This nigari was made by the manufacturing process of natural sea salt. A high-quality nigari which is also used in well-known tofu stores. If you use this nigari in tofu making, you can make authentic tofu with a tender and rich taste at home.

The Charms of Seawater Nigari

nigari bottle

Easy to measure

When making tofu, it is important to use the right amount of nigari. You can use 200ml of nigari for 20 blocks of tofu servings.

nigari manufacturing method

Made from 100% pure sea water

The production area is in a remote island surrounded by beautiful nature, Izu Oshima. This nigari's raw material is 100% pure sea water carried by Kuroshio (Japan Current, a north-flowing ocean current on the west side of the North Pacific Ocean.) We don't use any other nigari or coagulant.

The manufacturing process includes concentrating the seawater with the salt-field type of net, which collects salt and the mother liquid from the collected salt. The contents of this nigari are not only magnesium chloride, but also contain a small number of trace elements in seawater abundantly.

The characteristics of this nigari is not only making your tofu more delicious, but it gives a slightly salty taste, a subtle flavor, and richness from the seawater.

fresh tofu made with nigari

For making delicious and rich tofu

This nigari not only solidifies the tofu but also brings out the sweetness and umami of the soybean to its full extent. You can make delicious tofu with a sweet, delicious, yet nostalgic taste at home.

Homemade Tofu Tutorial

How to Make Tofu Instruction
How To Make Tofu (Kawashimaya Version)
How to Make Tofu. This is Kawashimaya's Version of the tofu recipe. Making tofu is not difficult if you keep the temperature and procedures firmly. Freshly made tofu have deliciousness that can not be found when you normally buy tofu from the supermarket or other sources. Let's easily make handmade tofu at home!
Product Name
Product Name Uminosei Nigari (Tofu Coagulant)
Ingredients Seawater
Quantity 200ml
Storing Guide Keep away from sunlight, keep in a cool dry place. After opening, keep it sealed to avoid moisture.
Origin Oshima, Japan
Uminosei tofu nigari bottle

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