Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea With Husk(Rice-only Brown Rice Tea) This product is intended to be boiled with water and enjoyed as a drink. It’s a great alternative to genmaicha (brown...

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Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea With Husk
(Rice-only Brown Rice Tea)

Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea With Husk

This product is intended to be boiled with water and enjoyed as a drink. It’s a great alternative to genmaicha (brown rice tea made from tea leaves and roasted brown rice) for people who can’t consume caffeine, or for those who want to enjoy rice-only brown rice tea.

You can also mix this roasted rice with dried tea leaves to make regular genmaicha.

About Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea

For more than 20 years, this rice has been fertilized only with natural rice straw without using any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides.

The grains are slowly roasted at medium temperature for half a day while also keeping its freshness.

Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea With Husk

Since it is caffeine-free, you can drink it any time of the day. Enjoy the unique aroma and flavor of brown rice produced with the black-roast method.

Husks are an important part of the surface that prevents the deterioration of brown rice and protects its life as a seed. When brown rice is used as a food, this part is usually discarded and is rarely seen in this form. The husk is characterized by the abundant important minerals such as silicon and dietary fiber that tend to be lacking in our everyday diet.

How To Brew Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea

  • レシピチャート

    STEP 1 Add Tea

    Add 5 tablespoons of Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea

  • レシピチャート

    STEP 2 Add Water

    Add 500ml of water. For each tablespoon of brown rice, you can add 100ml of water.

  • レシピチャート

    STEP 3 Boil And Simmer

    Put your teapot over medium heat to boil the tea. After it's boiling, let simmer in low heat for 20 minutes.

  • レシピチャート

    STEP 4 Enjoy

    Pour the tea on a cup and enjoy while it's hot.

The tea color is black, almost like coffee. But it has no caffeine even a little bit so you can enjoy the tea without worrying about the caffeine content.

You can also repurpose the rice batch from the first boil by adding half the amount of water and boil it again the same way. However, the taste might not be as strong as the first batch. You can also blend the tea with 3 years old bancha for a more delicious taste.

Health Benefits of Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea With Husk

Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea is great for relaxation. Living in a modern age, sometimes we forget how to let loose and relax for a while. This tea can be a great company for your break. Enjoy the hot aromatic brown rice tea and recharge yourself for the day.

Other than that, black-roast brown rice tea is also rich in dietary fiber, So consuming it regularly can have a great effect on your digestion and health in general.

For people who are overly sensitive to caffeine, this tea can be a great option as well.

Review From Our Staff


Fragrant And Delicious
The tea has a very fragrant scent, a slight sweetness, and warms the whole body. This tea is recommended for people with poor circulation. If you want to make it darker, try simmering it for 30 minutes. As it has zero caffeine, pregnant women and small children can drink it just fine.

Ogata Health Farm Philosophy And Commitment

Black-Roast Brown Rice Tea With Husk

This product is developed by Ogata Health Farm, a farm located in Kumamoto, Japan, that focuses on making organically cultivated products. Their goal is to create a world without illness. Therefore, they make fertilizer-free naturally cultivated agricultural products and deliver them to the consumer as pure as the products can be. They do this with the aim to create a healthy and happy society.

Product Detail

Quantity 150gr
Ingredients Brown Rice
Storage Guide Keep away from direct sunlight and store at room temperature. Please consume quickly after opening.
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