How to Make Salt Koji (Shio Koji)

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We have gathered the recipe of simpleSalt Koji (Shio Koji) that you can try at home.

Salt Koji (Shio Koji) is Japanese seasoning made from rice koji, salt, and rice.

We would really happy if you could use this recipe to make your own delicious Salt Koji.


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How to Make Salt Koji (Shio Koji)


  • - Malted rice (rice koji):100g
  • - Salt:40g
  • - Water(clean water or mineral water):200cc
  • - Honey container or glass container


There are 6 steps in total to make Salt Koji (Shio Koji)

  • 1. Put The Malted Rice
  • 2. Put The Salt
  • 3. Mix it well.
  • 4. Pour The Water
  • 5. Close The Lid and Shake it Well
  • 6. Ferment it for 5-7 days

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Steps for Making Salt Koji (Shio Koji)

1.Put the malted rice

Put the malted rice

Put 100g of malted rice in the container.

2.Put the salt

Put the salt

Put 40g of salt in the container.

3.Mix it well

Mix it well

Shut the lid firmly and shake it until mixed well.

4.Pour the water

Pour the water

Pour 200cc water into the container. Leave the water at about 30-35 degrees so the salt can melt quickly.

5.Close the lid and shake it well

Mix it well

Shut the lid firmly and shake it until mixed well. During the fermentation, once a day, close the lid and shake it until the Koji mixed well.



Please do not completely close the lid during fermentation. Fermentation may cause the container to break. Ferment it by placing the container at room temperature for 5-7 days.

Try the Salt Koji (Shio Koji) by licking it.

Try to try the Koji by licking it.

The Salt Koji is ready to consume if you can taste moderate saltiness and umami flavour.

Once done, please store it in the refrigerator. It could be consumed up to one month.

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Trick and Important Point

Trick and Important Point
  • - You can use Shio Koji as it is from a honey container.
  • - Shio Koji is clean because it does not touch spoons.
  • - Can be stored in a refrigerator as it is in a container.
  • - When mixing the containers, close both the inner lid and the outer cap.
  • - You can always enjoy delicious Shio Koji if you use two different containers for cooking and fermenting in rotation.
  • - It will be convenient if you write the expiration date with sticky note and stick it to the containers.
  • - As fermentation proceeds, it may generate gas, so please do not seal it tightly. (You can seal it tightly after storage in the refrigerator)


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