What is Kawashimaya?

Kawashimaya The Japan Store

KAWASHIMAYA The Japan Store is an online store that caters high-quality authentic Japanese products, such as Japanese foods, traditional kitchen wares, and tableware, locally and globally since 2011. We’re aiming high so everyone can get comfort, health, and enjoyment by consuming natural and good Japanese foods. Therefore, we take extraordinary measures to choose only the best products for our customers.

At KAWASHIMAYA, products are directly procured from our reliable producers and craftsmen in Japan and overseas. Some of our products are developed and improved in collaboration with our partners.

Currently, we partnered with over 150 professional craftsmen, 200 farmers, and 50 food and kitchenware manufacturing companies from all across Japan and overseas to innovate and develop our products. We plan to further expand partnerships with many more companies worldwide.

Our company witnessed accelerated growth from only six products in the beginning to now hosting more than 700 types of products. Now with our newly rolled out global website, first launched in 2018, everyone can access authentic Japanese products from the comfort of their home.

Why Kawashimaya?

Authentic Quality and Limited Products

Quality products handled by Kawashimaya are made with care using traditional methods by our reliable partners. Some are very limited as they cannot be mass-produced.

Value-add Contents

At KAWASHIMAYA, we deliver useful articles, blogs, recipes, and videos for our community to get informative contents about Japanese cuisine. Easily access them from our blog website and social media.

Careful Packaging and Delivery

Our dedicated team puts extra care into the packaging process for international shipment so that products arrive safely into your hands. Orders are shipped as soon as possible with a safe and insured courier.

Caring Customer Support

Customers' reviews and feedback are crucial for our improvements. Please don't hesitate to send your questions, requests, feedback, and more to our customer support. We’re always here to lend you a hand!
Thanks for your continuous support. Only with your help that we are able to continue and expand our services across the country and ship worldwide to over 100 countries. 150,000 people represent our customer base in Japan whereas our international consumers are at 2000 people and growing.

Our Other Sites

Amazon USA

Our products are now closer to those of you who lives in the USA. Check Kawashimaya’s exclusive products available on amazon.com.

Get freshly imported products from Japan, with safe and secure fulfillment and assistance from Kawashimaya customer support for product inquiries.

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Kawashimaya Japan

Discover 700+ products exclusive to our Japan online shop (services are mainly supported in Japanese). Make shopping easier, especially for those who reside in Japan.

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Kawashimaya The Japan Store Blog

Blog website operated by Kawashimaya that highlights the theme of authentic Japanese food, Japanese ingredients, and health. Get limitless information from selected topics in this one-stop media.

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Our Achivements

For years, we have received awards and recognition as one of the most influential shops in Japan by Global Media Online.

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