Mix 9 Vinegar 1000ml,  A Vinegar Mix Combining 9 Vinegars And Sicilian Lemon Juice, Additives-Free Healthy Drinking Vinegar

Mix 9 Vinegar 1000ml, A Vinegar Mix Combining 9 Vinegars And Sicilian Lemon Juice, Additives-Free Healthy Drinking Vinegar


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Delicious & Healthy Additives-Free Vinegar Drink

Additives-Free Vinegar Drink

This drink is made from the combination of nine kinds of additive-free vinegar, mainly unfiltered nigori vinegar containing healthy acetic acid bacteria. It is also added with Sicilian lemon juice. Not only does this is made without sugar or artificial additives, it is also delicious and super easy to drink. Perfect for daily consumption to maintain body health.

What's In The Mix 9 Vinegar?

Mainly it contained 9 types of traditionally brewed additives-free vinegars. 80% of the total vinegars are nigori (unfiltered) vinegar, so it is rich with acetic acid bacteria. Moreover, it is also added with organic Sicilian lemon juice, so it is abundant in citric acid.

Apple Vinegar

Low in calorie and rich in polyphenol.

Persimmon Vinegar

With twice the amount of vitamin C, this vinegar is perfect to prevent fatigue and stress

Rice Vinegar

Maintain your health with amino acids and organic acid from the fermentation of rice.

Tomato Vinegar

Contains lycopene that helps to maintain beautiful skin by preventing the effect of ultraviolet rays.

Black Vinegar
Black Vinegar

Filled with amino acid to boost energy

Soy Vinegar

Rich in protein for good health balance

Jerusalem Artichoke
Jerusalem Artichoke Vinegar

Maintain good digestion with its rich dietary fibers

Onion Vinegar
Onion Vinegar

Abundant in arginine to strengthen the body

Plum Vinegar

Packed with good nutrients to boost immune system.

Lemon Juice

Sicilian lemon juice that is rich in citric acid.

We recommend Mix 9 Vinegar for
  • Those who want to recover from daily fatigue
  • Those who want to start good healthy habit
  • Those who want a good healthy drink for people of all age

Just Dilute And Drink!

Easy to drink

75% of the vinegars in this mix is made from fruits. So it has a fruity aroma and is very easy to drink. It has no sharp acidity and taste more mellow. Just dilute with water or carbonated water and enjoy!

The Base of This Mix Vinegar Is Additives-Free Vinegar


Mix 9 Vinegar is made from nine kinds of additive-free vinegar that are carefully brewed using the traditional method. Apple cider vinegar, persimmon vinegar, and rice vinegar, which account for 82% of the total, are unfiltered vinegar that is not easily found in the market. It contains live nutrients as they are, mainly acetic acid bacteria that enhance the barrier power of the body.

Nigori (unfiltered) vinegar contains live acetic acid bacteria, and when the temperature exceeds 30 Degrees Celsius, the bacteria are activated and sometimes form a film on the surface of the liquid. It is not dangerous to consume, but it will spoil the vinegar flavor. Therefore, Kawashimaya recommends the following methods to store Mix 9 Vinegar.

  • When unopened keep away from direct sunlight. Keep in a cool dry place.
  • After opening, keep it in the fridge. Please use it within 3 months.
  • When you want to use it, swirl a little bit before pouring.

Recommended Usage of Mix 9 Vinegar

The recommended daily intake for Mix 9 Vinegar is 20~30ml (about 1~2 tablespoons). Dilute 3 to 5 times before drinking.

Dilute With Water

Dilute with water

Enjoy Warm With Hot Water

Dilute with warm water

Dilute With Carbonated Water To Make A Refreshing Drink

Dilute with carbonated water

Dilute With Milk For Delicious Taste

Dilute With Milk

If you want the drink to be a bit sweet, feel free to add oligosaccharide, honey, maple syrup, and others.

Drink Mix 9 Vinegar During These Times

Drink Once Everyday

Maintain good health with regular daily intake

for health

For When You Need More Energy

Refresh the body with this delicious vinegar

need more energy

Drink As A Post-Workout Drink

You can use the vinegar drink as a post-workout sports drink

after workout

After Taking A Bath

Drink the vinegar drink to cool down after a hot bath. We also recommend you to dilute it with milk for this time.

after a bath

For Pregnant Woman And Small Children

It is mild, contains no caffeine or alcohol, and is gentle on the stomach, so anyone can enjoy it as a daily health drink.

for pregnant woman and children

For Those Who Refrain From Alcohol

Mix a little bit of this vinegar and make a tasty yet healthy cocktail

for those who refrain from alcohol

Message From Kawashimaya


Drinking vinegar has a delicious fruity acidity that you can rely on in various situations to maintain your daily health, refresh your tiredness, and drink after exercising or taking a bath. However, most of the vinegar you drink on the market contains sugar and additives such as flavorings and preservatives that you want to avoid for your body. Therefore, Kawashimaya wanted to deliver delicious drinkable vinegar to everyone that did not use anything that is harmful to the body. And that is why we developed the fruity, delicious, and healthy Mix 9 Vinegar with mellow acidity.

Comments From Our Nutritionist

General vinegar is filtered to make it clear and transparent. However, the turbid part that is removed by filtration is rich in live acetic acid bacteria and minerals. Mix 9 Vinegar is mainly made from unfiltered nigori vinegar, so you can enjoy the full nutrition of it. No additives such as preservatives, preservatives, pH adjusters, and fragrances are used, and the vinegar's acidity is refreshing and comfortable to drink, thanks to the organic lemon juice from Sicily. This vinegar drink is very easy to consume especially for those who are not good with vinegar's acidity.

Yurie Ando


Reviews From Our Staffs

On weekday afternoons, when I lose my concentration at work, I mix it with carbonated water and drink it. I also mix it with the protein I drink before and after training in the gym. I feel that my body is awake and my head is clearer, and I think that the degree of concentration in training and work will increase. I also like to drink it after dinner so that I don't get too tired the next day. (Y.K.)

Even if you add a little of this vinegar to salad dressings or simmered dishes, it is delicious and is refreshing. (N.K.)

When I divided Mix 9 Vinegar with water and drank a glass, I really felt the diuretic effect. It seems to be recommended for those who are concerned about swelling. (S.K.)

A Product Development Story From Our Company Representative

Many Kawashimaya customers drink apple cider vinegar, black vinegar, persimmon vinegar, rice vinegar, etc. to maintain their daily health. I myself drink carbonated water and protein mixed with a little vinegar several times a day.

I especially like persimmon vinegar and apple cider vinegar. If possible, I want to take all the various vinegars that Kawashimaya sells! If you drink vinegar anyway, why not unfiltered nigori vinegar!

Mix 9 Vinegar was planned with that idea in mind. We try to get a good balance of 9 kinds of vinegar with different nutrients at once. All the vinegar used is domestically produced vinegar. More than 80% of the raw material is unfiltered vinegar. At this stage, we have not been able to make all of the vinegar into vinegar due to production volume, but in the near future, we will make all the raw materials unfiltered vinegar so that acetic acid bacteria can be taken as they are. If 9 kinds of vinegar are used as they are, they have a pungent acidity peculiar to vinegar and are difficult to drink, so we add organic lemon juice from Sicily to adjust the taste so that it has a moderately fruity sourness. No preservatives, preservatives, pH regulators, etc. are used.

There is also a type of Mix 9 Vinegar that is sweetened with oligosaccharides, but this is a type that is not sweetened. It may be said that it is a product for non-beginners because it is not sweetened. Personally, I think this type will be more popular with Kawashimaya customers. If you have a habit of drinking vinegar and are looking for something better than the vinegar you are using now, please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Yuri Kawashima of Kawashimaya


How much should I drink a day?

The recommended amount is 20~30ml per day. Please dilute it first before drinking.

Can I use it to cook as well?

You can easily use it to make vinegar rice, salad dressing, yogurt, sauces, pickled vegetables, fish marinade, and meat dishes.

Is there any side effect?

If you take too much amount, you can have diarrhea, gas may accumulate in your abdomen and you may get flatulence frequently, and the acetic acid component may damage your teeth and stomach.

Can babies drink it?

Babies are still less developed than adults, so acidic substances such as vinegar that irritate the stomach is not recommended for babies.

Product Details

Product Details
Product Name Mix 9 Vinegar
Quantity 1000ml
Ingredients Apple vinegar, persimmon vinegar, tomato vinegar, pure rice vinegar, brown rice black vinegar, soybean vinegar, chrysanthemum vinegar, onion vinegar, plum vinegar, lemon fruit juice
Origin Japan
Storage Guide Before opening, keep in cool dry place. Tightly close the cap after each use. Keep in the fridge after opening.
Recommended Intake Use 20ml~30ml per day. Dilute with 3 to 5 times before drinking.

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