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About Kawashimaya

KAWASHIMAYA The Japan Store is an online store established since November 2011 to cater high quality authentic Japanese products, such as Japanese foods, traditional kitchen wares and tablewares locally and globally.

At KAWASHIMAYA, food products are made without the use of any chemical substance. Due to that, the availability of products are limited as they cannot be mass-produced. However, you can rest assured that all products are made with diligence, passion and excellence from our partners. Our goal is to deliver only high-quality products to our dear customers.

Currently, we partnered with over 150 professional craftsmen, 200 farmers, and 50 food and kitchenware manufacturing companies from all across Japan to innovate and develop our products. We are planning to further expand partnerships with many more companies throughout the world. (If you are interested in joining our business partnership, please refer to this page)

Our company witnessed accelerated growth from only six products in the beginning to now hosting more than 700 types of products. The customer base of KAWASHIMAYA is represented by over 150,000 customers in Japan, and the numbers continue to grow.

Now with our newly rolled out global website, first launched in 2018, everyone can access authentic Japanese products from the comfort of their home.

Our Commitment for Customers

Authentic Quality and Limited Products

KAWASHIMAYA only provides products that meet the following conditions:
  1. Made with safety and quality over productivity and efficiency.
  2. Handled through a direct relationship with producers/manufacturers as much as possible to ensure the product's speciality is well-conveyed.
  3. A product that our staff and families could incorporate into their everyday lives.

Value-add Contents

At KAWASHIMAYA, creating useful contents for our customers on a regular basis is our commitment. The vast resources of interesting topics are shared on the website and social media channels in the form of videos, articles and complementary recipe books.

Careful Packaging and Fast Delivery

We understand that potential damage of packages may occur during shipping, regardless domestically or internationally.

Thus, to reduce the risk of accidental damage, we take great care in the packaging process so that products arrive safely into your hands!

Besides packaging, we also ensure all in-stock items are shipped as soon as possible from the time an order is placed.

Caring Customer Support

Customers' reviews and feedback are crucial for our improvements. Please don’t hesitate to send in your questions, requests, feedbacks, and more to our dedicated team!

Reach us by email here or to infojapanstore@kawashima.shop

We’re always here to lend you a hand!

Customer World Map

Kawashimaya World Map
Thanks to your continuous support. Only with your help that we’re able to continue and expand our services across the country and ship worldwide to over 100 countries.

Our customer base in Japan is represented by 150,000 people whereas our international consumers are at 2000 people and growing.

Customer Testimonials

Our Partners Opinion

Ikufuku (Age 50+)
I usually eat brown rice and black rice, and therefore decided to try this (KAWASHIMAYA Koso Genmai). I’m surprised at the soft texture and tastiness because it is different from the brown rice I had before. I decided to send some to my parents because Koso Genmai has plenty of nutritional benefits and helps with digestion and absorption.

Our Partners Opinion

Matsurin (Age 40+)
It was very delicious. I'd like to make this (KAWASHIMAYA Koso Genmai) as a staple food for the rest of my life. The packaging is also convenient since my other family members enjoy white rice more. I'd like to buy a box, but I'm hesitant because it's expensive.

Our Partners Opinion

Taro (Age 40+)
(KAWASHIMAYA Koso Genmai) was very delicious. There was no unpleasant smell or dryness, and it was chewy in texture. The expiry date is far ahead and I can enjoy it without heating, which makes it the perfect option for emergency food.

Website Satisfaction

Customer Shopping Experience At Kawashima-ya

Satisfied Reasons:
・ Kawashima-ya sells unique products that general supermarkets do not distribute.
・ I can purchase traditional miso, soy sauce, and pickled plums without additives such as synthetic chemical preservatives at a reasonable price.
・ The quality is the best. I use the products everyday because of its manifold benefits.
・ There are many products I can experiment with at home. I’m glad that recipes and guides on how to make certain food are also included in the purchase.
・ Shipment is quick. I can shop comfortably because of the diligent customer service correspondence.
・ The site is easy to navigate and search for desired products.

Not Sure Reasons:
・ Selected products are expensive. It is understandable due to the uniqueness of the product.
・ Some products are sold out easily.
・ I can’t evaluate because I haven’t done a lot of online shopping.

Kawashimaya Website Satisfaction

What Stands Out To You About Kawashima-ya?

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