Unfiltered Nigori Onion Vinegar 1000ml

Unfiltered Nigori Onion Vinegar 1000ml


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What is Onion Vinegar?

Kawashima-ya's Onion Vinegar is a rich amino acid brewing vinegar made by naturally fermenting onion liquid without additives. It combines the beneficial components of onions, such as polyphenols, with the power of vinegar.

Onion Vinegar

The 1000ml bottle of Onion Vinegar contains the nutrients of 15 onions, making it perfect for those aiming for health through onion components. The combination of onion and vinegar, known as "vinegar onion," is gaining popularity, and Kawashima-ya's Onion Vinegar has been a long-selling product for over 20 years. Additionally, the unfiltered "Nigori Onion Vinegar" from Kawashima-ya has the rare benefit of containing a rich mother of live acetic acid bacteria.

Nutritionist's Recommended Points

Onions are rich in nutrients beneficial to the body, including "Allyl sulfide" which promotes blood circulation, "Allicin" which assists in fatigue recovery by binding with vitamin B1, and "Potassium" that helps reduce swelling. Incorporating onions into your daily meals is ideal, but for those who find it challenging, trying Onion Vinegar made from onions in cooking or beverages is a great option. In addition to the nutritional components of onions, Onion Vinegar offers the benefits of reducing visceral fat and normalizing high blood pressure, making it a delightful addition to your daily routine.

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Enhancing Onion Components with Vinegar

Onion Vinegar, supporting the creation of a youthful and healthy body, contains abundant nutrients. It is perfect for those concerned about bodily stiffness, abdominal discomfort, and disruptions in dietary habits.

Health Benefits of Onion Vinegar

Enhancing Reductive Power with Allyl Sulfide

The tingling sensation when cutting onions comes from a component called Allyl sulfide, which targets blood and bodily stiffness, promoting circulation. With Onion Vinegar, you can intake well-matured, high-quality nutrients without the sharp stimulation.

Allyl Sulfide

For a Healthy Body, Arginine

Onion Vinegar contains approximately 5 times more arginine than regular vinegar. Arginine is a crucial component related to growth hormone necessary for muscle strengthening and repair. Recommended for those concerned about imbalances due to aging, stress, lack of exercise, and smoking, leading to arginine deficiency.


Source of Energy, Abundant Amino Acids

Compared to regular vinegar, Onion Vinegar contains about twice the amount of amino acids. Amino acids not only contribute to maintaining a healthy mind and body but also play a role in digestion, making it effective for times of reduced appetite or concerns about indigestion.

Nutritionist's Recommended Points

The taste has a slight onion aroma, and when consumed as a drink, mixing it with milk or soy milk can make it milder and more palatable. It pairs well with various dishes, and dishes like "vinegar onion" using onions or marinated fish benefit from the added umami and sweetness of onions without the distinctive onion aroma. This traditional production method without adding water or additives results in domestically fermented Nigori Onion Vinegar for over 20 years. As condiments are part of our daily intake, choosing a product with dedication is essential.

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Rich and Mellow Flavor of Aged Onions

Kawashima-ya's Onion Vinegar is characterized by a deep, savory flavor reminiscent of caramelized onions. It is easy to incorporate into your diet as a drinking vinegar, bringing out the natural taste of ingredients. The aged fermentation of Onion Vinegar reduces the pungency found in raw onions, resulting in a mellow acidity akin to slowly simmered onion soup.

Flavor of Aged Onions

Delightful Benefits of Nigori Vinegar

Kawashima-ya's onion vinegar is unfiltered nigori vinegar. Unlike typical transparent vinegar, where acetic acid bacteria are removed through filtration and heat sterilization for quality and visual appeal, nigori vinegar contains abundant acetic acid bacteria, the source of the vinegar's inherent power, enhancing the body's barrier function. Made patiently by waiting for the fermentation of onions, the raw material, to progress, it retains the true power of vinegar as it is, with nothing added or taken away from the natural blessings.

Benefits of Nigori Vinegar

Abundantly Using Only Onions from Saga Prefecture

Saga Prefecture's round and plump onions are highly praised, and the new onions available in February are so delicious that you can bite into them as they are. Perfect for fermentation and rich in nutrients, the onion vinegar, made using whole onions from Saga Prefecture, has undergone numerous trials before being commercialized. With onions as the sole ingredient and no added water or additives, the vinegar has a distinct onion flavor.

Onions from Saga Prefecture

Inheriting Traditional Long-term Static Fermentation from the First Generation

Nigori onion vinegar follows the traditional method preserved since the founding in 1832 by the first generation, Izaemon. It undergoes a long process of 90 days of fermentation and 90 days of maturation, static fermentation in jars. The vinegar matured for an extended period lacks the sharp acidity, offering a deep and mellow flavor. Unlike most vinegars in the market that undergo processes like adding alcohol to expedite fermentation, diluting with water, adding fermentation aids, or filtering out nigori components for quality and appearance, Kawashima-ya's onion vinegar is a natural blessing made by patiently waiting for the fermentation of freshly cut Saga Prefecture onions to progress, with nothing added or taken away.

Long-term Static Fermentation

Typically, commercially available vinegar undergoes processes like adding alcohol to expedite fermentation, diluting with water, adding fermentation aids, or filtering out nigori components for quality and appearance. Kawashima-ya's onion vinegar, made with freshly cut Saga Prefecture onions through manual labor, lets the fermentation progress naturally, a pure gift of nature with nothing added or taken away.

Recommended Uses for Onion Vinegar

Vinegar made with 100% onions is rare in the market, so many may wonder about the use of onion vinegar even if it seems good for the body. The rich and gentle flavor and various health benefits make onion vinegar suitable for both drinking and cooking. * Shake well before use as the sediment tends to settle in unfiltered onion vinegar.

Incorporate Daily Drinking for Health

Mixing with water or carbonated water creates a health drink with the richness of onions and the acidity of vinegar. Consuming 1-2 tablespoons up to twice a day with meals helps regulate digestive health and supports the creation of a lively and well-circulated body.

Mixed with Carbonated Water

As a Warm Beverage

If preparing a hot drink, adding a little salt and sprinkling sesame oil or green onions turns it into a Japanese-style soup. It's recommended as an alternative to the pre-meal drink or as a snack to satisfy those concerned about excessive sugar intake. You can also enjoy it by adding salt and pepper or olive oil for a Western flavor.

Onion Vinegar Soup

Everyday Use as Cooking Vinegar

Pure onion vinegar is suitable for dishes where you want to enhance the richness. Its gentle flavor serves as a base for seasoning, suitable for both Japanese and Western cuisine.

Onion Vinegar

As an Ingredient in Dressings

Using onion vinegar instead of the usual vinegar or lemon in dressings brings out a mild and gentle flavor. It complements the umami of raw vegetables, natto, or tofu when used in small amounts.

Ingredient in Dressings

For Pickled Dishes

When used in pickled vegetables, pickles, salads, or Ajinamano (vinegar-marinated fish), onion vinegar's richness helps bring the flavors together.

Ingredient in Dressings

As Sauce for Gyoza or Jeon

Mixing with soy sauce and chili oil creates an easy Chinese-style sauce. It offers a milder and more profound flavor than using grain vinegar.

Sauce for Gyoza or Jeon

For Neutralizing Odors in Meat and Fish

Marinating meat or fish with onion vinegar along with soy sauce or mirin helps eliminate unwanted odors. The rich amino acids soften the ingredients, enhancing their flavors.

Neutralizing Odors

The Used Container is Verified for Safety

For safety confirmation of the container, inspections have been conducted by specialized agencies, confirming its safety. This container does not contain harmful substances to the body, so feel free to use it.

Bottle Safety Certification

'MHB-1000' is the name of the container.

Product Details
Product Name Unfiltered Nigori Onion Vinegar
Ingredients Onions (Produced in Saga Prefecture), koji
Nett 1000ml
Expiry Date 1 Year from the manufacture date
Storage Guide Store in a cool, dark place, avoiding direct sunlight
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