Improve Your Physical Well Being With Additive-Free Drinking Vinegar And Good Gut Health Mix 9 Vinegar is a healthy drinking vinegar made from 9 kinds of additive-free vinegar, mainly unfiltered...

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Improve Your Physical Well Being With Additive-Free Drinking Vinegar And Good Gut Health

Mix 9 Vinegar

Mix 9 Vinegar is a healthy drinking vinegar made from 9 kinds of additive-free vinegar, mainly unfiltered nigori vinegar containing live acetic acid bacteria. Then, it’s added with 7 kinds of oligosaccharides and lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, and dietary fiber into the drinking vinegar.

It is delicious and easy to drink even without adding extra sugar or other artificial additives. It’s perfect to drink everyday to improve your health!

What’s Inside The Mix 9 Vinegar?

9 Kinds Of Additive-Free Vinegar Carefully Brewed Using Traditional Methods

Mix 9 Vinegar

Refresh your tired body and mind with plenty of citric acid that resides in these vinegars:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Low calorie with abundant acids and polyphenols
Persimmon Vinegar: Twice as much vitamin C as mandarin oranges to prevent fatigue and stress
Rice Vinegar: Condition your body with various amino acids and organic acids from fermented rice
Tomato Vinegar: Contains lycopene that leads to beautiful skin that is strong against UV rays
Black Vinegar: With Amino acids essential for stamina enhancement
Soy Vinegar: High in protein and well-balanced
Jerusalem Artichoke Vinegar: Abundant dietary fiber to refresh your stomach
Onion Vinegar: Also contains arginine to strengthen the body
Ume Vinegar: Well-balanced nutrition and promotes good immunity

Great Point 1
About 75% of the vinegar component is fruit vinegar, so it tastes fruity and easy to drink.

Great Point 2
Since 80% or more of the vinegar component is unfiltered vinegar, there are plenty of live acetic acid bacteria in it that is great for your health

In addition, Sicilian organic lemon juice with plenty of citric acid is also added !

7 Kinds Of Various Oligosaccharides To Support The Activities Of Good Bacteria In The Stomach

First of All, What is Oligosaccharide?

Oligosaccharide is sugar that is contained in various things in nature such as breast milk, honey, soybeans, and sweet potatoes. It serves as food for lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. It’s recommended for people who want to feel refreshed every day. It is also safe to be consumed by expecting mothers and babies.

Different people have different types of good bacteria in their stomachs. Different types of good bacteria that reside in our bodies feed on different types of oligosaccharide. Therefore, it is great to ingest various types of oligosaccharides to rejuvenate various good bacteria!


7 Types of Oligosaccharide in Mix 9 Vinegar

It is an oligosaccharide that contains glucose as a constituent sugar and are contained as natural ingredients in fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce, and honey.

Emulsified oligosaccharide (lactosucrose)
An oligosaccharide with a taste similar to sugar, made from lactose and sugar.

An oligosaccharide made by enzymatically decomposing xylan, which is a type of dietary fiber, which is contained in a small amount in bamboo shoots in nature.

An Oligosaccharide that is mainly composed of maltose (maltose) and maltotriose.

Milk oligosaccharide
An oligosaccharide made from milk.

An oligosaccharide produced by reacting lactose contained in milk with β-galactosidase.

An oligosaccharide that is contained in vegetables such as burdock, onion and tomato, and fruits such as banana, peach and watermelon.

Added With Lactic Acid Bacteria And Bifidobacteria To Achieve Symbiotics

What is Symbiotics?

Symbiotics is a combination of probiotics, which are microorganisms that are thought to bring health benefits, and prebiotics, that promote the action of useful bacteria in the intestines.

Mix 9 Vinegar Contains 360 billion lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria per 500ml. Symbiotics can be easily accomplished with just drinking Mix 9 Vinegar.


Additionally, Mix 9 Vinegar also contains inulin, which is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is said to be in short supply for us in our modern lifestyle today.

According to the dietary intake standards (2020 edition) set by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the daily target intake of dietary fiber is 21 g or more for men and 18 g or more for women, for ages 18 to 69 years old.

According to a recent report, the daily dietary fiber intake (in Japan) is only about 14g. Dietary fiber is an essential nutrient that supports health and refreshment.


With the refreshing effect of vinegar and gut health support, you can be healthy from the inside.

Mix 9 Vinegar Is Recommended For

・Those who are concerned about sugar and additives in sweet drinks
・Those who are feeling tired or stressed on a daily basis
・Those who are not feeling refreshed
・Those who want to start a simple healthy habit for the body
・Those who are looking for something that the whole family can drink with peace of mind

With A Well-Balanced Sweetness And Sourness, It’s Easy To Drink Just By Diluting With Water

・ It has no pungent acidity and tastes mellow.
・ Naturally sweet without artificial sweeteners
・ Fruity and easy to drink


Additive-Free Vinegars As The Main Ingredient

Mix 9 Nine Vinegar is made from nine kinds of additive-free vinegar, carefully brewed with a traditional method. Apple cider vinegar, persimmon vinegar, and rice vinegar, which account for 82% of the vinegar mix, are unfiltered vinegar that is not widely sold on the market. It contains live nutrients as they are that centered on acetic acid bacteria that strengthen our immune system.

Mix 9 Vinegar

*Unfiltered nigori vinegar contains live acetic acid bacteria, so when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, the bacteria are activated and sometimes form a film on the surface of the liquid. It is not harmful to the human body, but it will spoil the vinegar flavor. Therefore, Kawashimaya recommends the following methods to preserve the vinegar:
・ If unopened, avoid high temperature and humidity and store in a cool and dark place.
・ After opening, store in the refrigerator and use up within 3 months.
・ Shake well each time you use it.

No Artificial Sweeteners, Sweetness Only Comes From Oligosaccharides

“I'm curious about drinking vinegar, but I'm refraining from sugar.”

“I was worried about the artificial sweetness of the drinking vinegars I have tried.”

For those who are worried about artificial sweeteners in drinking vinegar, we would like to recommend you Mix 9 Vinegar made without any additives, and no artificial fragrant or sweetener.

When Compared With Regular Drinking Vinegar

  • レシピチャート

    Sweeteners & additives in regular drinking vinegar

    Commercially available drinking vinegar may contain: colorants, flavors, preservatives, chemical seasonings, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, sugar, sucralose, aspartame, neotame, sucralose, acesulfame. All are artificial sweeteners that do not exist in nature

    ・ Artificial additives may cause a rapid rise in blood sugar level or slow down the action of insulin, making it difficult to control the blood sugar level.
    ・ The artificial components can be addictive and cause the body's dependence on sugar.
    ・ Tend to make the drinker get used to overly sugary beverage

  • レシピチャート

    Oligosaccharides in Mix 9 Vinegar

    Oligosaccharide is sugar contained in natural foods such as vegetables and honey

    ・ Lower calories than sugar
    ・ Not too strong, with a faint, natural sweetness
    ・ It reaches the intestines alive and becomes food for good bacteria

    No addition of fruit juice. The unique combination of vinegar and oligosaccharides makes it easy to drink. It's sweet and delicious, but it's also good for your stomach.

When Should You Drink Mix 9 Vinegar

Drink every day as a simple healthy habit

Drink 1 cup of diluted Mix 9 Vinegar every day to maintain good health.


When you’re busy with a lot of activities

Refresh your mood with the pleasant sweetness and acidity.


After working out

Recover from post-workout fatigue with the gentle refreshing drinking vinegar. Perfect as a substitute for sports drinks.


After taking a hot bath

Drink Mix 9 Vinegar to prevent hot flush after a hot bath. We recommend diluting the vinegar with milk for this one.


During pregnancy, or for small children

The drinking vinegar is hypoallergenic, does not contain caffeine or alcohol, and is gentle on the stomach. Anyone can enjoy it as a daily health drink.


For those who are abstaining from alcohol

Drinking vinegar can be a refreshing drink instead of an alcoholic drink. Add your favorite fruits, juices and herbs to make a cocktail.


Recommended Ways to Drink Mix 9 Vinegar

The recommended daily intake is about 2 spoons (20 to 30 ml). Please dilute it 3 to 5 times and drink.

Simply dilute with water for easy drinking

Mix 9 Vinegar

You can also dilute it with hot water for a comforting warm beverage

Mix 9 Vinegar

Dilute with carbonated water for a stylish yet healthy drink

Mix 9 Vinegar

Dilute with milk for a new and creamy taste

Mix 9 Vinegar

*The Vinegar is already sweet from the oligosaccharide, but if it is not enough, you can add honey, maple syrup, etc. as you like.

Message From Kawashimaya

Mix 9 Vinegar

Drinking vinegar is a sweet, sour, and delicious beverage that you can rely on in various situations to maintain your daily health, recover your body from tiredness, exercise fatigue, or to prevent hot flush after taking a bath.

However, most of the vinegar that you can find on the market contains additives that you might want to avoid like artificial flavoring, preservatives, and chemical sweeteners.

Therefore, Kawashimaya wants to deliver delicious drinking vinegar that doesn’t use anything that is harmful to the body, that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Combining 9 vinegars that are abundant in good nutritions, oligosaccharides that are great for gut health, lactic acid bacteria, and inulin that is rich in dietary fiber, we have completed the Mix 9 Vinegar. This naturally derived drinking vinegar is tasty, fruity, and great for maintaining health and beauty.

Other Size Variations

  • カラー

    600g (500ml)

  • カラー

    1200g (1000ml)

  • カラー

    1200g (1000ml) 3 Bottles Set

Kawashimaya Staff Reviews


When diluted with water, I can taste a soft acidity after the sweetness. Even though there are various vinegars mixed in this, you don't get that strong vinegar taste, so it can be easy to drink even for those who are not good with vinegar.

A moment after drinking, My stomach feels warm and comfortable. It seems to be very good for recovering from fatigue.

It also seems to be convenient to use for cooking such as sweet and sour sauce, or used as a dressing without the hassle of preparation.

Staff M.A.


I serve this vinegar diluted with carbonated water during summer. Different from regular drinking vinegar, I can drink this safely because of its careful preparation and natural sweetness. I also like the fact that the vinegar can be easily arranged or mixed with fruits. Plus, I can also add it to salad dressing or simmered dishes.

Staff N.K.


When I mixed Mix 9 Vinegar with water and drank it, I really felt the effect. It seems to be recommended for those who are concerned about swelling. The taste is moderately sweet and much easier to drink than regular vinegar.

Staff S.K.

Product Detail

Product Name Mix 9 Vinegar
Quantity 1200g (1000ml) x 3 Bottles Set
Ingredient Apple vinegar, isomaltooligosaccharide, fructo-oligosaccharide, galactooligosaccharide, persimmon vinegar, lemon, milk oligosaccharide, lactosculose, xylooligosaccharide, tomato vinegar, pure rice vinegar, brown rice black vinegar, inulin, soybean vinegar, jerusalem artichoke vinegar, onion vinegar, plum vinegar, lactic acid bacteria solution (sterilized), lactic acid bacteria powder, maltooligosaccharide, bifidobacteria
Storage Guide Please keep away from direct sunlight. Keep in a cool dry place.
Product Origin Japan
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