Kuroiwa Egg Yolk Oil Supplement (90 Capsules)

Kuroiwa Egg Yolk Oil Supplement (90 Capsules)


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What is Kuroiwa Egg Yolk Oil Supplement?

黒岩式卵黄油 画像:放し飼いの鶏たち

Kuroiwa Egg Yolk Oil Supplement is an egg yolk oil made from high-quality eggs of Kuroiwa chickens that lives free-range in the vast forest.

Kuroiwa chickens are raised with natural feed such as plants, humus, microorganisms in the soil, and spring water. Since the chickens are relatively stress-free, there is no need for food containing additives such as antibiotics. Therefore, the chickens can lay safe natural eggs (fertilized eggs) containing natural minerals.


Among them, only fresh eggs are collected and finished with the traditional "Kamaen fire cooking method". Every process is done by hand, so it takes time and patience, but that commitment is the secret to making high-quality egg yolk oil.

Egg yolk oil is an oil that is made by taking only the yolk of a chicken egg and continuously mixing it while heating it over a fire.

Egg yolk oil has a long history, having been popular as a folk remedy since the Nara period. It is attracting attention for its rich content of lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin E, linoleic acid, and oleic acid.

Here are a response from our staff that has tried the supplement

Even if you know the good effect of egg yolk oil, you often hear that the peculiar smell of egg oil is not good. On the other hand, Kuroiwa egg yolk oil is recommended because it is in soft capsule form and is easy to drink without any peculiar smell. It's important to consume it regularly, as one capsule won't give you immediate results. One bag contains 90 capsules, and I am now on my second bag. Because of this, I can maintain my good health.

The Recommended Way to Consume Egg Yolk Oil Supplement


Take 3 capsules of Kuroiwa egg yolk oil supplement a day with water or hot water.

It is an easy-to-swallow soft capsule type, so you can take it continuously even on busy days. As soon as you drink it, the gelatin coating of the capsules will dissolve, allowing smooth digestion and absorption.

Since egg yolk oil is in liquid form, it is very well absorbed by the body.

About The Maker of Kuroiwa Egg Yolk Oil Supplement: Mr. Masashi Kuroiwa


Masashi Kuroiwa, the producer of Kuroiwa-style egg yolk oil, used to run a civil engineering company in Osaka. After that, he over his family's poultry farming in Miyazaki, and in 1995 purchased the current land in the mountain. Currently, there are six poultry houses, but he built the poultry houses by clearing the mountain with his own hands.

It takes more than 120 days to raise Kuroiwa chickens, and in some cases, it can take as long as 180 days.

On the other hand, the common rapid-growth Broiler breeds will be on the market in about 50 days.

It is said that the standard breeding number for free-range chicken is 80 days or more.

By comparison, you can see how carefully the Kuroiwa chicken is raised.

In addition, Kuroiwa poultry farming has created an environment in which chickens pick up the soil according to their physical condition. The poultry farm didn't do anything unnecessary, and the fact that the chickens grow freely in their natural state is the source of producing high-quality eggs.

Product Detail
Ingredients Fertilized egg yolk oil (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), Encapsulating material (gelatin, glycerin)
Quantity 90 capsules (1 capsule is 300mg)
Expiry Date 2 Years from the manufacturing date
Storage Keep away from direct sunlight, keep in a cool dry place. Keep refrigerated
Allergen Contains Egg
Nutrition Facts 3 capsules contains: 8.44kcal Energy、0.56g Protein、0.62g Fat、0.16g Carbohydrates、0.0002g Table Salt

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