Hokkaido Small Grain Organic Soybean "Suzumaru" 500g

Hokkaido Small Grain Organic Soybean "Suzumaru" 500g


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What is Hokkaido's Organic Soybean "Suzumaru"

The "Suzumaru" Soybeans are the organic soybeans raised carefully by Mr. Yuu Hirawake. He has been raising and cultivating these soybeans organically in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido for over 30 years.


Small grain type of soybean which is best for natto.


Being harvested when they are completely ripe, these soybeans are rich in nutrients and have fine quality of taste and flavor.

Hirawake Farm・Mr. Yuu Hirawake
「I have raised the bean carefully with love like my own child」
I have been making organic, pesticide-free beans for more than 30 years in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido.
Harvested beans were dried in sunlight without relying on machines, the condensation can bring the sweetness to the beans.
Small-sized grain, organic, pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation, and carefully raised with natural drying. The best choice of soybean for natto. Please try it once.



How to Make Homemade Natto
We will explain about how to make homemade natto using natto starter (Bacillus subtilis natto) and soybeans (available with video and instruction pictures). The article will let you learn about natto and how to make natto in details.
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Customer's Review

The homemade natto is surprisingly delicious.I'm so impressed!

I saw the recipe of how to make natto when I bought the Yogurtia's Starter Set, and tried to make a natto.

With this natto starter spores and soybeans, I'm so impressed to have made a homemade natto easily with a surprisingly delicious taste!


As expected, I like the small grains the most.

I use the small grain beans to make a homemade natto.

Big grains are also good, but after all I like the small grains the most.

I think, the domestic production and pesticide-free cultivation beans are very good.

We can eat deliciously and healthily at ease.


Delicious natto has been finished.

I make natto by myself for health reasons.

When I search for a domestic production natto beans, I found this Kawashimaya's soybeans.

The quality of the beans are very good, and delicious natto has been finished. Thank you very much!


I eat natto everyday.

I am transferring abroad to France, but I'm eating natto everyday with Yogurutia Starter Kit, natto starter spores, and this soybeans.

he imported natto from Japan is tremendously high. I am very sorry to my Japanese friends living here, but I am so pleased to have this beans.

I have sent the natto starter spores together with this beans to my family. But for the time being, we are not likely to have an inconvenience with natto.

What is "Suzumaru"

Suzumaru is the name of the varieties of soybeans, and the size of the bean is very small.

This variety is also used for small grains of natto and millet rice.

Many of Suzumaru beans found in the market is an imported product from Canada.


The Kawashimaya's Suzumaru bean is an organic, pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation bean that is raised in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido.

It will make a homemade natto or bean rice more delicious.

Hokkaido's Organic Bean "Suzumaru" is the Commitment of The Producers

This soybean is raised carefully for being organic, pesticide-free, and without chemical fertilizer cultivation.

Because we do not use pesticide, it takes a lot of time and effort to remove the weeds.

We work with 100-150 part-timers every year.

Also, we are sticking to the natural dyring process that becomes the characteristic of this bean.

The general beans that usually being distributed are those that have been heated and dried by the machines.

At the farm, we are utilizing the cold north wind blowing through the Tokachi Plain to dry and complete the beans.

Currently, there are a very few numbers of traditional soybean farmers that do the natural drying.

[Production Process] Mid May~Early June = Seeding→Early June~Mid August = Seasonal Weed Control→Early October = Harvesting→Natural Drying.)

The extraction of an organic, non-pesticide soybean contains 100% bacteria-beans. We are recommending the high quality organic beans of Kawashimaya, which even beginners do not fail to use it.

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Product Details

Name Suzumaru
Contents Amount 500g
Place of Origin Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido
Best Before Period About 8 months

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