Organic Rooibos Tea Leaves (Fermented) 1.8g x 100 Tea Bags Value Pack

Organic Rooibos Tea Leaves (Fermented) 1.8g x 100 Tea Bags Value Pack


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About The Organic Rooibos Tea Leaves (Fermented)

Kawashima The Japanstore's original rooibos tea, carefully selected only from the finest rooibos leaves.


The deliciousness of rooibos tea depends on its leaf's fineness and the percentage of stem content. Our tea uses the "Classic Grade" Rooibos Tea, which contains the smallest percentage of stem content with finely cut leaves.

This rooibos tea has no unpleasant taste and produces deep flavor in a short time, make it suitable in a teabag form. Its delicious, mild taste can be enjoyed both for babies and grown-ups.

Rooibos tea does not have bitterness or astringency even if extracted for a long time so you can enjoy it even in the teacup. Enjoy the delicious rooibos tea anytime!

7 Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea


Benefits 1 Prevent Oxidation and Boost Rejuvenation


The effective active ingredients of rooibos are one type of polyphenol, a flavonoid.
This flavonoid removes active oxygen and protects cells from aging.


Benefits 2 Prevent Blood Vessel Problems and Lowering Blood Pressure


Rooibos tea contains a component called rutin that could strengthen the function of capillaries. Rutin plays an important role in blood vessels by promoting blood flows and lowering blood pressure.


Benefits 3 Cures Cold Sensitivity by Increasing Metabolism and Promote Blood Flow


Flavonoids increase the metabolism of lipids and sugars so you can expect an increase in basis body temperature. It also promotes blood flow and is said to be effective in curing cold sensitivity/intolerance.


Benefits 4 Eliminate Swelling and Constipation. Could it have a Diet Effect?


Since it has a function of enhancing metabolism, you can expect to increase your daily calorie intake.

In addition, rooibos tea has an intestinal regulating effect and also has the effect of eliminating constipation. The diuretic effect in rooibos tea also lessens swelling, which will make you feel more refreshed.


Benefits 5 The Relaxing Effect that Enhances Good Sleep


It said that raising the body temperature before going to bed makes it easier for you to get a deep and good quality sleep. Rooibos tea warms your body, which makes it perfect for a good night's sleep tea.

As a guideline, you should drink it for about 1 hour before you go to bed. Because rooibos tea also has a diuretic effect, please drink it in a moderate amount.


Benefits 6 Relief for Allergy and Atopy


Rooibos tea is said to be effective against allergies such as hay fever, asthma and atopic dermatitis.
Rooibos tea could reduce histamine which causes allergic symptoms, and it is highly effective in suppressing itching such as atopy.


Benefits 7 Neutralize Hangover


Since it contains plenty of minerals, rooibos tea seems to work on liver function and neutralize hangover well. Since it is necessary to use water in the body to decompose alcohol, this tea is said that it is also good in terms of hydration.


How is The Process Until Rooibos Tea is Made


We spread a questionnaire to our customers to write their review about Kawashima The Japanstore's original rooibos tea (you can look the original one in our Japanese page, here).
The result showed "satisfaction" from 49 valid questionnaires. We will show some of the reviews below.

I make the tea in a bottle.

Because it is something to drink every day, I was drawn to its "organic" traits and bought it. It's easy to drink. Even my daughter brought the steeped tea to school in her bottle. My stomach felt so much better immediately after the first drink. Using makeup also becomes much easier (because of the effect on skin). I didn't get these benefits when drinking the one I bought from the supermarket, so I was surprised.

- 20s, female

I love to drink it with my children.

When I was pregnant, I quitted to drink coffee and started to drink rooibos tea. I tried various kinds of rooibos tea, but this one has a good scent and has the just-right amount for our family. I also love to drink it with my children.

- 30s, female

It's very delicious.

The balance of its acidity and aroma is wonderful. It's very delicious because it has no unnecessary flavor. To get a high-quality rooibos tea at this deal, it's very affordable.

- 20s, female

I have improved my communication.

I tried various kinds of rooibos tea, but this is the most delicious one. It has no unnecessary flavor and tastes clean. I used to drink coffee, but now I only drink rooibos tea. It's also caffeine-free, so it looks good for our body too. I also did improve my communication skills.

- 40s, female

There are only a few peculiar tastes.

I have been drinking rooibos tea for beauty and health. My family used to dislike rooibos tea because it has a peculiar taste, but this one only has a few peculiar tastes. Since we know about this rooibos tea, my family deliciously enjoy drinking rooibos tea.

- 20s, female

How is The Process Until Rooibos Tea is Made

We vacuum-pack high-quality raw materials carefully selected by Rooibos Limited Ltd., and transport them to Japan in a fresh state.

Only products that meet strict standards are shipped on a production line dedicated to the Japanese market. Inspection of microbes and residual pesticides is also carried out for each batch.
We use the additive-free and pesticide-free fresh rooibos leaves.

Many Japanese manufacturers sterilize the product twice, first in South Africa and Japan. Rooibos leaves that have been sterilized twice have a deep red color, but with reduced taste, flavor, and polyphenol content. Kawashima The Japanstore's Rooibos tea only sterilized once in South Africa.


  • planting

    First, Seeds are taken and planted on the nursery with small scratches to promote germination. (In some cases, seeds may be sown directly in the field.)

  • replanting

    Second: After 6-7 months, the seedlings replanted in the field.

  • harvesting

    Lastly is harvesting. The first harvest will be conducted in the summer two years later. The plant must be 30-40 cm above the ground, and it is harvested by hand or machine. The harvest depends on the tree and could be up to 4 times.


  • Cutting

    STEP 1: Cutting

    Cut the harvested rooibos to the length of 5 mm.

  • Fermentation

    STEP 2: Fermentation

    The finely cut rooibos leaves are piled up on a small hill, watered, and fermented for 6-8 hours.

  • Drying

    STEP 3: Drying

    Let it dry in approximately 8 hours in strong sunlight.

  • Sorting

    STEP 4: Sorting

    Sort the rooibos into grades depending on the fineness of cutting.

  • Sterilization

    STEP 5: Sterilization

    After done sorting, it is put through a steam sterilizer until the water content is less than 10%.

  • Packaging

    STEP 6: Packaging

    The rooibos leaves are vacuum-packed and then shipped.

Eco-Friendly Teabag


This product is packaged in a tea bag type that meets the needs of customers who want to easily drink rooibos tea in a teacup to the fullest.
Mesh tetra type of teabag is used to make the rooibos leaves spread well, and the tea is easily extracted.

The teabag material is an eco-friendly biodegradable fiber made from corn, which can be disposed of as garbage after use.

How to Prepare the Tea


Put one tea bag in a teacup, pour freshly boiled water, and wait for at least 2 minutes before consuming.

You can enjoy it as it is in the teacup, or discard the teabag first before consuming it. Rooibos has a low tannin compound, so it does not cause bitterness or astringency even the teabag is extracted for a long time.

You can also enjoy it as iced rooibos tea by putting ice blocks into it. Some people might put sweeteners (sugar or honey), or milk to enchance the flavor of rooibos tea.

Other way to make the tea:
[Steeping the tea in water] Put 3 tea bags in 1 liter of room temperature water and leave it in refrigerator for 2 hours or more.
[Boiling the tea with hot water] Put 2 tea bags in 1 to 1.5 liters of boiling water and boil over low heat for about 10 minutes. Let it steamed for more 5 minutes and enjoy.

Product Details

Content 180g (1.8g x 100 teabags)
Ingredients Organic Rooibos (South Africa)
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, please store at room temperature.

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