KAWASHIMAYA Black Soybean Tea 100g (5g x 20 Teabags) x 3 Packs Set - 100% Made in Japan with Pesticide-Free, Chemical-Fertilizer-Free, Naturally Cultivated Iwakuro Black Soybeans

KAWASHIMAYA Black Soybean Tea 100g (5g x 20 Teabags) x 3 Packs Set - 100% Made in Japan with Pesticide-Free, Chemical-Fertilizer-Free, Naturally Cultivated Iwakuro Black Soybeans


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Kawashimaya Black Soybean Tea: A Kind, Gentle, and Nutritious Tea for Your Body

Black soybean tea, otherwise known as kuromame tea (Japanese: 黒豆茶, kuromame-cha), is non-caffeine and has a soft taste. Because of that, it is preferred as a drink during pregnancy and before bedtime. But in fact, it is a perfect everyday tea for those who are conscious of their health, in the sense that they can get the whole nutrients of black soybeans.

Black Soybean Tea Kuromame cha

The ingredients of this tea is 100% black soybeans grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, so you can safely enjoy it with confidence.

Kawashimaya Black Soybean Tea Kuromame cha

A Relaxing Flavor and An Aroma Like Roasted Soybean Flour (Kinako)

Rich aroma of roasted black beans wil give a reminiscent of kinako, the roasted soybean flour. The taste of this black soybean tea is mellow with no peculiar taste*, and you can feel a gentle thickness in it.

You can feel the warmth and healing of this tea as a hot drink, but it also has a soft flavor that is not astringent even when served as an cold drink. Even children can drink it and quench their thirst.

* Peculiar taste refer to some tastes that people don't get used to; unusual taste that some people like it and some don't like it. For example, natto is widely known as a food who has unusual taste. Some people love it, some people hate it.

A mellow flavor that is soothing and aroma like kinako soybean flour

Made With 100% Hokkaido Black Soybeans Without Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers

The black soybeans used as the raw material for Kawashimaya Black Soybean Tea are Iwakuro black soybean variety that have been cultivated in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido. The farm has been cultivating black soybeans for over 30 years with no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers.

Black Soybean Farm

Black Soybean

The farm owner, Mr. Hirawake, is happy to see the beans growing quickly and healthy.

Black Soybean Farm

Black Soybeans

* This is a photo of freshly harvested black soybeans.

Mr. Hirawake's farm does not use any chemical fertilizers, let alone pesticides.
The biggest enemy of pesticide-free black soybean cultivation is weeds. He said that weeds on the 30-hectares vast farm is removed in cooperation with other fellow farmers.

Iwakuro black soybean

Black Soybean's Polyphenols and Saponin to Support Daily Health


The skin of black beans contains a type of polyphenol called anthocyanin.
Anthocyanin also contained in purple foods such as blueberries, eggplants, and red wine. It is a nutrient that are good for UV protection and eye strain.

Black Soybean Health Benefit


The germ of black soybeans also contains a polyphenol called isoflavone, which is unique to beans such as soybeans. Isoflavones, which have a structure and function similar to the female hormone estrogen, support the beauty and health of women who want to be youthful forever.

Black Soybean Nutrients

Saponin, An Ally For Irregular Eating Habits

Saponin contained in black beans supports the function of the liver.
Especially for those who drink a lot of alcohol and eat greasy meals, and those who feel that their eating habits are irregular and burdensome to the body, black soybean tea is recommended to put the body condition in order so that the original power of the liver can be exerted.

Black Soybean Nutrients and Health Benefits

Recommended Usage of Black Soybean Tea

Easy Brewing by Steeping

The slightly sweet and mellow flavor of Black Soybean Tea is perfect for relaxing before and after a meal.

How To Make
1. Put a tea bag in a pot or cup.
2. Pour 200 ml of hot water.
3. Close the lid and let the tea steep for 3 minutes.

By Boiling

Boiling method is recommended for those who want to enjoy the firm flavor of black soybeans and also want to enjoy the dregs.

How To Make
1. Put one tea bag in a pot or iron kettle.
2. Pour 500 ml of hot water.
3. Heat it with low heat for 5 minutes.
4. Turn off the heat and wait 10 minutes before removing the tea bag and it's done.
How to Drink Hot Black Soybean Tea

With Ice as an Cold Drink

For hydration in the summer, we recommend iced black soybean tea, which is not astringent and has a good feeling when passing through your throat.

How To Make
1. Cool the brewed or boiled black soybean tea.
2. Pour the cooled-down black soybean tea into a cup of ice to complete.

Note: You can put the tea in a water pot and cool it in the refrigerator. Then put it in a water bottle to rehydrate when you are in the office or when you go out!

How to Drink Cold Black Soybean Tea

The Remaining Black Beans Left After Brewing is Also Nutritious

You can eat the black beans dregs left over after drinking black soybean tea.

Black soybeans contain various nutrients that do not dissolve in tea, including abundant dietary fiber that is almost the same as soybeans. Not only it is a great addition to your meal, but it is also recommended as a snack or side dish that will make your stomach happy.

Black Bean Dregs Is Also Nutritious

Various Ways to Enjoy the Remaining Black Soybeans Dregs

Black Soybean Latte

Put the contents of the tea bag (the dregs after brewing) and milk (or soy milk) in a small pot and heat it over low heat for about 5 minutes to enjoy it as a Japanese-style latte.
For those who want to add sweetness, we recommend brown sugar, which makes the black soybean latte even more mellow and tasty.

Black Soybean Latte

Black Soybean Rice

Add black beans to freshly cooked rice. That way, you can easily add more dietary fiber into your dish. Enjoy the fragrant flavor and texture which has the unique accents of black soybean rice.

Black Soybean Rice

For Addition to the Usual Side-Dishes

The remaining dregs of black soybean goes well with a variety of side dishes, such as putting it in potato salad or croquette, or topping it in raw vegetable salad, miso soup, or soups.

Black Soybean for Side Dishes

Product Variations

Product Detail

Product's Name Black Soybean Tea
Ingredients Iwakuro Black Beans
Quantity 100 grams (5 grams x 20 Teabags) x 3 Packs Set
Product Origin Hokkaido, Japan
Storage Method Please store in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight.
Kawashimaya Black Soybean Tea

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