Mountain Valley Manu local honey 500g glass jar

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides, such as immune not native to the Manu of the flower is a nectar source. Manu is the kind of the honey from the throat and...

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Chemical fertilizers and pesticides, such as immune not native to the Manu of the flower is a nectar source. Manu is the kind of the honey from the throat and cough, and of as the miracle cure for these,Recently a strong sterilization and antibacterial action is also receiving attention. Manu of honey is typical honey of approximately 100 times of antibacterial power and more. Back rich content. A strong presence, we offer a distinctive taste,a strong fan clubs.

Manu about

Manu is New Zealand part of the region's only native shrub,In the summer and white small flowers in. Mountain Valley apiary of local honey, the sea and coves, surrounded byAround the house or ranch don't even have, and the blessings of nature in them. ※Fishing year by the masses and the masses see the state of things. Please note.

Delicious to eat

・Bread or hot cakes to.・Hot and ice beverages. Hot water it delicious.・Culinary seasoning and dressings, sweets.・Cheese and meat dishes as a source of.・Nuts and dried fruits together.・Yogurt.・Sore throat and mouth sores and other mouth troubles.

Mountain Valley apiary about

Mountain Valley Apiaries in New Zealand South Island's northernmost point,Mount Richmond Forest Park in honey toSmall family apiary in. Dad of the little birdhouses and the bees, management of, mom of Nicky is bottled to be responsible. "Good honey is a great environment, and a healthy honeycomb, weather is important.You can only change one,natural is the best"Mary's words. High temperature processing and filter filtration is not honey, original taste, aroma, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients and enzymesThe nature of your stay here. Honey in the grain, but it is only one would eat them.

Honey Q & A

The honey of effect, that's for sure.

Honey is a natural antibiotic called, sterilization, antibacterial is. From the old days of allowance or inflammatory uses.Also, the intestinal・bowel movements action and hair・the skin of the moisturizing effect is also good known.

The retention period is how much?

Actually, honey is a natural preservative and is also called, is inherently bad...... and alsoAt Harvest, 4 years passed from the time the ingredients in the essential amino acid is little by little reduced to begin,We harvest from the 4 years the deadline has been set.

One of the state there is the difference and why? Taste change?

Firstly the local weather, from the flowering of the situation good or bad and during storage depending on the temperature,Honey's taste and texture differences may occur.Artificial processing to suppress the honey is alive.The taste and texture differences all the blessings of nature. Please do its best from now on.

Product details

The contents of 500g
Raw materials Natural honey
Country of origin New Zealand
Manufacturer・distributor Your full from I to
Shelf life (Date of manufacture)4 years

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