Denemon 3 Years Aged Namahiki Tamari Sauce 720ml

Denemon 3 Years Aged Namahiki Tamari Sauce 720ml


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About Denemon 3 Years Aged Namahiki Tamari Sauce 720ml


Introducing the tamari sauce by the long-established brewery Ito Shoten. This Denemon Tamari Sauce is a popular product from Ito Shoten along with Denemon Miso.

The appealing point of this product is its natural umami taste. With just a small amount, you can already savor the deliciousness of this sauce. Please use this tamari sauce for boiled food, fried rice, or teriyaki.


Made from Local Japan's Ingredients and Aged for Three Years

Using local soybeans of Anjo City and salt from Seto City, this tamari sauce is matured/aged for three years in a traditional, large cedar vat that has been used since the Bunsei Age.


After two summers, the moromi mash will have liquid runoff and ready to be squeezed out.
This tamari sauce is made without additives, so you can safely use it to add umami flavor to your cooking.

About the name "Namahiki Tamari Sauce"

Namahiki Tamari Sauce is a type of tamari sauce collected purely from the liquid runoff of miso production. Today, tamari sauce is extracted not only from the liquid runoff (like in the older days) but also through the process of squeezing the soy paste (moromi). Because namahiki tamari sauce is exclusively collected from the liquid runoff, the price differs from regular tamari sauce. Namahiki tamari sauce is also left unpasteurized, so the yeast is still active.

What is Tamari Sauce?


Tamari sauce or tamari soy sauce is a wheat-free Japanese variety of soy sauce. Because tamari sauce is 100% soy-based, it has a darker color with a richer flavor than conventional soy sauce.

You can replace the regular soy sauce with tamari sauce. Its umami will surely make boiled food, stir-fries, soups, teriyaki, noodle-based meals, etc., become more gourmet.

Generally, tamari sauce is gluten-free. This sauce can be a great alternative to regular soy sauce for people with Coeliac disease. But, we'd recommend you double-check its ingredients when choosing tamari sauce because wheat usage in tamari sauce production is used very rarely by some manufacturers.

Check our article for more information about tamari sauce:


All About Tamari Sauce: A Great Alternative For Regular Soy Sauce

Whether you‘re trying it for health reasons or just want to explore a new taste, tamari sauce is a great substitute for regular soy sauce. Tamari sauce is famous for its umami taste. Some even say that tamari sauce is a healthier choice for people who cannot eat gluten.
So, what exactly is tamari sauce?

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Product Details

Product Name Tamari Soy Sauce (pure brew)
Quantity 720ml
Storing Guide Keep in a cool dark place, refrigerate after opening
Expiry 1 Year
Ingredients Soybeans, salt

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