Shuzuya Hisaka storage authentic brewing About apple vinegar Apples vinegar of Shuzuya Susaki is pure apple vinegar which does not contain any extra additives using only apple as raw material....

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Shuzuya Hisaka storage authentic brewing About apple vinegar

壽屋寿香蔵 本格醸造りんご酢とは
Apples vinegar of Shuzuya Susaki is pure apple vinegar which does not contain any extra additives using only apple as raw material. Apples are squeezed to make apple juice, after alcohol fermentation, acetic acid fermentation, filtration, the process of apple cider vine is completed. Meanwhile, we do not use any fermentation aids that dilute with water or help fermentation. I do not add any extra things, 100% apple juice is just apple cider vinegar. Characteristic of unique fermented incense, acidity is mellow. You can use it instead of ordinary vinegar on a table. Also, when you use it for cooking or mix with other things, it brings out the flavorfulness of its flavor and the goodness of scent. Please check the real power of authentic brewed apple vinegar. Once used, it is a husband that can not be satisfied with other vinegars.

What is Susaki Yoshiya?

Shuzya Hisaka storage manufactures and sells pickles and vinegared etc which have been handed down as preserved food in Higashine city, Yamagata prefecture, without using any food additives. At Shuzuya Hisakazo, it is not a display of "not added" but "We do not use any food additives" is displayed. Japanese as "no additive" is used as a meaning not to add, but it is not clear what you do not add. I express it as adding seasoning sugar, salt, soy sauce etc. "We do not use any food additives at all" used at Shuzuya Shobo storage, "We have not used any specified additives in food additives including chemically prepared chemical seasonings The meaning meaning is put in.

About carryover

According to the current display method, for example, when using soy sauce at a pickle shop, if a food additive such as a preservative is used at a pickle shop at a manufacturer of soy sauce without using a food additive, saying a carry-over There is no obligation to display on pickled products, but Fujiya Hisakazo uses food additives (designated additives 436 items), including carryover, at no time.

Four Conditions of Food Production by Shuzuya Susaka

1. Eating with confidence
In addition to thinking about food additives, pursue safety from the basis of food hygiene.
2. Things that are not cheating
Exclude nothing but false sums, misleading indications and any deception.
3. Good taste
It does not rely on easy seasoning by chemical seasonings or things called "natural seasonings" on the display, and produces delicacy by harmonizing raw materials and technology.
4. Affordable price according to quality
No matter how good it is, unreasonably high price compared with quality is disqualified.

Fermentation with natural yeast

The raw material of apples that Toshiya boasts is only "apple juice" squeezed from Yamagata's apple and acetic acid bacteria. Perhaps there are people who seem strange whether vinegar is made only by apple. There are various kinds of vinegar such as cereal vinegar, rice vinegar, fruit vinegar, and if it tells how to make it in the past, the process of alcohol fermentation of raw material, acetic acid fermentation, filtration through two fermentations was carried out It is. However, when it is troublesome and time consuming, most of the vinegars that are generally sold are made by adding alcohol or fermentation aid without alcohol fermentation of raw materials.

After two fermentations. No deception, vinegar

In Toshiya, fermentation is promoted by natural yeast of apple (wild yeast), making apple wine. Add acetic acid bacteria there and ferment. It takes time to slow down the starch and it will be completed in 3 years. We do not add alcohol or fermentation aid until we deliver it to our customers. Do not add extra things, 100% authentic brewed apple cider vinegar just apple juice. People in Tsuya 's warehouse find a big barrel. Apple vinegar is silent and continues to rise vigorously.

Rich flavor and flavor

Apple juice vinegared slowly aged for 3 years has a unique fermented incense originally from vinegar, the taste is mellow.By long aging, you can enjoy rich aroma and flavor not found in mass-produced items.As well as using it as a seasoning, it is also recommended to divide with water or juice to drink.

Use Yamagata-made apple

I use raw fresh apples grown in Yamagata prefecture as a raw material.The Yamagata apple has high sugar content and contains a lot of honey and it is said to be the best delicious apple in Japan.

Can be used instead of normal vinegar

Since extra sweetness etc. are not added at all, you can use it like normal vinegar.It is also possible to drink with sweet and sour pork and vinegared sauce, cider etc.

Health effects of apple vinegar

Various health benefits can be expected for apple cider vinegar. Here, I will introduce the big health elements that apple vinegar brings to the body in particular.

1. Skin is slippery with beautiful skin effect

Nutrients necessary for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin "Vitamin C" and "Citric acid" are contained in apple vinegar in large amounts. Citric acid promotes metabolism of the skin, it creates a beautiful skin reborn with vitamins, beauty effect such as improving spots and wrinkles can be expected.

2. The effect of suppressing diabetes

For nutrients contained in apple cider vinegar, insulin function is optimized,I know that by controlling blood glucose levels, I actually have a work to suppress and treat diabetes. Recent research has found that apple vinegar has efficacy very similar to medicines.

3. Diet effect

Apple cider vinegar is also recognized as a drink diet, but the basis for it is citric acid and amino acids. Citric acid has the effect of promoting metabolism and helping the burning of fat, and amino acids have the function of decomposing fat. It is because these two components burn and decompose fat to obtain diet effect.

4. Prevent high blood pressure and swelling

The rich potassium contained in apple vinegar helps saline release and lower blood pressure. Because swelling also decreases by improving hypertension, I think that it is very grateful for those who suffer from swelling.

5. Effect of fatigue restoration

It is said that something sour is better, such as when you are tired, after sports. Actually, that sour is pointing to citric acid and apple cider vinegar contains abundant citric acid. Fatigue may cause various symptoms, so when you say that exhaustion has accumulated, it is good to take a cup of apple cider vinegar.

6. Prevention of osteoporosis

Citric acid contained in apple vinegar has the effect of raising calcium absorption rate. Calcium may be lost by some action even if ingested, but it is less likely to be lost if absorption rate increases with citric acid. By drinking apple cider vinegar you can ingest calcium efficiently.

7. Constipation resolution

The ingredient called pectin contained in apple vinegar has the effect of preparing intestinal environment and helping resolve constipation. It also has a diuretic action, so you can expect a detoxification effect that puts out the waste matter accumulated in the body. If you eat it with a salad etc, you can obtain more effective effect.

Easy recipes using apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid ingredient as well as vinegar which is commonly told, so if you drink as it is, it may hurt the stomach. Here I will show you how to drink apple vinegar more deliciously and safely from basic drinking method.

Apple cider vinegar ginger sour ● MaterialApple cider vinegar 20 ml / shochu 50 ml / soda 30 ml / ginger thinly 1) 1.) Add ice, shochu, apple cider vinegar, ginger to the cup 2.) Add soda and it is completed


Apple cider vinegar dressing ● Material1 tablespoon of apple vinegar 1 tablespoon of mustard 1 / salt pepper a little / a shallotto / 3 tablespoons of salad oil 1.) Mix all the ingredients 2.) Complete through your favorite salad


Product Details

raw materials Apple
Internal capacity 150 ml
acidity 4.5%
Producing area Yamagata Prefecture
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature

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