What is Plum vinegar of Ryujin plumPlum vinegar of Ryujin plum was born in the manufacturing process of Ryujin plum cultivated with no pesticideIt is made by extracting vinegar ingredients.Red...

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What is Plum vinegar of Ryujin plum

Plum vinegar of Ryujin plum was born in the manufacturing process of Ryujin plum cultivated with no pesticideIt is made by extracting vinegar ingredients.Red ume vinegar has become plum vinegar which seasoned with adding Shiso there further.

Is not plum vinegar used almost?

Because plum vinegar can only produce a small amount, it is very valuable and is known as a food with high nutritional value for a long time but in the present age where there are many plums that are cultivated using pesticides, it is said that plum vinegar is often discarded and is not used often We are.※ It seems that ingredients of pesticide dissolve out into plum vinegar and can not be shipped as a product.

Ryujin plum in non-pesticide cultivation is safe

As Umeboshi of Ryujin plum is used without additives · plums of pesticide-free cultivation, you can enjoy plum vinegar plentifully extracted plum vinegar with safety and peace of mind. Please try plum vinegar by all means to maintain health every day.

Introduction of Ryujin plum

The highest mountain in Kishu, Mt. Clear current flowing through the valley Hidakawa river.Among the many overlapping mountains, there is Ryujin Plum Nature in the place where nature and history have been nurtured. There are about 1,600 plum trees in this 3-hectare field in Umeno.Start with soil making, never disinfect from seedlings, do not give pesticides or chemical fertilizers at all.It only gives old-fashioned compost such as momgawa and tree skin. Still, the plum tree fruits every year with lively fruit with loud greenery.Tear off the important plum fruit brought up only by the power of nature carefully by hand one by one.Strong fragrance because it grows with no pesticide. The plum blossoms of Ryujin village are full of scented fragrance of plum, all over.
 In this way I grew up with Teshio, and I was born "Ryujin plum".It is because you stuck with complete pesticide-free chemical fertilizer and you raised it, you can enjoy it safely and safely to seeds.

Health effect of plum vinegar

Plum vinegar is rich in organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid, polyphenol, etc., born by natural fermentation. Because the plenty of nutrients necessary for the human body are packed, the effect is getting a lot of attention. Here we introduce the health benefits obtained by taking plum vinegar.

Health benefit 1Bactericidal effect of Norovirus and Escherichia coli

Plum vinegar has a strong bactericidal / detoxifying action. Actually, this detoxification effect of plum has been used for a long time, and it was widely known since the Edo period. Even when cholera outbreaks domestically in Civil Government Five Years (1832), plum was used for many people, it seems that it was effective for prevention and treatment. Of course, it is said that Norovirus, Escherichia coli, etc. have an effect, so if you see signs of a trend you should also take it for prevention.

Health benefit 2antioxidant effect

Antioxidant action refers to the action of removing "active oxygen", which is considered to be the cause of various diseases. And plum vinegar contains many antioxidant polyphenols and vitamin E. Tea, onion, apple, etc. are examples of this antioxidant food material, but plum vinegar contains a lot of its ingredients in particular, and it is drawing attention as a food material for efficiently removing active oxygen.

Health benefit 3Skin beauty effect

Citric acid contained in plum vinegar has an effect to increase the metabolism of the skin, to prevent spots and to preserve youthful skin. It is tied deeply with the antioxidant function introduced above, and preventing oxidation has meaning of preventing aging. It is possible to keep beauty by preventing aging.Moreover, it is said that it has an effect also on rough skin etc, and women can expect a pleasant efficacy / effect.

Health benefit 4Preventing summer heat and heat stroke

Citric acid contained in plum vinegar serves as energy when people move the body. Speaking of citric acid it is famous to be included in sports drinks etc? Heat stroke is due to lack of minerals that the adjustment function in the body does not work. Citric acid helps to absorb that mineral. By ingesting citric acid it is possible to efficiently ingest minerals and prevent heat stroke.

Health benefit 5Prevention of hypertension

Because it contains salinity, it seems to be thought that blood pressure rises conversely, but recent research found that plum has the effect of lowering blood pressure. Still, it is said that it is most effective to dilute the plum vinegar appropriately and mix it with a small amount as a dish because the concentration of salinity is considerably high as it is as a stock solution.

Until the Ryujin's red plum vinegar is made

Plum vinegar is extracted at a certain point in the process of regular umeboshi making.There is no need to add edible vinegar etc., it is made using only the extract emitted from plum alone.In addition, red vinegar is further finished in red by soaking the shiso.

Harvest of Ryujin plum

We will harvest raw plums as raw materials for plum vinegar.We do it carefully one by one by hand.We will also select items with bad condition here. After taking the pick of the raw plum, set the time until ripe.

To salt

Like ordinary umeboshi making, salted plums harvested.You can see that the plum extract is steadily expelled from the salted plum.Because it is a very time-consuming process, wait while checking the appearance of plum for several days.

White plum vinegar will be discharged

White plum vinegar containing plenty extract and nutrients plenty. Very clear and highly transparent, just like a spring water.In addition red shrimp vinegar is processed by adding Shiso.

Harvest Shiso

We will harvest Shiso to color red vinegar.We also harvest them individually by hand. We select high quality shiso and turn it to processing.

Immerse shiso in white plum vinegar

I will soak up Shiso in white ume vinegar which I extracted earlier.It is a vibrant color, but it is a natural color that does not artificially color.You can also combine the nutrition and umami of Shiso to various dishes.

How to drink Recipe using plum vinegar

Here I will introduce the recipe using plum vinegar. Even if it says that it is good for health, I think that it is quite difficult to drink directly with undiluted liquid as it is vinegar. It is premised that the ingredients are still deliciously eaten. I think that the body will be happy to have delicious healthy ingredients.

Red ginger of red vinegar

Red ginger you can use as a gift for the main dish. Because it is not colored with additives, you can eat safe red ginger.
Cooking time1Day


· Red vinegar
As much as ginger is soaked
3 g
100 g

How to make

I wash ginger and remove dirt.
Slice to about 3 mm width.
Put the ginger in the bowl and sprinkle salt.
Lift the weight and let the ginger adapt the salt to ginger for about 1 hour.
Squeeze the water and dry it in a well-ventilated shade for about half a day.
When ginger dries, put it in a storage container and put red ume vinegar until it is completely dipped. It is completed by storing in a refrigerator for about half a day.

Red plum vinegar drink

It is not too sweet, well balanced with sour taste is unrivaled red plum vinegar drink. It also plays an active part in measures against summer heat stroke.
Cooking timeFiveMinute


· Plum vinegar
1 teaspoon
2 tsp.
· Cold water
100 cc

How to make

Add honey and plum vinegar and stir it, melt the honey.
Pour chilled water and add ice and it will be completed.

Product Details

raw materials Plum (produced in Wakayama Prefecture), salt (Shimamazu Okinawa Prefecture), Shiso
Internal capacity 2000 ml
Pesticides · Chemical fertilizers Not used
Producing area Wakayama Prefecture
Preservation method Please save in cool dark place
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