[Wholesale 60pc] Makomo Tea Powder, from Hyogo - Pesticides-Free, Without Chemical Fertilizers

[Wholesale 60pc] Makomo Tea Powder, from Hyogo - Pesticides-Free, Without Chemical Fertilizers

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Product Details
Product Name Makomo Tea Powder
MOQ 60pc

Price is negotiable for bigger quantities. Please contact us for more information.
Ingredients Makomo Leaf (Zizania latifolia)
Nett. Weight
100g × 60pc
Product Weight In Total 9kg
Origin Hyogo, Japan
Expiry Date  1 Year from the manufacture date
Storage Guide Please store away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity. After opening, Please use immediately
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Wholesale Makomo Tea Powder

This product is the wholesale bulk item containing 60pc of Makomo Tea Powder 100g. If you want to purchase the single item version, you can go to the product page by clicking here.

This is a preorder item, therefore it might take more time to prepare than regular ready-stock orders. Thank you for your understanding.

What is Makomo Powder?

Makomo Powder

Makomo is a perennial plant of the Poaceae family that grows in clusters near water. Makomo is also known in Japan as Hanagatsumi plant.

This plant can be found along rivers and lakes throughout Japan

We want our customers to consume makomo with peace of mind, so our makomo powder is made from pesticide-free makomo plant.

Powder Type That Can be Easily Consumed

makomo powder kawashimaya

In order to make it easier to take in the nutrients of Makomo, we have processed it into a dry powder type.

Makomo is rich in:
・Dietary fiber
・Vitamin A
・Vitamin C
・Vitamin E
・Folic acid

The recommended daily intake of makomo powder is 3~5g per day. Feel free to consume it by adding it to your daily meals or drinking it as tea.

You can also add 20g of makomo powder into a tea cloth/bag and steep it in your bath water for a skin reviving bath.

Precautions for use

- The good effect will not increase if you take a large amount at once, so please drink the appropriate amount regularly.

·Please consume immediately after opening.


What does it taste like? Is makomo powder bitter?

No. Makomo powder is not as bitter as you would think. It has a pleasant bitterness akin to green tea. So it is perfectly easy to consume as a drink.

I would like to mix it with shochu (shochu, diluted with carbonated water) and drink it every day. Is it okay?

Generally, shochu made using Makomo can be found on the market, and there is no problem with the ingredients even if you mix Makomo powder with shochu (shochu, carbonated).

In terms of taste, the remaining particles of Makomo powder may leave a rough texture in your throat and mouth, making it difficult to drink. Please be aware of this point.

Is there any good live bacteria in Makomo?

According to the analysis results of the Food Analysis Center, it is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folic acid, but we are not sure about the presence of live bacteria.

Has it been sterilized?

Makomo is dried with hot air and is also sterilized at the same time. It is then processed into powder.

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