Ryujin Ume's Shiso Sprinkle (Furikake) 35 g

Ryujin Ume's Shiso Sprinkle (Furikake) 35 g


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About Ryujin Ume's Shiso Sprinkle (Furikake) 35 g


The Ryujin Ume's Shiso Sprinkle (Furikake) uses 100% red perilla leaves (shiso), carefully grown with no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers in the rich nature of Ryujin Village, Wakayama Prefecture. Other raw ingredients used are salt and organic plum vinegar.

We only use the organic plum vinegar processed when pickling the Ryujin Ume's umeboshi.

The red perilla leaves are naturally sun-dried. That way, you can taste the completely condensed umami and flavor in every bite!

How to Use Furikake?


Furikake is a popular seasoning made of various dried ingredients.
You can sprinkle furikake on top of hot rice, noodle, and even delicious on top of the salad and fried chicken!

*This Shiso Sprinkle is packed in zip-lock packaging, so it's convenient to use and store.

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Product Details

Name Ryujin Ume's Shiso Sprinkle (Furikake)
Contents 35g
Raw Ingredients - Organic red perilla leaves (Ryujin Village, Wakayama Prefecture)
- Salt
- Plum Vinegar
Expiration Date Described on the product packaging
Storage Method Store in a cool and dark place away from humidity

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