[Wholesale 50pc] Organic Ume Extract 65g - Made From 100% Japanese Organic Additives-Free Ingredient

[Wholesale 50pc] Organic Ume Extract 65g - Made From 100% Japanese Organic Additives-Free Ingredient

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Product Details
Product Name Organic Ume Extract
MOQ 50pc

Price is negotiable for bigger quantities. Please contact us for more information.
Ingredient Organic Ume Plum (Japan)
Expiry Date 1 year after the manufacture date
Quantity 65g
Product Weight In Total 10kg
Origin Japan
Storage Guide Keep away from sunlight. Keep in a cool dry place.
organic japanese ume extract 65g

Wholesale Organic Ume Extract

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Condensed Plum Extract That Helps Maintain A Healthier Body

Healthy Japanese Ume Extract

Since the Edo period, ume has a history of being used as a folk medicide. And even today, in the world of natural medicine, it is said that ‘you won’t need a doctor if you have this’ because it is famous to help for various ailments.

Ume extract is perfect for those who want to maintain their health by increasing the barrier power of the body. It’s not only for when you are sick, but also great for regular everyday intake.

Great For The Body: Effect & Efficacy

Japanese ume extract health benefit

In addition to working on the cells that protect the body, the ume-specific ingredients contained in ume extract can help warm the body. You can just dissolve it in hot water and drink it as usual. It’s also perfect for when you're feeling a little sick, when you’re having a sore stomach, or a sore throat, plum extract will help your body to regain its health.

Abundant Citric Acids

The citric acid content in 100g plum extract is 51-58g. About 10 times more than lemon juice (5-8g) and about 70 times more than black vinegar (0.66-0.76g).

Mumefural That Only Exists In Heated Ume

During the process of heating plum, Mumefural is formed by combining citric acis and part of sugar. This great component does not exist in raw plums or pickled plums. The paste-like plum extract is also easier to be absorbed by the body and you can get the best effect of mumefural such as improving blood circulation and body metabolism.

One of The Types of Polyphenol: Plum-Based Lignan

Lignans contained in sesame and flaxseed oil are known to approach and help with bad things in the body, plum lignans on the other hand are known to specifically work on the fat cells.

In addition to abundant organic acids such as malic acid and succinic acid, it also contains various active ingredients such as iron and dietary fiber.

The Tightly Condensed Power of Organically Grown Plum

Ume powerful health benefits

Ume extract is a valuable substance that can only be extracted into 20g to 25g from 1kg of raw ume plum.

Kawashimaya carefully developed the extract by squeezing the juice from 100% organic unripe plums, which is even rarer, without adding anything else. Then it is boiled down into a black paste over a long period of time until it becomes the healthy organic plum extract.

because the ingredients of plums are condensed, we are very particular about making the product with a safe and secure home grown organic raw material. This extract is completely additives-free and made by hand.

How To Use Ume Extract

Here are some of the simplest ways to consume ume extract.

One Teaspoon Per Day
Scoop with a spoon

(The recommended amount is 3g/day)

The sourness is so strong that it may surprise first-timers, but there are many voices saying that they gradually get used to it.

You can incorporate it as a simple health habit without any special arrangement. Of course, even when you feel sick, tired, or lacking physical strength, you can just scoop it with a spoon and consume it quickly.

Dilute With Water
Dilute with water

Add 3g of ume extract then add your preferred amount of hot water.

※Sediment may remain, but there is no problem because it is a natural ingredient of plum.

Recommended for those who don't like too strong acidity. If you add honey, sweetness will be added, and the synergistic effect will further improve the barrier power. A hot drink that helps you relax, recommended for before bedtime.

The Fresh Taste of Ume Is Also Recommended For Cooking

For those who don't like the sourness or just bored of diluted ume extract in general, we recommend these ways to enjoy the ume extract.

Add Some Fruitiness To Yogurt
Add to yogurt

Even if you don't like sourness, you can enjoy the plum extract without difficulty because the flavor is mild when combined with yogurt. We also recommended adding honey to this arrangement.

Add And Make A Refreshing Ume Salad Dressing
Salad dressing

Instead of vinegar or lemon juice, you can add a new twist by using ume extract for the acidity in your salad dressing. The fresh refreshing ume taste will add a nice accent to your salad.

Great As A Seasoning
Use ume extract as a seasoning

By adding a little plum extract to the usual simmered dish, the unwanted smell of meat and fish will disappear. Moreover, the scent of plums can transform a simple dish into a delicious delight.

Plus, it is possible to dilute it with seasonings such as water and mirin to pickle vegetables. Or, you can use it in combination with grated daikon radish.

Extract From Organic Gome Grown Ume Made Carefully By Hand

Ume field

All green plums grown with only organic fertilizers without using herbicides are harvested by hand. Then, the unripe plums are squeezed and the juice is boiled down slowly over time. The fresh and natural unripe plums, careful handwork, and a long boiling time are the only ingredients that make up this plum extract.

Product Development Story

Reliable Plum Extract That Condenses The Ingredients of Rare Organic Plums

ume extract

Among Kawashimaya's products, plum meat extract has received many repeat purchases as a daily health maintenance item.

We want our customers to be able to buy products that they can feel more comfortable with at a more affordable price. With that in mind, we decided to look for organic plum extract.

Thankfully, we were able to meet a wonderful producer who uses only home-grown organic plums and takes time to carefully create additive-free plum extract. Although it is a small amount per year, we were able to produce a rare organic plum extract for Kawashimaya, and commercialization was accomplished.

If you eat it as it is, you can feel the strength of its efficacy in its condensed sourness, and if you dissolve it in hot water or mix it with your food, it will give you a mild and refreshing flavor that you can enjoy in various ways.

As a plum extract that is great for everyone's health, we hope that you will continue to incorporate it into your daily diet.

Plum Extract FAQ

Is there any difference between ume flesh extract and ume extract?

Though the name might sound different, both term actually refer to the same thing. Ume flesh extract or ume extract refers to unripe ume that is juiced and boiled for a long time until it reaches a paste form.

What kind of person is plum meat extract recommended for?

It is very rich in nutrients, so it is recommended for those who want to maintain their health and improve their barrier strength, and those who are not feeling well.

What is the recommended daily intake of plum extract?

3g/day is the basic recommendation. Since the rich nutritional components of green plums are concentrated and strengthened, there are individual differences, but if you eat too much it might not be good for you. Regularly taking the right amount every day is the best way.

The extract seems to hardens, is it still okay to eat?

Ume extract is characterized by high viscosity due to its low water content. Therefore, it may harden when the temperature is low, such as in winter, but it will return to its original paste-like state if you boil it in lukewarm water.

Is ume extract an acidic food or an alkaline food?

Ume has a strong sour taste, so it is often mistaken for an acidic food, but in fact, ume meat extract is a strong alkaline food. In today's diet, where people tend to eat sugar, bread, meat, etc., the body tends to become acidic so this extract is recommended to help balance the diet.

I dissolved the plum extract in hot water and drank it, but it didn't dissolve completely and left behind grains. Is it okay to drink it as is?

When ume flesh extract is dissolved in hot water, the ume pulp, skin, and other substances that could not be filtered may settle to the bottom of the vessel. It is not harmful, so there is no problem to drink it as it is.

What does the ume extract taste like?

Ume extract, which is made by condensing the juice of unripe plums, is characterized by its strong sourness, but it also contains a lot of natural minerals and amino acids, so you can feel the richness and faint sweetness. In particular, when dissolved in hot water or mixed with other foods, the sourness is softened and the mellow flavor can be enjoyed.

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