Powder Can Container

Powder Can Container


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And also of cans flour

Hardware processing of origin, engaged in a high-quality kitchen utensils in Niigata Prefecture swallow powder also cans of "housework wholesaler". With a convenient lid when you save the seed koji use in rice koji making. You mae if in a drawer because of the low back.Less likely to be finely sprinkled are in lumps, seeding can be done directly from the can.In addition to flour pretend such as flour or potato starch used in everyday dishes. About to enter 75ml.
粉もの缶 種付け
 With a convenient made of polyethylene cap to save,The size also fits clean the refrigerator.In smoothly Innovation opening and closing of the lid, happy to refill the contents.Since the stainless steel that also excellent clean and easy to use at any time.
粉もの缶 冷蔵庫にもスッキリ
 Or fastened with Scotch tape, such as transferring to the chuck with storage bagsStorage of seed koji not feel too lazy, you can hygienically managed by smart.

Can ease-of-use point of even powder

 "Powder also of the can" is, seeding of rice koji, of course, is useful for evenly sprinkle with flour to meat and fish.In fine net eyes, you can prevent overuse. Eliminating a step in the edge of the network, it has been finished to accumulation of dirt.

Manufacturing of housework wholesaler

Tools of housework, is a tool of daily life.Manufacturing of housework wholesaler,It begins to listen to the voice of the life of change and consumer. Along close to the feelings of the consumer, select the material, that take advantage of the technology"Mundane, Yet easy-to-use."Tools of the new housework is born.Born by the voice of the living of the change and the consumer,It is one development that is nurtured in the locality. "Housework wholesaler" is, against the background of the history and the materials and technology of making those rooted in the region, foster the tools of housework, has been making.

Product Details

size W6 × H5.5cm
capacity About 75ml
Raw materials [Body] 18-8 stainless steel
[Lid] polyethylene
(Heat 60 °, cool tolerance -25 degrees)
Remarks Open fire: ×
IH: ×
Microwave: ×
Oven: ×
Dishwasher: ×
(The body is allowed, the lid is not allowed)
Country of origin Japan

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