Dried koji (rice koji) 1 kg amount (860 g) - Inoue main store special additive-free dried rice koji - - kawashima the japanstore

Dried koji (rice koji) 1 kg amount (860 g) - Inoue main store special additive-free dried rice koji -


1 kilogram (860 g) of dried koji (rice koji) - Inoue main store special dried koji - It is dried koji made from domestically produced glutinous rice 100%. It is...

1 kilogram (860 g) of dried koji (rice koji) - Inoue main store special dried koji -

It is dried koji made from domestically produced glutinous rice 100%. It is dry type koji (Koji) which made it possible to store for a long time by drying raw koji with its own recipe. "Inoue main store" which is a long-established miso and soy sauce store in Nara Prefecture stuck to materials and manufacturing methods.
It can be used for salt koji, homemade miso, sweet sake etc. You can also use it as a substitute for yeast food when making bread and confectionery fabrics.
 All dried koji are handmade and produced.


1 kilogram of dried koji (rice koji) (860 g) - Inoue main store special dried koshi - how to use

Using dry koji makes salt koji, homemade miso, sweet alcohol easily at home. Please use high-quality koji made by old-fashioned warehouses for delicious dishes.
乾燥麹 塩麹 甘酒 味噌
 Even those who use dry koji for the first time, you can use dry koji easily We enclose a guide to the recipe page of Kawashimaya original "salt koji, handmade miso, sweet sake" in this item.
乾燥麹 塩麹、手作り味噌、甘酒の作り方
 [Salt koji
Homemade salt koji can be made by mixing dried koji, salt and water and aging it. [Homemade miso
乾燥麹 味噌
If you mix soybean and salt in dried koji and aged for a long time, you can add non-additive handmade miso (hand-miso) It is done. [Sweet Sake
If you put dry koji and hot water of about 60-70 ° C in the rice cooker and keep it for about 6 hours Delicious sweet sake made only of rice koji is finished.



Dry koji (rice koji) 1 kg - Inoue main store special dried mushroom - difference between dry koji and raw koji

Raw kojiAnd is the koji that planted Aspergillus oryzae in rice and fermented it. The raw koji was dried and the thing where the moisture was removed,Dried kojiis. Kawashimaya's dried koji is made from raw koji using domestically produced rice noodle It is characterized by long-term preservation effective without losing quality by drying it with its own recipe.
 How to return dried koji 
【What to prepare】 · Dried koji · Large tray【1】 spread dried koji on tray Open the bag containing the dried koji and spread the dried wheat koji spread out in the larger tray.【2】 Return to water Add about 200 cc of water (or lukewarm water) to dry koji 840 g (one bag). For wheat koji, add 330 cc of water (or lukewarm water) to 840 g.【3】 Mix well Mix thoroughly every 15 to 20 minutes after adding water so that the moisture becomes uniform.【4】 Completed Approximately 1 hour after adding water (or lukewarm water) it can be used as raw koji. 【important point】 · To dry koji, please return to raw state by adding water or lukewarm water. Please do not use boiling water at this time. · Please use koji returned to raw state within that day. · After opening, please use early.


Customer's Voice

The sweet sake made with this koji is delicious delicious This koji of Kawashimaya is very good quality, I think that the price is reasonable. I made sweet sake with various koji, but the sweet sake made with this koji is also very popular with British lord as it is tasty delicious. I am planning to try this chicken thing other than sweet alcohol with this koji from now on.

Mr. amrapali (50s · female)


On top of good quality Cospar is also perfect! I survived the summer heat with homemade sweet sake. We will also survive the coldness of winter with homemade sweet sake! This koji is good quality and cospar is also perfect! I will repeat it in the future.

Sato (40s · female)


I made sweet sake very easy to drink I am trying to make sweet sake and I am trying various koji. This koji has few habit, so I made sweet sake that was very easy to drink. I also want to repeat.

Supaka-sama (30s · female)


This is delicious as expected Every year I handmade miso, I tried using various koji, but this is delicious as expected. I got a good miso and it is perfect for sweet sake. It is a criticism also for the country mother. I will also purchase this year! !

Usago-sama (50s · female)


It is convenient to stay at home I bought it for homemade salt koji making. It was my first time to use dry type, so I was a little worried but salt koji was made without problems. We made 900 ml of salt koji with one third of koji of this bag. I used it for pickles, meat, fish, but it is more tasty than usual and it is tasty. Dry type has long expiration date, so it is convenient to keep it at home.

Mr. Hisao (30s · female)



Dry koji (rice koji) 1 kg amount (860 g) - Inoue main store special handsome - message from Inoue main store

Inoue main store is founded in the late Edo period. I moved to Nara's present place to buy a factory that was originally engaged in the ice making business, and it will arrive now. Inoue Honten is a brick building, built in the Taisho era, making savory soy sauce and miso. I am sticking about koji as well. With dried koji that can be used in various ways at home Please enjoy delicious dishes such as salt koji, handmade miso, sweet sake.Inoue Main Store

 ■ Product useful for making koji is here 

Characteristics of dried koji (rice koji) 1 kg amount (860 g) - Inoue main store special dried koji

· Because raw koji is dried at low temperature, it is effective for long term storage. · We use domestically produced glutinous rice in the round grain as raw material. · Additives are not used

How to make simple salt koji using dried koji and honey container

Honey containerIf you make salt koji using, It is convenient to make salt koji while keeping it in a container ~ save ~ use.
 Koji and waterHoney containerYou can salt koji with only three points. Since it can be done without touching the hand directly, it is hygienic because germs are difficult to enter. Working time when using salt koji can be shortened, washing is also less. Recommended for those who want to try home-made salt koji making using dried koji or raw koji. It is delicious when salt koji is added to raw vegetables as seasoning and eaten. Also, if you put salt koji on it for a few hours before baking fish and meat, The umami will increase much more than usual. [Things to prepare] Rice koji (dried koji): 300 g Salt: 60 to 80 g · Water (purified water or mineral water): 500ml ·Honey container(Capacity of 900 ml or more) 【How to make】 ·Honey containerI put 300 g of rice koji (dried koji). · Put 60 to 80 g of salt. * You can easily put in by using a funnel or the like. · After adding rice koji and salt,Honey containerShake it well and mix well. · When salt mix uniformly with rice koji, add water. * As water is warmed to 30 ~ 35 ℃, salt becomes easy to dissolve. · After putting in water,Honey containerLift the lid and shake it well again. · Mature at room temperature for 1 week to 2 weeks. · After licking it for a while, if you feel moderate saltiness and umami it is the completion of homemade salt koji. · After completion, save each container in the refrigerator. Before baking fish and meat, paint salt koji and leave it for several hours, The umami will increase much more than usual. Even if it is pickled in vegetables it will be delicious. At Kawashimaya, salt koji can be easily made at home Handmade kit for salt kojiWe are preparing. Please try.

1 kilogram (860 g) of dried koji (rice koji) - Inoue main store special dried koji - notes

· 830 g (1 kg of rice) · With bag · Expiration date: 1 year · Please store in a cool and dark place at 15 ℃ or less. · Dried koji is a koji made by skimming raw koji water to improve the daily life. Although you can use koji as it is dried, Return it to water in advance, once softened like raw koji, it will be easier to use.