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KAWASHIMAYA Wholesale is our global business program for handling bulk orders at wholesale price, dedicated to our business customers like retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions. We host selected authentic Japanese products with the quality approved by KAWASHIMAYA. Find products you can only get from KAWASHIMAYA, like Koji Starter Spores, Natto Starter, Dried Rice Koji, Koji Tools, Japanese Tea, and other Japanese products. Be a part of this rapidly growing community to deliver Japanese food & kitchenware throughout the world.


Why Consider KAWASHIMAYA Products?

Made in Japan

KAWASHIMAYA takes pride in choosing the best Japan-originated products for our customers worldwide. Enjoy exclusive domestic products loved by the Japanese through an easy online platform.


Selected products have acquired JAS Organic Certification. As the registered business to handle JAS products, KAWASHIMAYA ensures that the organic products comply with JAS standards.


Choosing the best ingredients, especially in food, is one of our priorities in providing products. We strive to deliver safe, secure, and good natural products that could support your healthy lifestyle.

Careful Product Developments

KAWASHIMAYA takes precedence to direct relationships with producers/manufacturers from the first development step to secure quality and to convey the product's charms directly to many people.

Our Wholesale Products

Visit the Wholesale Product Category and choose the products you’d like to order.
Here are some popular products among our customers.

Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter
Kairyo Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter
Koji Starter For Miso
Koji Starter For Shoyu

Ryujin Ume Shiso Furikake
Ume Soy Sauce Paste
Natto Starter Powder
Fermented Brown Rice

Organic Green Yuzu Kosho
Pine Needle Tea Dry Leaves
Dried Rice Koji
Koji Tray for Making Rice Koji

How to Order

Easy and Secure Ordering Procedure.

To place an order, go to the Wholesale Category page and choose the products. Checkout the order after entering neccessary shipping and account information. The payments will be done in advance. Then, an order confirmation will be sent via email, and our team will prepare the products for you.

Good to Know Before Ordering

1. Special prices for bulk orders are available.
Business discounts for the wholesale product are already applied ahead on the product page.
Therefore, coupons are not applicable for wholesale orders. Please note in advance.

2. Product weight will have a range of 1kg~30kg.
The shipping fee will be automatically applied based on destination country and product weight.
If the shopping cart has products more than 30kg, order can't be checkout, so please reduce the quantity and divide the orders into several orders. Some wholesale product order combinations might result in different shipping fees. We will inform you if there is a change in the shipping fee transparently through email.

3. Depending on the product, the estimated order preparation can take up to 7-30 business days for pre-order goods, and 5 business days for ready stock goods.

Wholesale Shipping and Delivery

Ship with EMS, Surface Mail, or Incoterms Ex Works.

We offer two shipping options with safety, speed, and handiness in mind.

1. Shipment by EMS or Surface Mail

We can handle EMS and Surface Mail shipments for up to 30 kg (66.1 lbs). The handling is accurate and safe, even for large quantity shipments. Insurance is included.

Please be noted that some countries might not be available to ship with EMS/Surface Mail. Visit the Shipping and Delivery page for more details.

2. Shipment Arranged by Customer (Ex Works)

Please arrange the shipment with your preferred courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) and schedule the parcel pickup when the products are ready. KAWASHIMAYA team will ensure the parcel is well packaged and picked up at the right time.

Note that Ex Works will require the buyer to handle the courier, export, and import procedures. However, buyer can get a full control of the shipping fee since the buyer can choose their preferred shipping courier. Very suitable for businesses with long-term import plans.

If you prefer to proceed with this shipping method, please contact us for more assistance.

Customs Duties and Taxes

When ordering from KAWASHIMAYA, customers as the recipient or the importer are responsible for assuring the product complies with all regulations and can be lawfully imported to the destination country. The recipient will be subjected to the import tax, or customs duties levied in the destination country.

About Product Related Documents for Custom Clearance

In the case of bulk orders for businesses, supporting documents regarding the product might be required. If you need such documents, please inquire our staff for further assistance. Our team will be able to provide the necessary product-related documents in a few business days. Accordingly, we sincerely appreciate your cooperation in inquiring in advance to smoothen the custom clearance process.

Customs offices in some countries or regions require the importer of record to provide a particular form of identification before releasing a shipment.

About Import Tax and Other Fees

The recipient of an international bulk shipments may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties, and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the destination country. We ship DDU or Delivered Duty Unpaid, meaning that additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient. KAWASHIMAYA has no control over these charges, nor can KAWASHIMAYA predict what they may be.

Customs policies vary widely; you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates. Please note this in advance.

Wholesale Order's Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges Policy

KAWASHIMAYA team will make our utmost effort to prepare careful packaging and product check to ensure our customers enjoy the best products.

However, in the rare case that:
・The item is not able to pass the customs
・The item is faulty or defective during transportation

KAWASHIMAYA is not liable for any loss, damages, or delay caused directly or indirectly by the courier or recipient during transportation or customs clearance denial. However, customers that choose the EMS shipment can get a product price refund or product exchange only when submitting a Damage Report if the arrived product is faulty or missing caused by transportation.

When requesting a refund, customers are obliged to send an email with clear information and with image attachments.

Refund Policy

KAWASHIMAYA only supports refunds for two rare circumstances listed above and at the discretion of KAWASHIMAYA. Therefore, if the customer encounter issues that request a refund, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please note that shipping fee are non-­refundable unless the customer wishes to cancel order before the products are shipped. If you receive a refund, the shipping fee will be deducted from your refund.

If the request is accepted, refunds will be issued with the same method for the original payment.

Return and Exchange Policy

We do not recommend product return due to the international delivery. However, under the discretion of KAWASHIMAYA, we provide product exchanges. The customer will need to pay the shipping fee for the reshipment in case of bulk order. Shipping method will follow the initial shipping method.

The customer may keep the products and be encouraged not to request a product return.

Other Informations

KAWASHIMAYA is hosting a diverse variety of high-quality products. Our team has selected our best product lineup for bulk orders originating from professional Japanese manufacturers, farmers, or craftsmen.

Currently, we are accepting limited additional product requests for business customers. Please contact us to make a request, and our team will review it for a few business days.

Depending on each product, we will consider preparing the additional product request. Please be informed that not all products are available for wholesale. In case of the request is denied, we will also follow up via email.

Paid samples are available.

Due to the international shipment, providing free samples are difficult. We apologize for this inconvenience. However, if you would like to purchase our products prior to your final bulk order decision, you can use the active shopping coupon (if available at present). Our website will inform you of the code if you are eligible for the coupon.

Please note that order cancellation is only supported before the product is shipped. KAWASHIMAYA will not accept cancellation or refund requests under other conditions, such as:

・Ordered product(s) returned to Japan because the customer could not be contacted for delivery.
・Ordered products(s) returned to Japan because they did not pass customs or the customer refused to fulfill customs clearance.

We hope for your cooperation in delivering the product safely and rightfully. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Our products are developed through our cooperation and collaboration with 300+ farmers and manufacturers in Japan. We are dedicated in bringing you the best authentic products.

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Hirawake
Organic Hirawake Farm, Hokkaido (Soybean and Azuki bean)

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Ogata
Organic Ogata Farm, Kumamoto (Brown Rice)

kawashimaya business partner

President Mr. Sukeno
Koji Maker Hishiroku, Kyoto

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Toyonaga
Toyonaga Organic Shochu Brewery, Kumamoto

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Uchibori
Japanese Vinegar Master

kawashimaya business partner

President Mr. Ukon
Saga Vinegar, Saga

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Hiraku Ogura
Fermentation Designer

kawashimaya business partner

President Mr. Hiraide
Hiraide Oil Store, Fukushima (Cold Press Oil

For years, we have received awards and recognition as one of the most influential shops in Japan by Global Media Online.

Customer Support
If you require further information, please feel free to contact us.