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Rice Koji Powder 1 kg - Kyoto Ryoku Six Special -


 Rice Koji Powder 1 kg - Kyoto Ryoku Six Special - What is Kyoto's long-established species Kojaya "Ryoku", which lasts more than 300 years since its establishment, To make it easier...

Rice Koji Powder 1 kg - Kyoto Ryoku Six Special - What is

 Kyoto's long-established species Kojaya "Ryoku", which lasts more than 300 years since its establishment, To make it easier to incorporate rice koji into health for health and beauty It is the topic "Rice Koji Powder" that we developed by trial and error repeatedly.
 Rice koji powder is raw koji dried and processed into finely powdered form. Because it is crushed by the original manufacturing method so that friction heat is not applied to koji, The power of the enzyme is lost without losing. Because it is powder, you can easily make salt koji, soy sauce koji, sweet sake etc. without becoming a dam. Furthermore, it is infinite depending on the idea, such as mixing with bread and cookie.
 "Rice Koji Powder" filled with the power of enzyme of koji full, We will deliver with plenty of 1 kg pack. Please try once.


What is koji?

Give water to raw grain (rice, wheat, bean etc), sprinkle seed koji on steamed food, It was cultured under temperature conditions suitable for growth of Aspergillus. Koji has so many kinds of enzymes that it is said to be a treasure house of enzymes, and it decomposes grains with its power. In addition, Koji itself packed saccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc. made by Aspergillus oryzae It is also a nutritious food. Using koji, we make traditional fermented foods such as sake, authentic shochu, mirin, miso, soy sauce, vinegar, sweet sake etc.

Efficacy of rice koji

 Rice koji contains amylase, lipase, protease, pectinase, etc. There are many enzymes, and it is said that the number is more than 30 kinds. These enzymes help digestion and digestion of food, Because it also produces oligosaccharides, which are the favorites of "good bacteria" in the intestines, It also helps to prepare the intestinal environment (intestinal flora) It is also expected to increase immunity. In addition, enzymes of rice koji include vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, Biotin, molybdenum, etc. It has the function of generating vitamin B group. Vitamin B group helps cell metabolism, keeps hair, skin, nails and so on healthy. It also helps to recover from fatigue and prevent anemia. Especially vitamin B6, folic acid etc. are essential nutrients for pregnant one. Rice koji which can expect various effects on health and beauty like this, "Rice koji powder" is what makes the power of the enzyme as it is, making it easy to use powder.


Voice of staff

Good rice koji for the body. It was a bit hurdle to incorporate into regular cuisine, Potentiality expanded a lot by becoming powder. By the way, the President of Ryoshoku is said to be eaten by rice. The sweetness of rice is more felt and digestion is also aided by rice koji enzyme, It is how to use two birds with one stone.


Rice Koji Powder 1 kg - Kyoto Ryoku Rokko - Recommended usage


① salt koji with no "grain" left, soy sauce koji

· Salt koji ... 10 g of salt, 60 cc of water, 30 g of rice koji powder (mix in order of salt → water → rice koji) · soy sauce koji ... 60 cc of soy sauce, 30 g of rice koji powder 【Recommended】 Mix with egg-pickled rice instead of soy sauce Or you can enjoy it deliciously when attached to meat, such as shamai or chicken. ※ Because mixing is easy, stir well. ※ Room temperature is normal, storage is refrigerator. You can use it from the next day you stock ※.

② Sweet sake without "grain"

For rice koji powder 30 g, hot water 200 cc. Ferment at 55 to 60 ° C for about 10 hours. (Place in hot water → powder in order.) Stir well as it becomes dams. Storage is refrigerated or frozen (when storing for more than 1 week) without heat sterilization. Rice liquor of rice koji has a very high nutritional value and is also called "drip infusion". In addition to that, beautiful skin effect and constipation resolution, It is an attention drink that is expected also such as a diet effect.

③ Bread

By changing 2 to 5% of the powder raw material to rice koji powder, The dough softens, it swells well and finishes moistly. ※ A baker in the neighborhood of Ryoshi is used for making bread.

④ Pastry using cookie, hot cake, rice flour (sponge cake, chiffon cake, butter cake etc.)

By changing 20% ​​of the powder raw material to rice koji powder, a moist feeling is born in the fabric.

⑤ fermented soymilk without "grain" (fermented soy milk sauce)

250 ~ 300 cc of unadjusted soy milk, 100 g of rice koji powder (put in order of unadjusted soy milk → rice koji powder) Ferment for about 10 hours at 55 ~ 60 ℃. Storage is refrigerated or frozen (when storing for more than 1 week) without heat sterilization.
 Others, soup stocks such as miso soup and soup, Liquid seasoning such as soy sauce and dressing, Even if it is mixed in an appropriate amount in an enzyme beverage such as a smoothie, You can enjoy the power of koji easily deliciously.


Rice Koji Powder 1 kg - Kyoto Ryouroku Special - Producer About "Ryouroku Co., Ltd."

Kyoto's long-established species Kojaya "Ryouroku" that lasts more than 300 years since its foundation. Currently, there are only 10 different Koji stores in Japan, Ryoko has continued to protect the tradition as a kind of koji. Currently, we have 45 varieties of Aspergillus. It is used not only in Kyoto but also in fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce across the country, I support the food culture of Japan.
種麹 菱六

Seed Ko - Kyoto "Ryouroku" Special Material Koji Producer Message from Ryoko

In the land of the Yamagawa collar band · royal castle Kyoto has raised the goodwill of "Ryoku 6" for over 300 years, In its long history, he steadily promoted steady progress of seed koji. A small work hidden in Aspergillus firs, to the future tomorrow that will eventually produce big things I truly believe that it will become vitality, I am researching and endeavoring to deliver highly stable products with pure.. We would like to ask you for further patronage as we can make use of the products of Ryoshi.


Notes on rice koji powder 100 g - Kyoto Ryoku Rokko

 · Raw materials: rice (domestic) · Aspergillus oryzae · Capacity: 1 kg · Be sure to clean enough of instruments, cloths, hands, etc., so that germs and bacteria do not enter. · Please use after opening as soon as possible.