Organic Handmade Natto Kit (Powdered Natto Starter Spores 3gr + Hokkaido Organic Soybean 500gr Set)

Organic Handmade Natto Kit (Powdered Natto Starter Spores 3gr + Hokkaido Organic Soybean 500gr Set)


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Organic Handmade Natto Kit

This Organic Handmade Natto Kit consists of one set of high-quality natto starter/Bacillus subtilis natto powder which is made from 100% of soybean raw material (not genetically modified) in powder form and one set of Hokkaido's organic soybeans called "Suzumaru".

Handmade Natto Kit

With this best-for-natto small grain soybeans and top quality natto starter spores, you can enjoy your own handmade natto as you like!

・Soybeans:500 gr of Hokkaido's organic soybeans "Suzumaru"

・Natto starter spores:3 gr of Natto spores powder made from 100% of not genetically modified, soybean raw material (This can be used for 30 kg of natto.)

We also include an instruction of "How to Make Handmade Natto" in the package so you can enjoy making your own natto at home!

Handmade Natto Kit

After boiling the soybeans properly, sprinkle the natto starter spores, then just keep warming it for about 24 hours to make a delicious homemade natto. ※For details, please go to How to Make Natto



How to Make Homemade Natto
We will explain about how to make homemade natto using natto starter (Bacillus subtilis natto) and soybeans (available with video and instruction pictures). The article will let you learn about natto and how to make natto in details.
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What is Natto?

What is Natto?

Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. Fermentation is the process of converting carbohydrates to alcohol or organic acids using microorganisms (yeasts or bacteria) under anaerobic conditions. In natto, it uses Bacillus subtilis bacteria to be fermented.


Natto has sticky and slimy texture, strong flavor, and rather strong smell.

A lot of people love natto, but there are also many people who dislike it.

For you who haven't tried it yet, please try by all means!

In Japan, natto is very popular.

We can say that all Japanese know natto.

Japanese people usually eat natto as breakfast food.

In addition, natto is unexpectedly good for your health. It has many nutrients in one serving. This tiny, sticky little thing will keep you healthy if you consume it!



The Nutrients of Natto, a Superfood from Japan


According to Japanese Population-Based Osteoporosis (JPOS) Study, the consumtion of natto has many benefits such as protection againts breast cancer, prostate cancer, menopausal symptoms, heart disease and osteoporosis. This benefits are derived from the isoflavones inside natto.

These are five health benefits you can get from natto:

Natto Benefit 1 Contains Probiotics


The soybeans in natto undergo a fermentation process which creates conditions that promote the growth of probiotics.

Probiotics is the "good" and "helpful" bacteria that have many benefits to our body.

Some of the benefits are they improve your food digestion, as a defense against toxins and harmful bacteria, and can help reduce gas, constipation, and bloating. Probiotic content also help to cure diarrhea.


Natto Benefit 2 Rich in Vitamin K


Natto is abundant with vitamin K. A serving of nattō (100g) provides 29% of the Daily value (DV) of vitamin K.

It's rather easy to find another food with vitamin K1. You can find vitamin K1 in many green vegetables such as spinach.

However, another important K vitamin, vitamin K2, is not as easy to find. Vitamin K2 is produced by bacteria, and natto happens to be rich of it. Vitamin K2 delivers a wide range of health benefits, such as maintaining bone density, supports bone health by increasing bone mass and slowing boneloss, and is associated with lower risk of heart disease, artery calcification and death.

Lack of vitamin K in your bloodstream puts you at risk of osteoporosis, bleeding, and delayed healing of bruises and wounds.


Natto Benefit 3 Source for Vitamin C


A serving of nattō (100g) provides 22% of the Daily value (DV) of vitamin C. Natto has higher antioxidant activity capacity than raw soybean because it is fermented.

Vitamin C, or also known as antioxidant vitamins, is among the essential nutrients your body needs. This vitamin is suggested to decrease oxidative damage and could lowering the risk of certain chronic diseases.

It also could boost your immunity by helping the body to fights off infection.


Natto Benefit 4 Help You Lose Weight


Natto is the best choice for those who want to maintain a stable weight or when dieting.

It is because natto contains just over 200 calories with 5g of dietary fiber in one serving. This content could help you to control your diet.

The dietary fiber content in natto fullfil 22% of the Daily Value (DV). Good thing about dietary fiber is it makes you feel fuller, so it's good to eat natto in your breakfast. Dietary fiber also promotes the digestive system to work more effectively.


Natto Benefit 5 Good for the Skin


Natto is rich of a vitamin known as pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), which is people little-known about, that is important to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

Vitamin PQQ can help you maintain a beauty and healthy skin - which makes you look younger.

You can prevent the effects of premature aging. This vitamin is the perfect addition to your diet.


It is also said that the best way to consume soybean is the fermented soybean, such as natto, miso or tempeh.


Where to buy Natto?

Handmade Natto Kit

Natto is one of the most loved food in the world.

Unfortunately, people can only enjoy natto in such a short time due to it's due date.

We are having problems for bringing or ordering natto from Japan and eat it in several days/weeks later.

But, we can easily make and enjoy a great quality of natto anywhere and anytime if we have a natto starter kit.

Kawashima-ya provides the natto starter kit with an easy-to-understand recipe book.

We want everyone to always have a chance to enjoy the high quality of natto easily!

Organic Handmade Natto Kit - The "Suzumaru" Soybeans

The "Suzumaru" Soybeans are the organic soybeans raised carefully by Mr. Yuu Hirawake. He has been raising and cultivating these soybeans organically in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido for over 30 years.


Small grain type of soybean which is best for natto.


Being harvested when they are completely ripe, these soybeans are rich in nutrients and have fine quality of taste and flavor.

Yuu Hirawake
Hirawake Farm・Mr. Yuu Hirawake
「I have raised the bean carefully with love like my own child」
I have been making organic, pesticide-free beans for more than 30 years in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido.
Harvested beans were dried in sunlight without relying on machines, the condensation can bring the sweetness to the beans.
Small-sized grain, organic, pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation, and carefully raised with natural drying. The best choice of soybean for natto. Please try it once.


Organic Handmade Natto Kit - The Natto Starter Spores

Handmade Natto Kit

The Natto Starter Spores in this kit is a high-quality natto spores powder made from 100% of soybean raw material (not genetically modified).

We made the natto spores in the powdered form so you can use it easily at home and just dissolve it in water to make it into liquid. This natto starter spores included in the kit can be used for approximately 30 kg of natto.

We deliver an easily-used, high-quality powdered natto starter spores which is also used by natto manufacturer right to you.

After the natto spores is sprinkled over and it adheres to the soybeans, the fermentation will occur in an appropriate environment, therefore the natto can be done nicely.

100% of pure culture natto bacteria extracted from organic soybeans is used.

We also highly recommend high-quality Kawashima-ya Natto Starter Spores, which is can be used very easily by those who try to make natto for the first time.

For details about Natto Starter Spores, please go to  >> "Kawashima-ya Natto Starter Spores 10g"

Product Details

Name Organic Handmade Natto Kit
Contents Powdered Natto Starter Spores 3gr

Hokkaido Organic Soybean 500gr
Accessories Handmade Recipe Collection
Preservation Method Please save in a low humidity refrigerator.

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