Harimaen Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea, Loose Leaf Tea with Twig Tea, 400g

Harimaen Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea, Loose Leaf Tea with Twig Tea, 400g


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What's so Special from Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea?

Delicious Loose Leaf & Twig Tea Blend

The Organic 3 Years Bancha is filled with the delicious, highest grade of green tea's loose leaf & twig tea blend, aged for about three years, and freshly packed before reaching your hand.

Please enjoy the fragrant, refreshing, and mild taste in every sip!


Almost Zero Caffeine Content

The Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea contains very low stimulants contents such as caffeine and tannins.

It is said that Bancha has the lowest caffeine in all Japanese green tea variations. Making Bancha is perfectly safe to drink every day for people with caffeine sensitivity. Even small children and expecting mothers can drink it without worry.

Drinking tea with slight caffeine content won't disturb your sleep, so it's perfect as relaxation tea even before bedtime.


Only Uses the Organic Green Tea Cultivated without Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers

This Three Years Bancha processed from high-quality organic green tea leaves from Kyoto, Nara, Miyazaki, and Oita Prefecture cultivated in the organic plantation.

We only choose the organic tea plantation that has earned several organic product acknowledgments, such as Japanese Organic JAS Certification since 2001, USDA Organic Certification since 2007, and EU Organic Certification since 2009 (source: Harimaen’s Official Website)

1. Only choosing the green tea plantation cultivates without pesticides or chemical fertilizers for more than three years.
2. The product is not genetically modified.
3. Separated management and record from other general tea products from processing to shipping, ensuring that we deliver the best Bancha Green Tea for our customers.


Tested as Radiation-Free Tea

No radiative material was detected from the radiation inspection for Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea by Harimaen.


Enjoy to 260 Cups of Bancha per Package


The 400g Package can make about 260 cups (approx. 6 liters) of Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea.
It's very economical and suitable for your family's everyday tea consumption!

About Harimaen Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea

Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea by Harimaen Seicha Co.,Ltd. is made by the highest grade of green tea cultivated with no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers.

This product stayed as the long champion of the most loved tea variation from Harimaen, Japan.

Enjoy it’s delicious and mild taste as hot tea to warm your body in winter or ice tea to prevent dehydration in summer!


What is Bancha Green Tea?

Bancha is the type of green tea harvested from the later flush of the tea plant.

The Organic 3 Years Bancha is processed with loose leaf & twig tea blend, aged for a long time at room temperature, giving Bancha a fragrant, mild taste, less bitter than Sencha, and low caffeine content.

Bancha also helps to warm your body temperature, making it the perfect tea for relaxation.

Because of its almost zero caffeine content, bancha is entirely safe for children, expecting mothers, and people with caffeine sensitivity.


Delivering the High-Quality Organic Bancha for Your Health

Commonly, a large amount of pesticides is needed in cultivating green tea plants. The reason behind that is because the tea plant is fragile to insects and has a significant demand domestically and internationally.

Organic tea farming takes a lot of time and effort to weed the tea plants, especially in the hot summer.


After more than 20 years of trial and error,
Harimaen can proudly deliver the Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea, packed with the finest and organic certified green tea leaves cultivated without pesticides to your hands.

Enjoy this carefully grown bancha green tea for your health!

Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea Ingredients

The ingredients used for this bancha are only the organic certified green tea leaves from the organic tea plantation in Kyoto, Nara, Miyazaki, and Oita Prefectures, Japan.
The ingredients are then processed in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture.


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Customer's Review

Learn what our customers are saying about Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea:


The Japanese-style green tea scent is very relaxing.

Due to busy work, I have trouble falling asleep at night. I bought it as a caffeine-less drink that I can drink at ease even before sleeping at night. Though usually, I'm not too fond of the taste of decaffeinated tea and coffee, this 3 Years Bancha's taste suits me very well.

When I have trouble sleeping at night, I feel calm when I drink it, which helps me very well....Mr. Mizoguchi


I started drinking 3 Years Bancha when I was pregnant.

I started drinking 3 Years Bancha and quit drinking coffee, black tea, and ryokucha (green tea) when I was pregnant. This Bancha’s taste is very easy to drink. The price is reasonable, and it warms the body. I would like to continue drinking it after giving birth....Ms Yoshizawa


My first organic Bancha..

I've been drinking Bancha green tea for a long time, but it's my first time to try organic Bancha. Since my children are still so young, I was worried about inorganic products with pesticides and radiation. While I was looking for various products, I came across this product!

It tastes good, and the kids drink it a lot. Thank you....Ms 5oo3iii


I've started the macrobiotic diet, so I drink 3 Years Bancha Green Tea instead of ryokucha green tea.

I like this a lot because it has no peculiar taste and less bitter so that I can drink it a lot. Maybe because it doesn't contain caffeine, I feel good and don't break my stomach even if I drink a lot. I will repurchase it....Ms Hiroe Sugiyama


Relaxing and soothing tea.

I drink it before bed because it has almost no caffeine. It has a relaxing and soothing taste, very delicious....Ms MARIE


I can drink this tea without worry during pregnancy.

I learned about this product during pregnancy and started drinking Bancha green tea. I can drink it without worry, and it was a great help for a tea lover such as me!...Anonymous Buyer

Message from The Uji Matcha Producer - Harimaen

We have been doing organic tea cultivation for more than 20 years.

Before that, we took two full days to spray all the tea fields with pesticides. And so we were producing the general agriculture tea that sprayed with pesticide seven to eight times.

One Year in Showa 47Th Year, Summer -. I collapsed in the tea plantation when spraying the pesticide. The doctor said that if I keep spraying the pesticide in hot weather with light clothes like this, eventually I could damage my liver, or I can not ever drink any liquor.

That said, the pesticide will give a heavy burden on anyone who consumes any food with it.

Therefore, we decide to make organic tea cultivation that is pesticide-free and non-chemical fertilizer cultivation.


At first, we had a difficult time with organic cultivation. The harvested tea is decreasing, and other people told us that it is difficult to grow tea plants without pesticides.

But we keep doing the trials and errors for the sake of ourselves, our family, and people who continue to consume our product.

With this motive, our tree becomes more robust, and the harvest is gradually stabilized.



Harimaen Seicha's
Mr. Harima Yoshiyuki

I am satisfied to deliver this organic cultivation three years bancha green tea to everyone. It is our pleasure to bring safe, healthy products for more than 10 years. Please enjoy Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea that is carefully made without any pesticide cultivation.

How to Deliciously Drink Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea

To steep Bancha, you can either use a teapot or a kettle/pot.
Click your most preferred method below to steep Bancha in the most delicious way!

How to Steep Bancha Loose Leaf with Teapot


1.Put about 5-8g of 3 Years Bancha tea leaves in the teapot.
2. Pour boiling water into the teapot (300ml).
3. Let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes.
Pour the steeped tea as evenly as possible so that there is no remaining hot water in the teapot. With using this as a reference, please adjust the amount of tea leaves to your liking.

Serving: for 2-3 people

Note: If you want to enjoy it as cold tea, cool it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours or add ice blocks after the tea is cooled at room temperature.

How to Steep Bancha Loose Leaf with Kettle/Pot


1. Add 1 liter of water to the kettle/pot, and bring to a boil.
2. When it boils over the heat, add 10-15g of 3 Years Bancha tea leaves.
3. Boil over low heat for 2-3 minutes.
4. When it reaches the desired color, turn off the heat and strain the tea leaves into the teacup. Enjoy your tea!
(If you put the tea leaves in a tea leaf pack and simmer it, it will be easier to clean up the tea leaves.)

Serving: for 5-6 people

Note: If you want to enjoy it as cold tea, cool it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours or add ice blocks after the tea is cooled at room temperature.

Tips for drinking 3 Years Bancha more deliciously

To drink 3 Years Bancha more deliciously,
Let's pay attention to water, kettle, and heat control.

1. Water
When steeping Bancha, it is recommended to use tap water passed through a water purifier or Japan domestic natural water classified as soft water (if you’re residing in Japan).
Mineral water is not suitable for Bancha because it has too much mineral content.

2. Kettle
The recommended type for boiling Bancha is clay kettle.
You can enjoy the Bancha deliciously without spoiling any of its original taste.

Choosing the right kettle type for boiling Bancha will help you to enjoy the utmost taste of your tea.

3. Heat Control
It's essential to control the heat when boiling Bancha.
First, put medium heat to heat the water. After the water boils and Bancha are added, reduce the heat to low heat and slowly simmer it until the tea reaches the desired color.

Please follow the heat control properly, and you can enjoy the Bancha to its fullest.

Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea
Loose Leaves Size Variation

Find the same freshness in your most suitable size!
By the way, our recommendation is the economical 400g size.

Also available in the convenient tea bag!

Important Points on How to Store Tea

● Store in a cool and dry place before and after opening. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

● Freshness is important in tea. Please consume after opening as soon as possible.

● Any kinds of tea are susceptible and could change in quality due to temperature, humidity, and light. Please ensure to use an airtight container to store the tea after opening and store it in a cool, dark place.

● Tea leaves have the property of absorbing odors, so be careful of scents when storing them in the refrigerator. We recommend storing in the freezer for long-term storage, but be cautious of water droplets when taken out. However, it is best to drink as soon as possible so you can enjoy the freshness of the tea.

Product Details

Name Harimaen Organic 3 Years Bancha Green Tea, Loose Leaf Tea with Twig Tea
Contents 400g
Raw Ingredients Organic green tea (Japan)
Preservation Method Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

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