What is light vinegar vinegar Persimmon vinegar of light sea vinegar was made with 100% persimmon produced in Imazu-machi, Takashima-shi. I do not add water or sugar at all. Add...

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What is light vinegar vinegar

淡海酢 柿酢とは
Persimmon vinegar of light sea vinegar was made with 100% persimmon produced in Imazu-machi, Takashima-shi. I do not add water or sugar at all. Add yeast to squeezed persimmon, add alcohol fermentation for about 30 days, then add acetic acid bacteria and acetic acid ferment for 30 days. In order to further melt the taste, I have aged for 365 days. Please enjoy the natural additive natural persimmon vinegar.

What is freshwater vinegar?

Tanuma vinegar is an vinegar brewery located in Takashima-shi, Shiga Prefecture.

As the only vinegar brewery left in Shiga

The freshwater vinegar reproduces the recipe of the Edo period based on the ancient document and manufactures and sells natural brewed vinegar by stationary fermentation using sake as a raw material.We do not add extra things in old-fashioned manufacturing method, and everyone can make vinegar that can be safely drunk.In Shiga prefecture, it is the only local vinegar brewery.

200 years of history and tradition

The history of fresh sea vinegar dates far back to the Edo period.The local merchant Yoshinoya clan of the former Otsu Tatei clan, who took charge of Omi Takashima, was exclusively engaged in brewing business such as sake, soy sauce and vinegar.One of them Yoshinoya Bunjiro 's second son, Yuzo, was brewed at the end of the Meiji era and brewed vinegar, and eventually it became widely available to the Keihan market. In 1953, Yaichi 2nd generation established the freshwater vinegar limited company, with the company name "Tanumai vinegar" registered trademark.Revived the brewed vinegar which had been out of control for a while due to the control during the Second World War, and the vinegar making technique and mind has been handed down to the third generation until today.

Additive not used

Additives and preservatives are not added at all.It keeps tradition from the Edo period and continues to make brewed vinegar that anyone can drink with confidence.

Using persimmon of Takashima-shi, Shiga prefecture

Soft pulp and gentle sweetness are made using 100% popular persimmons.Persimmons that can be made in this area where there is a large difference in temperature are particularly good sweetness, a rich taste.It is cultivated by the traditional recipe that continues from the Taisho era.

Persimmon vinegar of stationary fermentation

Stationary fermentation is not a fermentation method that will be built in about 6 hours like a fast brewing method devised for mass production.It is an old-fashioned wooden vat, it is made of sake (liquor), it refers to vinegar that fermented and aged for over 120 days with the power of nature.Vinegar made with traditional methods that do not use additives can be realized more clearly when used for cooking.

Commitment to the real thing

In order to enjoy the original taste of persimmon, water and alcohol etc are not added at all.It is made only of fruit juice born from persimmon.

Health effect of persimmon vinegar

Persimmon has various health effects. A combination of persimmon 's effect and vinegar effect contains many good ingredients for the body. Here we introduce the health ingredients contained in persimmon vinegar.

1. Prevention of hypertension

The amount of rich potassium contained in persimmon vinegar is about 3 times that of black vinegar! Potassium is said to have an effect to suppress high blood pressure, so we can expect a greater preventive effect than black vinegar.

2. Smoothing with polyphenols blood

It seems that persimmon vinegar contains polyphenols that are said to be 60 times the wine. Cholesterol is decomposed by polyphenols and it seems that it will make the blood smoke. Because it can be expected to prevent thrombosis, it seems to have synergistic effects on low back pain as well.

3. Antioxidant action to prevent aging

The persimmon vinegar has antioxidant effect to suppress aging. By antioxidant and bactericidal action contained in both persimmon and vinegar, we can expect to develop strong oxidation-resistant body. Since it is an aging prevention effect obtained by two components, it is said to have high workability.

4. Prevention of obesity with flavonoids

It seems to have the effect of decreasing cholesterol accumulated in the body by flavonoid contained in persimmon vinegar. By reducing cholesterol we can expect weight gain suppression and obesity prevention effect.

5. Stroke Prevention

Acetaldehyde contained in persimmon vinegar prevents vessel damage. Increase cerebral blood flow to prevent stroke and other diseases.

Easy recipes using persimmon vinegar

As with cereal vinegar, persimmon vinegar is not suitable for drinking as it is because it is slightly strongly acetic acid. I think that it is best to dilute it to a drink or to mix it with other dishes to eat it. Here I will introduce recipes etc. using persimmon vinegar.

Persimmon vinegar drink ● Material1 tablespoon of persimmon vinegar / 200-250 cc of water / 1 tablespoon of honey 1) Mix persimmon vinegar in water. 2.) Melt honey with a small amount of hot water and put it in 1. 3.) Completed with lemon added as you like.


Cucumber pickled pickled vinegar ● MaterialPersimmon vinegar 100 cc / cucumber 5 / sugar tbsp 5 / soy sauce 5 tbsp / kelp, plenty / salt 1 tsp / hawk nail 2) 1.) Cucumber is cut into 1 mouth. 2.) Lightly chew the cucumber with salt. 3.) Squeeze lightly and rinse cucumbers lightly. 4.) Mix vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and Ajinomoto into the ball well. 5.) Add cucumber and seasoning to Ziploc and mix. 6.) When mixing is completed, put it in the refrigerator and it is completed in about 1 ~ 2 hours.


Product Details

raw materials persimmon
Internal capacity 200 ml
Producing area Shiga Prefecture
Preservation method Store in cool dark place
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