Bleached Cotton Cloth 33 × 40cm For Mini Size Koji Tray - 100% Japanese Cotton

Bleached Cotton Cloth 33 × 40cm For Mini Size Koji Tray - 100% Japanese Cotton


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Fine And High-Quality Bleached Cloth That Utilizes Traditional Techniques

The cloth is smooth and made from high-quality cotton with fine threads. The color can be a little yellowish because it doesn’t use fluorescent dye. Since it’s made from 100% Japanese cotton without optical brightener, it is perfectly safe to use.

Manufactured by Fujiki Cloth Factory in Izumi City, Osaka, the cloth is bleached with a unique traditional technique called ‘Izumi bleaching.’ The product is made to order by Kawashima The Japan Store.

Cotton Cloth

Bleached cotton cloth is a convenient tool for making koji. The material is soft and won’t easily damage food. Feel free to use it to make homemade koji.

The cloth is best used with a 14 x 21.5cm koji tray (wooden tray for koji-making).

Uses Non-fluorescent Japanese cotton

Cotton Cloth

Made from 100% Japanese cotton, it is safe to use. The bleaching process doesn't use optical brightener, a composition that is not safe for cooking. So, the cloth is perfect for making koji.

Compatible with Koji Tray Mini Size or Small Size

This Cotton Cloth is made in a size that matches the Koji Tray Mini Size, or even size S that you can use with the Koji fermenter. You can wrap the koji with this single Cotton Cloth 33 x 40cm. Choose the right size of Koji Tray and Cotton Cloth before making your own koji to produce the perfect one!

Cotton Cloth with Koji Tray

Cotton Cloth Size Variations

Versatile Cloth: Also Suitable for Cheese Cloth!

Since this cotton cloth is made from 100% cotton which is the same as the main material as cheesecloth, this cotton cloth can be used as a cheesecloth that originally used to drain and wrap curds during the cheese-making process as well. This cotton cloth will perform its function as well as your cheesecloth in general.

Cotton Cloth as Cheese Cloth

Due to its versatility, it has grown to be used for a variety of food preparation tasks and has become one of the most useful tools you can keep in your kitchen, not only for making koji and cheese. Please use the versatility of this product by all means!

How to Make Rice Koji

In this video, we will explain the steps to making Rice Koji (fermentation starter, Aspergillus oryzae, bred on rice). Rice Koji manufacturer generously hands down this guide. Please feel free to use this as a reference when making Rice Koji.

How to Make Rice Koji
How to Make Koji Rice Thumbnails
Koji is steamed grains which have koji starter mold grown on them. It is a treasure house of enzymes, and it decomposes grains into amino acids, vitamins, minerals and more. Making Rice Koji is not only fun and economical; you get to know exactly what ingredients are being used in the process. Follow our easy 11 steps and get Koji-making!

The Amount of Koji Rice And The Amount of Rice to Use

The Amount of Rice

The Amount of Finished Koji Rice (Approximation)

koji rice quantity
koji rice quantity
koji rice quantity
koji rice quantity
koji rice quantity
koji rice quantity

How to Make Barley Koji

In this video, we will explain the steps to making Barley Koji. Barley koji is used as the raw material for making Japanese fermentation food such as barley miso (麦味噌), kinzanji miso, and shoyu. At the sake brewery, barley koji also used to make barley shochu (麦焼酎). This recipe is an instruction from a Japanese koji manufacturer summarized by Kawashima the Japanstore. Please use this as a reference to how to make barley koji.

How to Make Barley Koji
How to Make Barley Rice Thumbnails
Barley koji is one type of koji, made by cooked barley that has been inoculated with koji mold (koji kin). With barley koji, you can make various foods, such as barley miso.

In this article, we will explain how to make barley koji (using koji starter, in this case, Aspergillus oryzae, inoculated on wheat/barley). We hope that you can make nice barley koji!

Other Tools to Use When Making Koji

Choosing the right tools will help you produce successful koji, an ingredient responsible for making Japanese fermented foods like Miso, Amazake, Sake, Shoyu, Mirin, etc. To help you produce successful koji, we provide Koji Tray Mini or Small Size that you can use along with this Cotton Cloth. And we also provide a Polypropylene Cloth as an alternative that can be used to make koji instead of Cotton Cloth. Check our recommendation products below:

Koji Tray (Morobuta/Kojibuta) Size S - Locally Made, 100% Natural Japanese Cedar Wood

Koji Tray (Morobuta/Kojibuta) Size S - Locally Made, 100% Natural Japanese Cedar Wood

Koji tray small size is a professional-style container that is ideal for making koji at home. Called kojibuta or morobuta in Japanese, the koji tray is the proper tool to make koji.

This product itself is limited in the market. Crafted with local natural Japanese cedarwood, this product is constructed by hand, one part after another by skillful craftsmen.

Measurement: 28 cm x 21.5 cm x Height 5.5 cm

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Polypropylene Cloth (Pairen) 44 × 46cm

Polypropylene Cloth for Koji Tray

Make good-quality homemade koji using the cloth favored by koji maker professionals. Mat cloth from Polypropylene fabric prevents the spillage of raw ingredients. It also optimizes the humidity & temperature to keep the koji warm at the right temperature and smoothly finish the fermentation.

Measurement: (44 × 46 cm)

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Customer's Voice

It was thicker than I had imagined. I'm planning to use this when making koji. (Male, 30s)

It is hard to see through and is solid bleaching. I chose a safe product because it is used directly for food. I'm satisfied. (Male, 40s)

I can't find bleached clothes of this size in other stores, so it's beneficial. It is a product that I want you to deal with constantly. (Female, 40s)

Product Details
Size 33cm x 40cm
Material Japanese Cotton 100%
Manufacturer Fujiki Cloth Factory
Country of Origin Japan
Cotton Cloth 33x40

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