Ogata Health Farm's "Asahi" Organic Brown Rice 2.5kg (Pesticide-Free and Fertilizer-Free)

Ogata Health Farm's "Asahi" Organic Brown Rice 2.5kg (Pesticide-Free and Fertilizer-Free)


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What Is Asahi Brown Rice (Ogata Health Farm's Special Pesticide-free and Fertilizer-free)?

It is a self-confident work of Ogata Health Farm's, which was raised with the hope of "a happy family without illness". The rice has been cultivated without fertilizer for more than 20 years, without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, etc., just by corroding rice straw.

"Asahi" is a Showa brand rice that is the ancestor of Koshihikari and Sasanishiki. It is characterized by a light texture with a slight stickiness.

Currently, the most popular rice varieties on the market have been mated with Koshihikari.

Since the introduction of Koshihikari, the number of people complaining of rice allergies has increased, and it is said that this tendency will increase in the future. "Asahi" is a variety that even people with rice allergies can often eat confidently.

Asahi Brown Rice Preview

Cultivation Characteristics

For about 20 years or more, the soil is revived with pesticide-free and fertilizer-free farmland with hydrogen water, and it is the top naturally cultivated rice using self-seeded seeds.

Brown Rice Cultivation

Asahi Brown Rice Size Variations

How To Eat Asahi Brown Rice Deliciously

The best way to cook brown rice deliciously is to use clean water. Since brown rice is dehydrated, it absorbs the water from the first sharpening at once.

Therefore, when washing for the first time, use water that has passed through a water purifier or mineral water to remove the dullness at once and make it delicious.

By washing it with great effort, dirt and rice husks can be removed, but the lumpy feeling peculiar to brown rice can be alleviated, and the rice can be cooked firmly.

Inundation time is also essential for eating deliciously while efficiently ingesting nutrients. Make sure to soak in water for 6 hours in the summer and 8 hours in the winter before cooking.

Asahi Brown Rice In a Bowl

How to Cook Brown Rice In Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker

The following is the easiest way to cook brown rice. Although most of the steps that must be done are the same as we usually do, there are a few tips for you to consider before cooking brown rice.

Useful Tips to Know Before Cooking Brown Rice:

● The rice and water general ratio for cooking brown rice is around 1:1.5 or 1:2. The water amount will determine the rice’s chewiness. In my preference, I like the 1:2 much better because it will have an easy to eat, fluffy, but still chewy brown rice.

● If using the older brown rice, add more water to cook it. Older crop tends to hardly absorb moisture. I would put a ratio of 1:2.3 (rice: water) for cooking older brown rice.

● It’s optional but absolutely worth it: try soaking the brown rice with clean water for 12 hours in summer and 14 hours in winter before cooking to make it easier to absorb moisture. The rice will germinate (which is more nutritious) and chewier, thus become Sprouted Brown Rice.

● To make the seasoned cooked brown rice, you can substitute the water with broth or dashi. To make it more flavorful, try adding 1/4 teaspoon of salt to every gram of rice.

● The rice will evenly be cooked when you see a crab hole-like spreading around the rice.

Cook Brown Rice in Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker

How To Cook Brown Rice


  • Rice Cooker/Instant Pot


  • 450 g Brown Rice (washed)
  • 900 ml Water


  1. Rinse and carefully drain your brown rice to remove excess dirt. I recommend to rinse up to 4 times.
  2. Add the rinsed brown rice to instant pot/pressure cooker/rice cooker. Pour the water into the instant pot or the utensils you use in precise number. Stir to mix.
  3. Close the pot’s lid select 20 minutes on high pressure (pressure cooker mode). Or let the rice cooker in “cook mode”.
  4. After the cooking time finished, let the cooker release the pressure naturally. Once over, carefully open the lid, stir evenly, and transfer the cooked rice to bowl.

You’ll love this method because it only takes around 40 minutes to cook brown rice. Instant Pot is an all-in-one cooker device with many purposes. You can replace the instant pot with pressure cooker or the normal rice cooker.

If you are still confused about how to cook brown rice so that the results are as delicious as your expectations, please refer to our article below:

How to Deliciously Cook Brown Rice (3 Ways)
How to Deliciously Cook Brown Rice (3 Ways) Thumbnails
Because brown rice is rich in fiber, it is relatively takes more time to cook than white rice. But please rest assured! You can read the detailed instruction about “How to Cook Brown Rice” with 3 types of methods later in this article.

We are also happy to provide recipes that you can try to process the brown rice, which has many health benefits into dishes you can enjoy every bite of!

Brown Rice Recipe Collection
Brown Rice Recipe Collection Thumbnails
Since it’s not only good for your health, brown rice tastes especially good in many recipes. To provide a breakthrough in your various cuisines, we would like to show you our recommended recipes that you can try using brown rice.

Commitment Of Ogata Health Farm's


The goal is "creating a world without illness"

Therefore, fertilizer-free, naturally cultivated agricultural products are delivered to the table as they are, which means it's pure. We are aiming to create a healthy and happy family and society.


"No pesticides, no herbicides"

No pesticides are used from the seed stage to harvest.

"No use of fertilizer"

No chemical fertilizer, no bokeh fertilizer, no livestock manure compost.

"Purification of soil"

Only the residue of the previous work is plowed in without bringing in organic matter from the outside.

We are cleaning the soil with an emphasis on the natural ecosystem cycle. (Rice husks generated during the production process are difficult to process and are discarded in some fields).

"Based on self-seeding"

We have been self-seeding for many years to detoxify the pesticides and fertilizer components remaining in the seeds. We try to leave healthy seeds.

Pestiside-free and Fertilizer-free Asahi Brown Rice

Message From Ogata Health Farm's

Message from Ogata Health Farm's

I would like to thank you for our relationship through the rice.

This rice is a farming method "naturally cultivated without fertilizer" that does not use any pesticides or fertilizers. We deliver it with the wish of family health and longevity. We brought up time, effort, and love by demonstrating the vitality that springs from the earth.

In the first place, our distant ancestors are said to have miraculously occurred in ancient times due to a coincidence with changes in the global environment. The energy of the fusion of the sun, the moon, and the earth has no fertilizers or pesticides.

From such an eternal event, modern farming is just a trivial history. So to speak, it seems that modern civilization is made up of Asahi's technology.

The Old Testament preaches that the forbidden nuts that Adam and Eve ate and the human race that ate what they shouldn't eat became bloody, and evil occurred.

The forbidden nuts, maybe it's pesticides or fertilizers. It may be that human beings have been contaminated by eating things that should not be eaten and have suffered from various intractable diseases such as cancer.

Natural farming was proposed by "Mokichi Okada" in anticipation of such anxiety.

Growing rice without using any fertilizers, let alone pesticides... This seemingly insane farming method is now spreading quietly.

I started natural farming 26 years ago to protect my family. When the soil is cleaned by repeated biological cultivation, the earth's energy is transferred, and the person who eats becomes healthier gradually. We are pleased to deliver it to many families, including those who have various problems.

Naturally cultivated rice without fertilizer has a good taste, even for those with no appetite. The word "pure" applies to it, and it seems that the body is cleansed and strengthened without even knowing it. It will be the greatest pleasure if you use it in your home.

Natural adaptation or anti-natural... It's no exaggeration to say that this is a choice that will affect the lives of you and your family.

Because "human beings are made of what they eat".

Voice of the Staff

It is rice that can be enjoyed with peace of mind even for people with atopy and rice allergies that have been increasing recently. Naturally cultivated rice without fertilizer has a good taste, even for those with no appetite.

Customer's Voice

Such delicious and easily-digestible brown rice! I followed the washing and soaking directions and then cooked it normally then. I also tried the enzyme rice with the red beans sold on this site. It also made tasty amazake. It was all great! Normally, I do not eat brown rice anymore due to heavy metal contamination issues, but this rice seems as organic and clean as possible in the modern world. (Han Kim)

Even though it is brown rice, it is easy to eat and delicious. Each grain has energy, and even a tiny amount will fill your heart. In addition, we will purchase. (Female, 30s)

There are various types of brown rice on the market, but I'm always Ogata Farm. The more you chew, the more delicious the brown rice. (Female, 40s)

Product Details
Product name Ogata Health Farm's "Asahi" Organic Brown Rice 2.5kg
Origin Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto, Japan
Quantity 2.5kg
Storage method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place.
Asahi Organic Brown Rice 2.5kg

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