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Black fired brown rice tea with rubbish (black fried brown rice tea) 150 g


What is 150 g of brown rice black tea with garbage For more than 20 years, we did not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, etc., only brown rice of fertilizer cultivation...

What is 150 g of brown rice black tea with garbage

 For more than 20 years, we did not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, etc., only brown rice of fertilizer cultivation which corroded rice straw I roasted thoroughly over half a day at moderate temperature as it was freshness.
 Because it is non-caffeine, you can drink it without worrying about the time zone. Please enjoy the distinctive fragrance and flavor of unpolished rice by black burning recipe. Rice is an important part of the skin that prevents alteration of brown rice and protects life as seed. In the brown rice as food, it is usually discarded and it is not seen in general in the form with rice. It is characterized by abundant mineral "Silicon" and "Dietary Fiber" that are prone to shortage in diet.
Black grilled brown rice is said to be "a strange drug of resuscitation" It raises body temperature and activates natural healing power. Tea of ​​unpolished rice with paddy increases calcium ion in blood, I want tea to drink every day because it works on bone regeneration. Quoted from "Tomoko Wakasugi Health Law to Warm the Uterus"

How to drink delicious black-grilled brown rice with fir


 For 500 ml of water, put 1/2 cup of brown rice brown rice tea (about 5 tablespoons) into a pot, or kettle, When it boils, boil down about 10 minutes with low heat for about 20 minutes. (Please adjust the amount of unpolished rice in the case of small capacity pots and pots.) When you put in 2nd and 3rd tea, make water half (5 cups) and boil down in the same way. However, because tea is not as dark as the best tea, It would be a good idea to blend with 3rd year old tea etc.


Health effect of black-grilled brown rice tea with rubbish

Oriental medicine has the idea of ​​Yin Yang also in food, It negates foods that cool down the body and loosens tissues, tightens the body, and warms foods positive. Those with a lot of sugar and moisture are negative, and confectionery, juice, fruits and so on are representative. In modern times when taking many of these foods, especially positive food is necessary. Black roasted brown rice tea with fir on roasted for a long time in far red is a food with the highest positive character. Rebirth the body that was lean to negative by illness etc. to positive, You can expect to boost immunity by raising body temperature. ■ Improvement of anemia, cold and coldness Increase immunity and natural healing power ■ Excretion of toxins and waste products ■ Activation of digestive system It is important to eat balanced foods of yin and yang, Modern people tend to prefer foods belonging to the shade. This black grilled brown rice tea with rice is roasted at medium temperature for a long time, I am changing to extreme food with the addition of the far red effect. In addition, by rotating the rotation of the roaster clockwise It also became extreme food by adding afferent energy. Because I have a work to moderate the body by drinking every day, Please use it for health management and beauty.


Voice of staff

It is a very fragrant scent, it has a faint sweetness and the body warms up to the cold feet. It is a tea that you want us to drink cold. If you want to put on a thick eye, boil it for about 30 minutes with a low heat. Because it is non-caffeine, you can drink pregnant women and small children safely.

Attention of Otaka Health Farm

 Idea The goal is "Creation of a world without sickness" For that purpose, we aim to create a healthy and happy family and society by delivering agricultural products of fertilizer natural cultivation purely to the tableCommitment "No use of pesticide and nonuse of herbicide" We do not use any agricultural chemicals from seed stage to harvest. "No use of fertilizer" Chemical fertilizer blurred fertilizer Livestock manure manure compost is absolutely not used "Clean up the soil" We plow in only the residue of the previous work and do not bring organic matter etc. from the outside but emphasize the natural ecological cycle and purify the soil (Rice husk bran generated in the production process is discarded in some fields due to difficulties in handling) "Based on self-production" We carried out in-house seeding for many years, we measured the detoxification of pesticide and fertilizer ingredients remaining in seed I try to keep healthy seeds.