[Wholesale 20pc] Unfiltered Nigori Brown Rice Black Vinegar 1000ml

[Wholesale 20pc] Unfiltered Nigori Brown Rice Black Vinegar 1000ml

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Product Name Domestic Nigori Brown Rice Black Vinegar
MOQ 20pc

Price is negotiable for bigger quantities. Please contact us for more information.
Expiry Date 1 Year from the manufacture date
Storage Method Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight
Ingredients Brown Rice (Sourced from Saga Prefecture), Koji
Content 1000ml x 20pc
Product Weight In Total 24.5kg
*Delivery with EMS and surface mail has a maximum limit of 30kg. If your total order exceeds 30kg, we recommend separate shipments.
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Wholesale Unfiltered Nigori Brown Rice Black Vinegar

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Nutritionist's Recommended Points

Genmai Kurozu (Brown Rice Black Vinegar) is characterized by its high nutritional value and rich flavor compared to rice vinegar made from polished rice, thanks to the nutrients and amino acids present in brown rice. While black vinegar is commonly available in supermarkets, many of them undergo filtration to maintain quality, removing minerals, live acetic acid bacteria, enzymes, and more. Kawashima-ya's Genmai Kurozu is unfiltered, retaining minerals, acetic acid bacteria, and enzymes. It undergoes traditional long-term static fermentation and maturation, providing a delightful experience.

Yurie Ando


Ally of Health: Enhancing the Power of Acetic Acid Bacteria in Black Vinegar.

Black vinegar, beloved as a health drink for maintaining overall well-being and addressing various concerns, is further enriched in Kawashima-ya's Genmai Kurozu. Unfiltered and containing minerals, as well as abundant live acetic acid bacteria and enzymes typically removed during filtration, our Nigori (cloudy) black vinegar boasts enhanced nutritional value, making it perfect for daily health habits. Enjoy it in various ways with a little creativity.

Health Ally Black Vinegar

Boosting Body's Defenses with Acetic Acid Bacteria

Unlike clear vinegars where acetic acid bacteria are removed for quality and visual appeal through filtration and pasteurization, the live acetic acid bacteria in Nigori (cloudy) black vinegar are a powerful source of vinegar itself, enhancing the body's defense mechanisms.

Nigori Component

Reviewing the Benefits of the Health Beverage 'Black Vinegar'

Black vinegar, recognized as a daily health beverage for maintaining health, contains more than 4 times the amino acids found in rice vinegar. Additionally, it offers a myriad of health benefits fitting its reputation.

Health Effects of Black Vinegar

For Those Concerned About Body Stagnation

Black vinegar contains substances known to inhibit Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE). Consumed with meals, it can also address carbohydrates and fats.

Power of Acids in Black Vinegar

Citric Acid Regulates Body Circulation

Fatigue, stiff shoulders, colds, high blood pressure, neuralgia, diabetes, and other non-infectious discomforts often result from decreased adrenal function, hindering hormone production. Daily consumption of Genmai Kurozu helps align the body's natural abilities, a theory acknowledged since the Nobel Prize in 1964.

Body Circulation

Refreshing Body and Mind with the Power of Acids, Also Beneficial for Beauty Care.

Alongside citric acid, black vinegar contains various acids such as amino acids and kojic acid, benefiting the skin's condition and refreshing the mind, contributing to everyday health maintenance.

Naturally Fermented and Aged for a Refreshing and Gentle Flavor.

Delicious when diluted with water or carbonated water, this Genmai Kurozu has a light and refreshing taste. Despite its refreshing nature, it retains the gentle essence of aged Nigori vinegar, and its vinegar tang is subtly understated. Careful natural fermentation and maturation, along with high-quality ingredients, result in a rich flavor with over 10% extract content (typically 2-5% in regular black vinegar).

Natural Fermentation and Maturation

Safe and Secure: Raw Materials from Saga Prefecture

Nigori Genmai Kurozu is crafted using carefully selected ingredients sourced directly from contracted farmers in Saga Prefecture. The ingredients include pesticide-reduced brown rice, homemade brown rice koji fermented over three days and nights, and cold water from Saga. While many commercial black vinegars contain additives for quality and flavor adjustment, Kawashima-ya's Genmai Kurozu is completely additive-free, allowing you to savor the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Trusted Raw Materials

Nutritionist's Recommended Points

It's noteworthy that the raw brown rice used is cultivated with reduced pesticides. Unlike white rice, which loses bran during the polishing process, leaving behind pesticides, brown rice used for vinegar retains pesticides as it is, making it a positive aspect to consider. Overall, it's considered among the top tier of black vinegars.

Yurie Ando


Passed Down Since the First Generation: Traditional Long-term Static Fermentation

Nigori Genmai Kurozu follows the manufacturing process maintained since its founding in 1832 by the first generation, Isaemon. It undergoes a lengthy process of 90 days of fermentation and 90 days of maturation, resulting in a vinegar with a unique characteristic of a mellow taste without the sharp acidity associated with long-term fermentation. In contrast, commercially available black vinegars often undergo processes such as adding alcohol to expedite fermentation, dilution with water, or adding fermentation aids. They also filter out Nigori components to maintain quality and visual appeal. Kawashima-ya's Genmai Kurozu is patiently waited upon for natural fermentation and vinegar production, without adding or subtracting anything, capturing the essence of nature.

Traditional Method Black Vinegar

Typically, black vinegar available in the market accelerates fermentation by adding alcohol, dilutes it with water, and includes fermentation aids. It often undergoes processes to maintain quality and visual appeal, such as filtering out Nigori components. Kawashima-ya's Genmai Kurozu, on the other hand, patiently waits for the natural fermentation and vinegar production through the action of brown rice and koji, resulting in a product that is entirely natural, with nothing added or removed.


Product Development Story

A Valuable Nigori Genmai Kurozu with Beneficial Acetic Acid Bacteria

Genmai Kurozu

Black vinegar has been a popular product at Kawashima-ya for many years, enjoyed by customers as a convenient daily health habit. While most black vinegars in circulation undergo filtration for quality retention, Kawashima-ya wanted to produce a product that preserves beneficial acetic acid bacteria without filtration, considering the daily consumption for health. They requested producers to create unfiltered Nigori Genmai Kurozu. Despite challenges in production schedules and ingredient availability, it took almost two years to finally bring this product to realization. This Genmai Kurozu not only contains acetic acid bacteria, making it healthier than conventional black vinegar but also has a soft and easy-to-drink taste due to natural long-term static fermentation. It's a product that both avid black vinegar enthusiasts and beginners should try.

Nutritionist's Recommended Points

The taste is mellow with a sweetness reminiscent of black sugar. It's not only delicious as a drink, whether diluted with water, carbonated water, or soy milk but also pairs exceptionally well with dishes containing soy sauce and sweetness, such as chicken, fish, and vegetables. Genmai Kurozu is a must-try for those who want to incorporate it into their health and beauty routines. When choosing a product for daily consumption for health and beauty, it's essential to pay attention to quality.

Yurie Ando


The Used Container is Confirmed for Safety

For container safety confirmation, specialized inspections have been conducted, ensuring safety. This container does not use harmful substances, so feel free to use it.

Bottle Safety Certification

‘MHB-1000’ is the name of the container

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