Tsukiji Hitachiya Dried basket (3-stageM)

Tsukiji Hitachiya Dried basket of attention Original Dried basket of the "domestic-hand" the culture of sticking to Japan of tools have been in important "Tsukiji Hitachiya". If there is even place...

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Tsukiji Hitachiya Dried basket of attention


Original Dried basket of the "domestic-hand" the culture of sticking to Japan of tools have been in important "Tsukiji Hitachiya".
 If there is even place to hang such as your garden or veranda, Model can be made a handy dried vegetables and dried food in your home.


It is made, because it uses a net fishermen to use durable very strong.
 Someiro of the natural texture of Hitachiya original, it has the image of the linen.
 Unbleached of color to adapt to life, not only fashionable, The point is hard to be discolored.


Also considered ease of use, zipper sewn in a fan shape is out easily shape and ingredients and a colander.
 "Because the things that put the food directly, where you want to, as can be seen who is making" from the feeling that, using the material that was produced in Japan of the factory, has been sewn one by one manually.

Tsukiji Hitachiya Dried basket Recommended point of


If hung to dry the car in the garden and the veranda, you can hang out off the easily vegetables at any time.
 If such a stylish Dried basket, is sure that is fun to hang out vegetables.
 Keep in dry and cut the vegetables in passing the preparation of breakfast, the food of the dinner incorporated into the evening.
 In the sense of hanging out the laundry, why not try to incorporate the dried vegetables in day-to-day life.

Taste and nutritional value is up

Dried vegetables nutritious taste is condensed is up.
 There is the image hanging out firmly as "dry matter", but there are enough effect just devote to half-day sun.
 This is, water not only taste and nutrition becomes darker and evaporation, because the enzyme to work with the vegetables by applying on the day.


Storage stability up

Extra food just also becomes old is not put in the refrigerator, but increased only in Gunto conservative dry off.


To shorter working hours of cooking

Because the more likely as the fire easily permeates the taste by hanging out, it is also very active in the shorter working hours cooking when busy.


Size variation

How to Care

But it is okay to not wash every time, dirt and sticky after dry the vegetables and fruits If you worried, you can wash with dishwashing detergent and a sponge.

Product Details

size Width: 305mm
 Depth: 350mm
 Height: 450mm
Raw materials Net string: Polyethylene
 Shelf frame: iron (plating, PE coating)
 Fasteners: Shiraki

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