Dried Koji (Rice Koji) 1kg (860gr) - Inoue Dried Koji Shop Inoue dried rice koji is made from 100% local Japanese rice. By drying regular koji, this product is a...

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Dried Koji (Rice Koji) 1kg (860gr) - Inoue Dried Koji Shop

Inoue dried rice koji is made from 100% local Japanese rice. By drying regular koji, this product is a dry type koji that can be stored for a long time. Inoue Shop, a long established miso and soy sauce manufacturer in Nara Prefecture, has created the materials and manufacturing method for this product.

Dried Koji

Inoue dried rice koji can be used to make salt koji, homemade miso, and amazake. Other than that, it can also be used as a substitute for yeast when you make bread, sweets, and others.

Dried Koji

Dried koji was fully produced by hand

Dried Koji

How To Use Inoue Dried Rice Koji

Using dried koji, you can make salt koji, homemade miso, and amazake at home. Feel free to use this high quality product made by long-establish manufacturer in your own kitchen.

Dried Koji Miso, Salt Koji, Amazake

Even for someone who have never used dried koji, you can check out how to make salt koji, homemade miso, and amazake in Kawashima The Japanstore youtube page.

With Dried Koji, You Can Make Salt Koji, Homemade Miso, Amazake At Home

Salt Koji

Dried Koji

Homemade shio koji can be made by mixing dried koji, salt, and water and then fermenting it.

Homemade Miso

Dried Koji Miso

If you mix soybean and salt in dried koji and ferment it for a long time, you can make handmade miso. *On the packaging, it is stated that you should rehydrate dried koji before using it. But you can use dried koji as it is when you're making homemade miso.

Amazake (Sweet Sake)

Dried Koji

Mix dried koji and hot water of about 55-60 degree Celcius in a rice cooker or any type of heat incubator. Keep it warm for about 6 hours and you can make delicious amazake only with rice koji!

The Difference Between Dried Koji And Regular Koji

Koji is a fermented product made out of rice that has been sprinkled with koji starter and fermented for a certain amount of time. in order to last for a long time, koji can be dehydrated. Dehydrated koji is called Dried Koji. Dried koji that is sold in Kawashima The Japanstore is made from local Japanese rice. They are high quality products that can last for a long time.

Dried Koji

How To Rehydrate Dried Koji

Things to Prepare

  • Dried Koji
  • Big Tray

How to Rehydrate

  1. Spread the dried koji on the tray: press the dried koji with your fingers while the dried koji is still on the bag to separate the grains. Then spread them out on a large tray.
  2. Use water to rehydrate: one bag of dried rice koji (860gr) requires about 200ml of lukewarm water. If you're using dried wheat koji, use 330ml of lukewarm water.
  3. Mix them well: to make sure the water is absorbed naturally, stir the mixture 15-20minutes after the water is added.
  4. Finish: Rehydrate your dried koji in lukewarm water for about 1 hour and it is ready to use.


Use lukewarm water to rehydrate your dried koji. Do not use hot boiling water.
After you rehydrate your koji, please use them on the same day.
Use dried koji as soon as possible after opening

Messages From Our Buying Customers

The amazake that I made from this dried koji is outstandingly delicious Dried koji that Kawashima The Japanstore sold was very high quality, and the price is very reasonable. I've made amazake with many kinds of koji before, but this one stands out the most. My husband who is a british also love it as well. From now on I'll stick with this koji when I'm making amazake.


Good quality product! I got through hot summer and cold winter with amazake made from this koji. Not only does this koji has a high quality, but it also works really well. I'll buy it again.


I made a very nice amazake with this Lately, I've been getting into making amazake at home. So I tried different kinds of koji. I have a tendency to use this koji again and again. It does make the best amazake in my opinion. Definitely will buy again.


Truly delicious! This year I made miso by myself, I use all kinds of koji but this one is the most delicious. I made the best miso with this, and it is also good to make amazake. Even my mother who lives in the countryside love it. I will purchase again in the future.


It's very convenient to store at home I bought this to make salt koji at home. At first I was quite nervous to use dried koji for the first time. But in the end there is no problem at all and I succesfully made salt koji with it. With one third of koji from the bag, I made about 900ml of salt koji. I use salt koji to make pickles, cook meat, and cook fish. The taste was more delicious than usual. Dried type koji can last for a long time, it is very convenient to store at home.


Message From Inoue Shop

Dried Koji

Inoue shop is establised during the closing of Edo period. We move to Nara Prefecture (our current location), bought an old ice factory building, and build this company. In the quaint brick building, tasty soy sauce and miso is manufactured. We also specialized in Koji making. Please use our dried koji to cook salt koji, miso, amazake, or any delicious food in your home.

Inoue Shop

Special Features of Inoue Dried Koji

Dried Koji

  • Because it is dehydrated, it can last for a very long time
  • Made using local Jaoanese rice
  • No additives

How to Make Salt Koji With Dried Koji And Honey Container

Honey Container 1000ml

If you use Honey Container to make salt koji, i will be very convenient.

You can make salt koji just with rice, water and Honey Container. Since the process doesn't require your hand to directly touch the mixture, it is more hygienic because it's also harder for the germs to enter the container. It will take less time to make salt koji because there is also less quipment to wash. We recommend this method for people who want to challenge themselves to make homemade salt koji with dried koji or regular koji.

You can use salt koji as a seasoning for your veggies. You can also season your fish and meat before you grill them. You just have to marinate them for a few hours, and they will have more umami taste.

Things To Prepare

  • Rice Koji (Dried Koji ) 300gr
  • Salt 60-80gr
  • Water (clean water or mineral water) 500ml
  • Honey Container (can contain more than 900ml)

How To Make

  1. Put 300gr of rice koji inside the Honey Container
  2. Add 60-80gr of salt into the container
  3. After you add koji and salt, close the container lid and shake them well. Make sure they are well mixed.
  4. After the koji and salt is well incorporated, add water. If you put 30~35℃ water, the salt will dissolve easily
  5. After the water is added, close the container lid and shake the mixture again
  6. Let them ferment from 1 to 2 weeks in room temperature
  7. When the mixture is done, have a little taste. If it taste umami and have the right amount of saltiness, your homemade salt koji is done.
  8. Keep your salt koji in refrigerator. Use it to marinate your fish and meat. Or you can use them as a vegetable dressing. Kawashima The Japanstore also sells DIY Salt Koji Set. Check them out and try making salt koji at your home.
Dried Koji

First time using dried koji? Here's a tutorial on how to rehydrate it.

How to Rehydrate Dried Rice Koji

How to Rehydrate Dried Rice Koji
This tutorial is made by Kawashima The Japanstore using advices from the manufacturer of the dried koji themselves. Feel free to use this as a reference when you cook with dried koji in your kitchen.
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Product Details

Quantity 860g
Best Before 1 Year
Storing Guide Keep in refrigerator in under 15℃
Dried Rice Koji is a type of koji that had been dehydrated so it can last for a long time. You can use dried koji as it is, but it is easier to use after you rehydrate it first.
Dried Koji
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