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KAWASHIMAYA Wholesale is our global business program for handling bulk orders at wholesale price, dedicated to our business customers like retailers, restaurants, hotels, and others. Feel free to consult with us for any product customization and choose the best shipping method that fits your needs.

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Kawashimaya is One of the leading organic Product Sellers in Japan

We have received awards by Japan by Global Media Online for consecutive years, and we are dedicated to providing the best quality, healthy and authentic Japanese food products. Find products you can only get from KAWASHIMAYA, like Koji Starter Spores, Natto Starter, Dried Rice Koji, Koji Tools, Japanese Tea, and other Japanese products.

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We are looking forward to expanding our reach. Currently, we have been distributing our products to multiple businesses across the world such as Belgium, Canada, USA, Australia, Netherlands, and others. We have also sold hundreds of units of product on Amazon USA.

Why Kawashimaya?

Made in Japan

Enjoy exclusive domestic products loved by the Japanese through an easy online platform.

Certified Organic

Selected products have acquired JAS Organic Certification. KAWASHIMAYA ensures that the organic products comply with JAS standards.

Natural Ingredients

We strive to deliver safe, secure, and good natural products that could support your healthy lifestyle.

Careful Product Developments

KAWASHIMAYA takes precedence to direct relationships with producers/manufacturers from the first development step to secure quality.

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natto Starter

Unlock the power of traditional Japanese fermentation with our premium Natto Starter Powder. Crafted to bring you the genuine taste of Japanese natto. This is the perfect natto starter powder to make natto (Japanese traditional fermented beans). Dilute the natto starter powder with a little water, add it to steamed soybeans, and let it ferment for hours. 

The natto starter is made with a type of protein from derived from non-GMO organic soybeans. With our starter, you can easily make the healthy and traditional natto.


Highlighted Products

[Wholesale 100pc] Natto Starter Spores Powder 3gr - 100% Organic Soybean Extract - Made in Japan
[Wholesale 100pc] Natto Starter Spores Powder 3gr - 100% Organic Soybean Extract - Made in Japan

[Wholesale 100pc] Natto Starter Spores Powder 3gr - 100% Organic Soybean Extract - Made in Japan


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