Natto Bacillus natto 4 g (60 kg raw material soybean) - Naruse Institute for fermented science - What isIt is also one of the three domestic Bacillus natto bacteria Bacillus...

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Natto Bacillus natto 4 g (60 kg raw material soybean) - Naruse Institute for fermented science - What is

It is also one of the three domestic Bacillus natto bacteria Bacillus natto. You can natto 60 kg soybean. It is Bacillus natto that many Natto shops use.

For details about Bacillus natto, click here>>In case"What is Bacillus natto"


How to make private natto - Naruse Institute for fermented science -

【Equipment and materials necessary for manufacturing】 1. Kitchen applianceballOther containersTapperSteaming pot or steam-pressurized nutrition pan (autoclave) 2. Soybean is soybean in-ground production or foreign soybean.I think that production amount of one time is enough for soybeans 100 g ~ 200 g ~ 300 g. Its product is about 200 times 400g ~ 600g twice as much as family numberChoose one of them. 3 Amount of Bacillus natto 1 As the species of Bacillus natto for domestic use, powdery Bacillus natto is most suitable.When making 200g ~ 600g of natto, it is enough for one baby bottle of powdery natto bacteria.Powder Bacillus natto is used for 60 kg bulk soybean (4 g). [Heating equipment for fermentation] In order to make a very small amount at home, no facilities such as a room or an incubator are required.The easiest thing is if you have hot water damp, cloth piece and blanket beddingUsing electric cushion, electric blanket, electric anchor, electric kotatsu etcIt is enough if it can keep warm at 40 to 42 degrees. 【How to make natto】1. Get soybeans (dry well in the inner or foreign domestic production, there are no refreshing items with grains)Good) 2. Wash soybeans with water. 3. Soaking the washed soybeans in Shimizu overnight sucks enough water and doubles. Four. Steam it for 5 to 6 hours with a steamer put in a well-cut beanBecause it takes a long time with this, it uses high pressure cooker (nutritious pan) and steams. When using this pressure cooker, first purge the air and tightly close itRaise the vapor pressure to 1 atm and steam at this pressure for about 30 to 45 minutes. Ideally you should have a yellow-brown shiny, fragrant, soft, sweet and delicious beans. Five. Sprinkle the bacillus melted in the steaming bacillus natto on the steamed beans,Mix the bacteria well and place it in the Tapper for seven minutes, wrap it in a cloth, wrap it in cloth, wrap it in hot water tempo, wrap it in an electric blanket and leave it overnight for 14 to 15 hoursPlease take it for a while and then eat it. 【After ripe】Natto can be made after 14 ~ 15 hours at 40 ~ 42 degrees,When natto was taken out to a cold place and it took more than several hoursEven if you see the real appearance and content in order, it will increase your appeal even moreTake it out from heat insulation, please eat after a while without calling up.I am sure that you will be satisfied with natto. [How to preserve Bacillus natto]When putting it in a container, treat it hygienically when taking it in and keep it in a cool dark place. 100% of pure culture natto bacteria extracted from organic soybeans was used.Even beginners do not fail, Kawashimaya's fine qualityBacillus nattoAlso recommended.

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