Kiwa’s Village Non-Pesticide, Non-Additives Umeboshi (3 Years Matured) 500g

Kiwa’s Village Non-Pesticide, Non-Additives Umeboshi (3 Years Matured) 500g


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About Kiwa’s Village Umeboshi (3 Years Matured)

It is a 3 years fully matured and pickled umeboshi (pickled plum), nurtured in an pesticide-free and without chemical fertilizer farm.


We choose the best type of ume for making umeboshi that is thick and has small seeds, native from Mie Prefecture.

Among this type of ume, we only use the excellent grade ume.
It is a old-styled umeboshi that was immersed with salt water for 3 years long, and after that pickled with the red shiso (perilla leaves) for a long time.
Also, only the high-quality red shiso from Kiwa City are being used to make the umeboshi.


Material that is used to make Kiwa’s Village Umeboshi (3 Years Matured) (from left to right):
- Ume fruit native from Mie Prefecture
- Red shiso from Kiwa City
- Salt

To make the umeboshi, the riped ume fruit that was cultivated in pesticide-free and non chemical substance cultivation was washed with fresh water.
The fruit then immersed and pickled with salt for 3 years in an air-tight barrel.

After 3 years passed, it is dried under supervision.

Then it is immersed again with the organic red shiso and the salt which is developed into ume vinegar after the first immersion process. Here, the umeboshi is finished and ready to be consumed.


Please enjoy the old-fashioned delicious Umeboshi once.


Get To Know Umeboshi, The Japanese Salted Plums
What is umeboshi? Umeboshi is a pickled plum that has a sour and salty flavor.
Because of its excessive benefits, umeboshi are loved by Japanese people even now.
Let's get to know umeboshi and learn how to eat it deliciously!
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Consumer's Review

We received lots of good comments from consumer who purchased the product, thank you!

I like the pesticide-free and non chemical substance umeboshi so I can eat it safely without any worry.
This umeboshi is delicious and has a good shiso taste too!

Mr. hirata

I eat umeboshi one in the morning and one in the evening.
This umeboshi is delicious! You can feel the blessings from nature because your body could get healthy by eating it.
I will purchase it again.

Mr. yammy

It is a delicious umeboshi with similar taste to umeboshi that my deceased grandmother made.
The taste is my favorite taste which is simple and sour.

Ms. Himeyuri

I am drinking green tea with umeboshi as a umeboshi tea. My body feel so refreshed and warmed.

Ms. Reiko Satoguchi

I like the fresh and exquisite sour taste very much. I eat it everyday.

Mr. Yoshino

It is genuine umeboshi. The price is also very conscientious.
I will purchase it again.

Mr. Masanobu Hiruma

Kiwa’s Village Non-Pesticide, Non-Additives Umeboshi (3 Years Matured) -
The Message from Manufacturer

This 3 years matured/pickled umeboshi is a gift of our repeated trial and error processes in order to make something that can be eaten without worry for many years.

To make this kind of product, first of all, we started from selecting the ume fruit.
It takes at least 5 years for ume to be planted and to be able to harvest.

Then, we are using the harvested ume as a trial product.
If we did not be satisfied with the finished taste or color, we would change the way to pickled it in the next year or change the tree variations.
It required a long journey.

As ume can be harvested once a year, we can only making new trials once a year.

But we never gave up, because we want to protect the nature of our home-loving hometown, and the mountains,
for that we think that it is necessary to make products that we can satisfy and to be used by those who understand it.

Then, we finally able to make a convincing 'umeboshi' in our perspective.

We did not use the Nankou Ume to make the product.

Instead of using the popular Nankou Ume, we are using the rarely grows ume without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We are using the ordinary variety of ume native from Kiwa City since a long time for the trial and error process.

Even among the ordinary variety of ume, we chooses the ume that matches with the soil, then raised, harvested, and pickled it for three years.

By pickling it in the barrel for a long time, the acidity of the umeboshi becomes mellow.
To give a beautiful color to the finished umeboshi, we also have our commitment in choosing the red shiso and determining the amount of salt.

Normally, the '3 years matured' or '3 years pickled' umeboshi are very expensive.
However, umeboshi is something to be consumed every day.
So we think it doesn't have to be pricey.

We do not seek for extra benefit from this product.
However, we only seek someone who understand the value of our umeboshi and willing to eat it.

With such wishes in our heart every day, we keep on concentrating on making delicious Umeboshi.


The Manufacturer of Non-Pesticide, Non-Additives Umeboshi

Important Points

※ The plum are cultivation in pesticide-free and non chemical substance cultivation and then immersed and pickled with salt for 3 years.
It has the old-fashioned taste of traditional umeboshi.

※ Salinity concentration is about 15%.

※ Preservatives are not used at all.


Capacity 500g
Producer Kiwa's Village (Kiwa City from Mie Prefecture)
Ingredients ume, salt, red shiso
Expiration date one year from the date of manufacture
Preservation method safe in normal temperature room

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