Cotton Steamer Cloth For Steaming Dishes L size (88 x 88 cm) - 100% Made In Japan

Cotton Steamer Cloth For Steaming Dishes L size (88 x 88 cm) - 100% Made In Japan


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What Is Cotton Steamer Cloth 100% Cotton Made in Japan?

Cotton Steamer Cloth Close Up

A cotton steamer cloth is an essential tool for steaming that directly touches the dish. This 100% cotton steamer cloth made in Japan is very convenient for steaming dishes.

Because the cloth can nicely absorb moisture, you can use it as a vegetable drainer. This L size (approximately 88 x 88 cm) cotton steamer cloth can be used safely and securely for various steamed dishes as well.

Cotton Steamer Cloth Preview

This cotton steamer cloth is manufactured by Ishimizu Corporation, the only manufacturer of steamer cloth in Japan. This cloth is made with 100% cotton and made in Japan, so you can use it properly without any worries!

Compatible with a Large Size Steamer (Seiro)

Steamer Cloth with Seiro

If you lay the cotton steamer cloth on the bottom of the seiro (steamer) or other steamers, you can take the steamed food without being stuck on the steamer or the cloth.

In the case of a steaming dish like Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard), cover the steamer's lid with the cloth to prevent water droplets from falling on the dish.

Are you looking another healthy recipes that use Seiro in the making? If that's so, we thoughtfully recommend you to take a look at our article below!

Steamed Dish Recipe Using Seiro | Easy and Healthy Steamed Dish
Steamed Dish Recipe Using Seiro | Easy and Healthy Steamed Dish Thumbnail
In such busy days, the traditional cooking tool “Seiro” (steamer) came as savior. You can make a dish by just cutting vegetables or meat, put and steam it for 10 minutes.
Making steamed dish from seiro is very easy. You can put the steamed dish directly to the table as it is with the seiro, so it can reduce the dish laundry.

Click to find some steamed cooking recipe using seiro that can be easily made even by busy people!

100% Cotton, Safe Steamer Cloth Made in Japan

Steamer Cloth Preview

Because it is a steamer cloth made with 100% cotton and domestically produced in Japan, you can use it without worrying while steaming.

As of April 2018, no other Japanese manufacturer produces steamer cloth except the Ishimizu Corporation. In addition, this cotton steamer cloth is a product that matches Japanese food hygiene standards according to the "Food Sanitation Act".

The Steam Can Flow Nicely So You can Steam The Dishes Perfectly

Shumai & Meat Buns

You can use cotton steamer cloth to make dishes such as Shumai (traditional Chinese dumplings), meat buns, red rice, and chawanmushi.

The steam can flow nicely through the fabric holes, so you can steam the dishes perfectly.

Steamer Cloth With Seiro
Lay the cloth on the bottom of the seiro (steamer) or other steamers

By laying the cloth on the bottom of seiro, you can take the steamed food without being stuck on the steamer or the cloth.

Also, it's very convenient because you can easily pull out the steamed dish together with the cloth.

Cover the lid of the steamer with a cotton steamer cloth

Please cover the steamer's lid with the cloth when steaming a dish like Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard).

It will release the moisture moderately and prevent water droplets from falling on the dish.

Also suitable for draining vegetables

You can use it for draining vegetables to absorb moisture moderately.

Cotton Steamer Cloth Size Variations

A Simple Recipe Featuring Cotton Steamer Cloth and Bamboo Steamer (Seiro)

Chawanmushi (Japanese Steamed Egg Custard)



  • 2 Egg
  • 400 cc Dashi stock
  • to your liking salt
  • 40 g chicken breast
  • 4 pieces Shiitake mushrooms
  • in an appropriate amount Ginkgo nut
  • in an appropriate amount Kamaboko
  • in an appropriate amount Parsley

How to Make

  1. Break the eggs into a bowl and add the dashi stock on it. Mix well and strain it with stainer. (Please adjust the taste with salt at your liking).
  2. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces. Cook it into a boil and drain the water well.
  3. Cut the shiitake mushroom and peel the thin skin of ginkgo nut.
  4. Pour the ingredients except for the parsley to the bowl. Crush any foam on the surface with a bamboo skewer and so on.
  5. Steam for about 10 minutes. The dish is steam perfectly if you see a clear soup on the middle. If it still have uncooked side, let it steam for few more minutes.
  6. Complete the steamed chawanmushi with parsley on the top of the dish.

Speaking of the classic steamed dish, “chawanmushi” is the answer. It has a smooth texture, with the taste of shiitake mushroom that gradually spread which resulting in a savory taste. You can use teacups, cups, or noodle bowls as the chawanmushi’s container.

Steamed Vegetables

Steamed Vegetables


  • appropriate amount Your Favorite Vegetables

How to Make

  1. Wash lightly the seiro with water, and bring lots of water into boil in a pot. Put the seiro above the pot filled with water.
  2. Cut your favorite vegetables, can be sweet potato, potato, broccoli, etc. Set and arrange the previously cut vegetables in the seiro.
  3. If you use cooking sheet, kitchen paper, or steaming cloth, it will be less dirty and easy to take care with after steaming.
  4. When the water at the pot comes to a boil, set the vegetables in the seiro.
  5. Depending on the type of vegetables, it will be steamed perfectly after 5-10 minutes when the fire goes through.

If you bought a seiro, firstly let’s make the healthy and simple steamed vegetable. Make the temperature not rise above 100°C so the taste of the food can be extracted at an appropriate temperature. If you have fresh seasonal vegetables, why not steamed them with seiro and brings them directly to your dining table?

Other Tools That You Can Use Along With Cotton Steamer Cloth

To increase the level of your everyday cooking, we recommend a Bamboo Steamer (Seiro), which has been crafted by Yong Long (永龍), a craftsman who has been making bamboo steamers for more than 10 years. You can use this Bamboo Steamer (Seiro) together with the cotton steamer cloth to serve steamed dishes in minutes, without worrying about food sticking to your steamer or the cloth!

Yong Long Deep Bamboo Steamer (Tray+Lid Set) ExtraLarge 30cm

Yong Long Steamer

Yong Long (永龍) craftsmen have been making bamboo steamers for more than 10 years. They have carefully crafted this product one part after another by hand. It's perfect for serving side dishes for 1 to 3 people and won't take up too much space on the table.

Large: 30 cm

Click here to view product

We also provide other types of quality fabrics besides this Cotton Steamer Cloth, which of course, can be essential in improving the quality of your cooking or even Koji Making.

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Customer's Voice

I bought it for the first time. I used to struggle with sticky rice sticking to the pot, but I could peel off the cloth without sticking. It's comfortable to use. (Female, 30s)

I'm surprised that it is more delicious than before just by pulling the steamed cloth. The ingredients aren't fluffy, and it feels plump from the inside. (Female, 40s)

I decided to choose this product, which seems to be thick and durable overall. When I actually spread it out in my hand, I'm satisfied with the solid fabric as I imagined. (Male, 40s)

Instruction Before Using The Product

● When steaming any ingredient, please place the ingredient on the side where the steam goes well.

● Please steam vegetables, meat, fish, red rice, etc., at a high temperature of high heat. And steam egg dishes slowly on low heat.

Precautions for Using Cotton Steamer Cloth

● Before using the cotton steamer cloth, please wash it with hot water.

● Please wash the cloth with dish soap and dry with sunlight after use.

● Please avoid washing it in a washing machine, and do not use chlorine bleach when washing.
Care Instruction

● Please hand-wash the cloth with dish soap and dry with sunlight after use.

● Please avoid washing it in a washing machine

Product Details
Size Approximately 88 x 88 cm
Material 100% Cotton
Country of Origin Japan (Ishimizu)
Steamer Cloth 88x88cm

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