KAWASHIMAYA Fermented Burdock Root Tea (Powder Type) 90g - Made in Japan with Domestic Ingredient

KAWASHIMAYA Fermented Burdock Root Tea (Powder Type) 90g - Made in Japan with Domestic Ingredient


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What is Burdock Root Tea?

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Burdock root tea is a herbal tea made by cutting burdock into smaller pieces, then drying and roasting them. It has a natural-derived sweetness and earthy aroma among other herbal teas. Burdock was originally brought from China to Japan as a medicinal herb with many excellent effects such as detoxification. It has also been used for myriad purposes across Asia and Europe, and more recently in North America.

In recent years, burdock root tea gained attention due to its rejuvenation and health benefits. Fermented burdock root tea for one, is a water-soluble dietary fibre consisting of inulin and saponin which is also contained in ginseng, as well as polyphenol which is often lacking in our human body.

Burdock is a common vegetable found on many dinner tables in Japan. The root can either be enjoyed fresh or cooked, whereas the leaves are usually sautéed like any other vegetable. The stalks have a taste somewhat like asparagus and can be eaten raw in a salad, boiled, or candied with sugar.

Powerful Ingredients of Fermented Burdock Root Tea

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Commercial use burdock root tea usually discards burdock skin. In actual fact, burdock skin contains plenty of polyphenols. Kawashima Fermented Burdock Root Tea uses the entirety of burdock including the outer skin to produce unique burdock root powder that enhances its naturally derived nutrition.


Saponins are a group of structural diverse glycosides present in a wide range of plants. Interestingly, they garner the ability to cause soap-like foaming in aqueous solution. They are found in most vegetables such as soybeans, peas, ginseng, burdock skin and some herbs.


Inulin is a water-soluble prebiotic fibre indigestible in the human intestinal tract but may be used to improve the nutritional profile of products. This carbohydrate is present in a wide range of plants such as chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, onion, garlic, barley, rye and wheat.


Polyphenols are natural bioactive compounds found in fruits and vegetables. They have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties associated with human health. Among them, the burdock skin contains an abundance of "tannin", "chlorogenic acid" and "arctigenin". Polyphenols also boast potency in treating and preventing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Process of making Burdock Root Tea

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At Kawashimaya, the fermented burdock root tea is made from 100% high quality burdock grown in the rich land of Kyushu. Yeast fermentation is used to increase the nutritional value of burdock. This fermentation takes about a week using special kettle and cultivated by skilled craftsmen. Burdocks are grown in Kyushu with great care to preserve the natural flavour and sweetness of burdocks. Fermented burdock root tea are produced with the help of reliable manufacturers in order to deliver safe and secure products for consumption. Burdocks have also undergone strict inspection in the process of making.

  • burdock tea process
  • burdock tea process
  • burdock tea process
  • burdock tea process
  • burdock tea process
  • burdock tea process
burdock tea process

Yeast fermentation is a groundbreaking manufacturing process that Kawashimaya employ. Using the wine yeast in fermentation for winemaking, the key aroma compounds of burdock root tea increases while the nutritional contents agreeably enhances. The state-of-the-art burdock root tea ensued from this fermentation process is spurred by the presence of yeast metabolism which affects the bioactive, flavour and aroma compounds.

Difference between fermented and unfermented burdock:
Compared to unfermented burdock, the polyphenol content in fermented burdock increases. Burdock root tea is not the easiest to drink, so fermenting and aging the burdock allows the earthiness and natural sweetness to emerge. Fermented burdock root tea is smooth and calming without the bitter and powdery aftertaste.

Nutritional Values of Burdock Root Tea

Components Value (for every 100g)
Saponin 5570 mg
Polyphenol 1469 mg
Calcium 314 mg
Magnesium 251 mg
Iron 29 mg

Captivating Appeals of Fermented Burdock Root Tea

Why Fermented Burdock Tea?
• Non-caffeinated.
• 100% locally produced Japanese burdock used.
• Smooth tasting burdock tea compared to unfermented burdock tea accredited to yeast fermentation.
• Helps nutrient absorption.
• Easy to incorporate into any dishes.

Ways to enjoy Burdock Root Tea

powder type

Powder Type Burdock Root Tea

Powdered form of Burdock Root Tea allows you to adjust the desired texture and astringency.

Nutrition from the burdock skin is heavily infused in the burdock tea powder, making it a great supplement for dietary fibre.

Get creative with powdered fermented burdock tea! Besides its aromatic and flavoursome elements, you can also incorporate them in soup and porridge.

On its own

Mix with hot or cold water (about 1.5g) and enjoy. An easy-to-mix powder type that can be enjoyed on ice or hot.

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Iced Burdock Root Tea Hot Burdock Root Tea
For the summer months when the body perspires more often than not, grab a cup of chilled burdock root tea.

While rehydrating with iced burdock tea, you are also replenishing dietary fibre the body needs.
Hot burdock root tea is an effective warming tea during winter or when you're looking for a nice, flavourful and truly warming cup.

It contains saponin and inulin that warms the body from the inside.

Savoury Meals

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Why not try cooking with tea to add flavour and nutrition to your dishes? Energise your day with tea-infused broth. Room temperature or chilled burdock root tea can be used in cooking whole grains such as rice, quinoa or millet or to stews stews and soups. Simply replace any recipe that requires water with burdock root tea, such as burdock root tea porridge. You can also use burdock root tea to rehydrate foods like dried mushrooms.

Customer Testimonials

burdock review 1

Comforting and Satisfying: meet my new holy grail!
To be frank, I wasn’t too pleased with the taste and smell the first time I tried it. Clearly it wasn’t something that I was used to, but it has definitely grown on me the more I drink it. I can definitely see myself enjoying burdock root tea for a long time. (Female, 30s)

burdock review 2

This burdock root tea intrigues me!
I love that this powdery tea dissolves well and the scent was marvellous . I could easily make chilled tea with this product during the summer months. I also love how I can use fermented burdock root tea powder as a soup stock! I’m happy I decided to try this stuff out. I will definitely be buying more in the near future.(Female, 40s)

burdock review 3

It's an excellent ingredient for cooking!
I bought it after seeing that burdock skin contains beauty and active ingredients on TV. I thought of trying this for cooking and for making tea. I ordered it and it arrived immediately, and I'm looking forward to drinking it. (Female, 50s)

burdock review 4

Impressive fragrance!
When I opened the sealed bag, I could tell that I had fresh burdock tea in my hands. It smelled great! Since it contains whole burdock, it was perfect as a vegetable powder to be mixed with porridge for baby food. I also add it to miso and pork soup. (Female, 30s)

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Easy to drink for the first time!
I drank fermented burdock root tea for the first time, surprisingly it was very easy to drink. The fermented burdock root tea with the skin has a refreshing taste. My family and I enjoys it most often when it's chilled. (Male, 30s)

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FAQ Fermented Burdock Root Tea

What are the main constituents of fermented burdock root tea?
Fermented burdock tea mainly contains saponin 5770mg, polyphenol (tannin) 1469mg, calcium 314mg, and other magnesium and iron.
Does fermented burdock root tea contain caffeine?
Fermented burdock root tea is non-caffeinated. You can drink it any time of the day, even before bedtime.
What are the health benefits of fermented burdock root tea?
This tea helps to boost immunity due to the abundance of saponin; preventing heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis, stroke, and myocardial infarction; suppress the rise of blood sugar level and development of cancer cells; improve bowel movements; and strong antioxidant effect for anti-aging, to name a few.
Can I drink fermented burdock root tea during pregnancy and lactation?
Certainly! Burdock root tea has the benefits of improving blood flow and warming the body. It is also said to improve the production of breast milk.
How is fermented burdock root tea different from ordinary burdock tea?
Fermented burdock root tea is more nutritious than unfermented ones. This is due to the increased polyphenol content (almost 1.4 times more) compared to conventional burdock powder. Furthermore, by fermenting burdock, the overall molecular weight is reduced which makes nutrient absorbing much easier.
Is fermented burdock root powder soluble?
Yes, it is made into fine powder through yeast fermentation, so it is more soluble than unfermented burdock powder.
Which burdock is used for this fermented burdock root tea?
We use 100% Kyushu burdock designated by the producer. Please enjoy carefully selected and excellent quality fermented burdock tea.
How to make and prepare fermented burdock root tea?
Fermented Burdock Root Tea in powder form presents many opportunities to be creative. You can either enjoy burdock tea on its own or add to savoury dishes. For instance, burdock tea-infused broth can be used to cook whole grains, stews stews and soups simply by replacing water with burdock tea. You can also use burdock tea to rehydrate dried foods like mushrooms.
When is a good time to drink fermented burdock root tea?
The great thing about non-caffeinated burdock tea is that you can take it any time of the day, knowing it wouldn't affect your sleep. We recommend having them during mealtime as it helps to suppress the accumulation of body fat.

Product Details

Product Name KAWASHIMAYA Fermented Burdock Root Tea (Powder type) 90g
Producing Area Japan
Nett. Weight 90g
Nutritional Facts (per 100g) Calorie: 372kcal, Calcium: 314mg, Iron: 29mg, Magnesium: 251mg, Saponin: 5770mg, Polyphenols (as tannic acid) 1469mg
Ingredients Dried burdock (100% Kyushu burdock is used)
Storage Method Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Product Images Burdock Tea 90g

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