Cloth and Sash Bag Set for Making Handmade Tofu

Cloth and Sash Bag Set for Making Handmade Tofu


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Cloth and Sash Bag

These cloths are specially made for making tofu. They are produced by Yoshida textile specialty shop in Tsubame-shi, Niigata Prefecture. Kawashima The Japan Store made the order to the manufactures to create fine-grained and smooth handmade tofu.

This bag is suitable for the filtration process. The function is similar to the paper used in Nell Coffee Drip coffee-making method. But when making tofu, we need to use a cloth material, not paper.

The manufactures are not using chlorine-based bleach in the bleaching process. In addition, this cloth has a soft texture that makes it difficult to make any scratch to the tofu.

The size for both bags: 33cm wide x 40cm long.


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Click here for more details on how to make tofu ⇒

Once you tried handmade tofu, you probably won't get satisfied with ready-made commercial tofu. Please try and enjoy making handmade tofu at home!


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Product Detail

Name Cloth and Sash Bag Set for Making Handmade Tofu
Contents - 1 Cloth for Tofu Making

- 1 Sash Bag fo Tofu Making
Materials 100% Domestic Cotton
Cloth And Sash Bag Size Size 33cm × 40cm
Place of Origin Japan

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