3 Years Aged Nanko Umeboshi, Specially Cultivated B Grade 1kg - Grown in Wakayama Prefecture, Additives-Free, And Reduced Pesticides

3 Years Aged Nanko Umeboshi, Specially Cultivated B Grade 1kg - Grown in Wakayama Prefecture, Additives-Free, And Reduced Pesticides


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Pickled Umeboshi Aged for Three Years with Traditional Natural Salt

Traditional pickled plum with natural salt

The plums used are fully ripened plums cultivated through reduced pesticide special cultivation.

This additive-free umeboshi is pickled only with natural sun-dried salt, without using preservatives or synthetic coloring agents.

After maturing for three years, it develops a rich and flavorful taste with umami and depth. The acidity becomes well-rounded, making it easy to enjoy.

This umeboshi is a must-try for those who love pickled plums.

Experience the Authentic Flavor of Umeboshi with Few Salt Crystals and No Added Honey

Umeboshi without added honey

The saltiness is robust, yet it does not crystallize, providing a pleasant texture. Careful aging without drying ensures a pleasantly moist finish. This umeboshi, without added honey, offers a nostalgic taste.

Thick and Satisfying Umeboshi Flesh

The three-year umeboshi is pickled with large plums, making it more than enough for a single serving.

It can be enjoyed on rice or dissolved in tea, expanding its versatility.

On the other hand, the organic small umeboshi is just the right size for a single bite, making it convenient for bento or onigiri fillings.


(Left - Organic Small Umeboshi) (Right - Organic Nankou Umeboshi *Different product but similar in size)

Kishu Nankou Ume - Umeboshi's Hometown in Wakayama Prefecture

The plums used for umeboshi are carefully cultivated in the natural environment of the home of Kishu Nankou Ume, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture.

Kishu Nankou Ume's Hometown

Tanabe City, located along the Kii Channel, has a mild climate with minimal temperature fluctuations throughout the year due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current. Abundant rainfall and long hours of sunlight create an environment suitable for the characteristics of plums.

Kishu Nankou Ume's Hometown

Additionally, the prevalent "Uridaniishi" (limestone from Uridani) in this region is composed of calcium carbonate, providing a neutral soil rich in calcium, essential for plums. The Takeuchi Farm, the producer, insists on the ideal land and organic cultivation for plum cultivation, consistently producing high-quality plums.

What is Specially Cultivativated Ume?

Kishu Nankou Ume's Hometown

Ume (Japanese plum) itself is a fruit that can be eaten whole, so it is cultivated with reduced pesticide practices, adhering to strict national standards for pesticide use and limiting pesticide use to 50% or less than conventional cultivation methods.

Ume is particularly susceptible to diseases and is considered a challenging crop to grow. However, with a focus on soil conditions and customer health and safety, pesticide usage is minimized during production.

Support Your Everyday Health with Safe and Additive-Free Umeboshi

Takuchi Farm Ume

Citric Acid, a component of Ume's sourness

Umeboshi contains abundant citric acid produced through natural fermentation.

Citric acid promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates, activates energy metabolism, supports fatigue recovery, and aids in creating a body that is less prone to fatigue.

It is well-known that adding umeboshi to a bento box helps prevent quick spoilage, thanks to citric acid. Once ingested, citric acid also actively promotes bile function, providing a preventive effect against bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

This product is a 18% salt umeboshi made using traditional methods without additives. Additive-free umeboshi has a high salt concentration to prevent spoilage, resulting in a very sour taste. It reflects the wisdom of our ancestors, designed to be preserved even in times without refrigerators.

Salt Concentration Reference
7% or less Refrigerate due to a short shelf life. Recommended as a side dish for rice, tea, or snacks.
8~10% Refrigerate. Suitable for bento, onigiri, or ochazuke.
15% or more (This product) Can be stored at room temperature for an extended period. Ideal for bento, onigiri, cooking, or umeboshi sour cocktails.

Product Details

Product Details
Name 3 Years Aged Nanko Umeboshi
Ingredients Nankou Ume (Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture)・Mexican Sun-dried Salt
Net Weight 1kg
Storage Refrigerate after opening
Salt Content 18%
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