Miyosino Mugwort Powder 100g (Pesticide-Free Cultivation)

Miyosino Mugwort Powder 100g (Pesticide-Free Cultivation)


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Miyosino Mugwort Powder 100g (Pesticide-Free Cultivation)

about mugwort powder

Surrounded by deep mountains and blessed with the climate of Higashiyoshino, which has a clear river, it is an organic and pesticide-free mugwort that has been carefully cultivated with all our hearts.

The Story of Miyosino Mugwort

Mugwort has strong vitality and is highly effective in supporting people's lives just by drinking, eating, bathing, and enjoying its scent. You can also make kusa mochi from the mugwort’s young leave, or moxa for moxibustion which can lower the incidence of breech presentations at birth.

mugwort leaves

Miyosino mugwort has been incorporated into people's lives since a long time ago. It has been written on a legend of Kobo Daishi, the most famous monk in Japanese history that a long time ago, Kobo Dashi consumed Miyosino mugwort even without removing the lye.

"Because the mugwort in Higashiyoshino was delicious, Kobo Daishi made it possible to eat it without removing the lye. Delicious mugwort can now be eaten from Higashiyoshino without removing the lye. "

story of mugwort

Non-caffeine Mugwort, Safe with many Health Benefits

non-caffeine mugwort

Mugwort is also known as an analgesic herbal medicine called gaiyo. The letter 艾 in Mugwort Japanese name, Yomogi has a meaning of "to disappear”, it means that mugwort is a leaf that can eliminate disorders.

As the name implies, Mugwort is a medicinal herb with a lot of health benefits. Since it is also non-caffeine, Mugwort is kind to your body and can be safely consumed by pregnant women and children.

Warming Your Body

mugwort to warm your body

Mugwort is called a warm plant. We recommend mugwort for those who have cold sensitivity, who feel functional loss, and who are suffering from physical disease peculiar to women to enhances the barrier power the body originally has.

As it warms from the core of the body, it relieves tension in the body and mind. Improves your body’s barrier power with the warmth effect of mugwort.

Antioxidant Power

mugwort as an antioxidant power

The antioxidant power of mugwort is about 100 times of broccoli, which is the highest in the reactive oxygen species (ROS) removal ability test that examined 200 kinds of vegetables and wild plants.

Polyphenols in Mugwort is comparable to high-quality and powerful chlorophyll in commercially available healthy tea, or beta-carotene in pumpkin.

mugwort with abundant nutrients

If you use mugwort as a tea for bathing, you can easily absorb abundant nutrients through the skin.

Not only has a nice effect on skin-related problems, but it also helps to improve the condition of the body from the inside.

Nutritional Value of Mugwort

nutritional value of mugwort

Since a long time ago, mugwort has been used as a culinary herb & traditional medicine. Mugwort has been ascribed many health-promoting and other beneficial properties. If you take it as a powder, you will gain rich nutritional components, such as:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Vitamin C
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

In addition, you can take the active ingredient of mugwort more efficiently by ingesting it in powder form.

Comparing the Dietary Fiber of Mugwort with Other Ingredients

Mugwort contains dietary fiber higher than burdock, millet, and vegetable salad. It helps to eliminate the sickness of the stomach.

You can see the dietary fiber content comparison between mugwort and other vegetables or wild plants per 100g below:

content of dietary fiber

What does Mugwort Taste Like?

With a fragrant scent like kusa mochi, there is a little bitterness and sweetness in the clear flavor. Mugwort has a refreshing taste like herbal tea.

kusa mochi and herb tea

Commitment to Manufacturing Method

Miyosino mugwort

Higashi Yoshino is known as a place that is blessed with clear air and water in Nara Prefecture. The manufacturer commits to use 100% raw ingredients from Miyosino.

The mugwort is carefully grown organically, without pesticide, without chemical fertilizer, so it generates a refreshing scent.

harvesting mugwort

Only soft mugwort with vitality is harvested from April to early May and dried after careful treatment without any additives. A pack of dried leaves that captures the refreshing scent of mugwort.

Here is how our Miyosino mugwort has been made:

about manufacturing process

Message from Manufacturer

about message from manufacturer

"We are happy to grow mugwort and stay healthy. We would like to increase the number of mugwort producers and the number of people who grow mugwort in Japan to keep maintaining our health."

In 1998, the Miyosino Mugwort Processing Association, which consists of 10 people from the region, was established under the concept of "For healthy Muranaka" to cultivate mugwort by making the best use of the fallow fields.

How to Use Mugwort Powder

Dissolve and Use it as a Regular Tea

You can serve this mugwort powder as a drink to accompany you at breakfast time, lunchtime, or even at night relaxation time.

There are some variations of enjoying mugwort powder drink, whether by diluting it in hot water or enjoying it as a cold drink.

dissolved mugwort powder

The standard is 3g ~ 5g /cup. If you want to serve it as an iced drink, it will be easier to mix if you first dissolve it in a small amount of hot water.

mugwort powder diluted with milk

You can also dilute it with your favorite milk or soy milk for a more varied taste.
A cup of tea in the morning gives a relaxing feel and puts you on track for a long hard day.

For Toppings

mugwort powder as a topping

You can enjoy the refreshing mugwort flavor by putting a little on yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

Delicious Recipes with Mugwort Powder

Mugwort Mochi

Servings 4Servings
Cooking Time 1Hour
mugwort mochi recipe


3 tablespoons
・Mugwort Powder
3 tablespoons
・Granulated bean paste

Step by Step

Divide the bean paste into 8 equal parts and roll it into 25g pieces. Rehydrate the mugwort powder with 5 times the amount of hot water (not included in the amount).
Put Shiratamako, Joshinko, and sugar in a bowl and add the returned mugwort powder.
Add lukewarm water (not included in the amount) to mixed dough (step 2) and knead until it is as soft as an earlobe.
Divide the finished dough into 8 equal parts, roll them into a circle, and wrap 1 bean paste.
Boil water in a pot.
Arrange all 4 in a steamer or bamboo steamer lined with cooking paper, place in a steamed pot, and steam for 45 minutes. Perfect!

Mugwort Steamed Pan

Servings 4Servings
Cooking Time 1Hour




・Cake flour
・Baking powder
・Mugwort powder
1 piece
・Salad oil
2 tablespoons

Step by Step

Add milk to the mugwort powder and put it back.
Put egg and sugar in a bowl and use a whisk to mix it well.
Add mugwort milk and salad oil to mixed dough (step 2) and mix it well.
Boil water in a pan and prepare a steamer or a heat-resistant container with a bamboo steamer and glassine paper set.
Sift ☆ into mixed dough (step 3) and mix gently with a rubber spatula.
Put the dough of 5 in a container and put Amanatto on it, put it in a steamer or a bamboo steamer, and put it on a pan with steam.
Steam on medium heat for about 20 minutes. Perfect!

Other Miyosino Mugwort Products

users voice
mugwort review 1

It smells better than commercial products
Purchased to cope with coldness, PMS, and rough skin. I used to buy it at supermarkets, and this one has a very nice scent. I divide it with hot water or drink it with soy milk and mix it with yogurt. It was good that the mail service was free shipping and easy to try. ...(Female, 30s)

mugwort review 2

A strong ally that supports beauty and health
I melt it and drink it in good physical condition. As a matter of fact, my constipation has disappeared and my complexion has improved. Now, the body that couldn't move when tired can move relatively. Mugwort, which supports beauty and health, is a strong ally for me....(Female, 40s)

mugwort review 3

Safe and easy
It is domestic and pesticide-free and safe. It is domestic and pesticide-free and safe. It has a nice scent of mugwort and is a powder, so I dissolve it in hot water and drink it. Easy to use and convenient....(Female, 40s)

mugwort review 4

Intensify the bread with the color and aroma of mugwort
When I used the powder for bread, the color and aroma of mugwort came out well, and it turned out to be delicious bread. I'm repeating it....(Female, 40s)

Product Details

Product Name Miyosino Mugwort Powder
Producing Area Higashifuka Yoshino City, Nara Prefecture
Nett. Weight 100gr
Raw Material 100% mugwort from Nara prefecture
Product Images mugwort teabag

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