Black Vinegar of Tankai Vinegar Brewery Black vinegar is rich in many amino acids, including essential amino acids, that is incomparable to ordinary vinegar. This amino acid is said to...

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Black Vinegar of Tankai Vinegar Brewery

Tankaisu Black Vinegar

Black vinegar is rich in many amino acids, including essential amino acids, that is incomparable to ordinary vinegar. This amino acid is said to be good for restoring the function of our body, dieting, and beautiful skin. It is also said to have the function of making the shape of red blood cells supple and improve blood circulation.

In addition, vinegar has the function of burning the fatigue substances of the body and converting them into energy, so it is good to take vinegar for when you want to recover from fatigue.

Tankai Vinegar Brewery

Tankaisu Black Vinegar

Tankai Vinegar is a vinegar brewery located in Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture.

As the only vinegar brewery that still remains in Shiga

Tankai Vinegar reproduces the manufacturing method of the Edo period based on ancient documents. They manufacture and sell naturally brewed vinegar by static fermentation using sake as a raw material. They use the old-fashioned method to make vinegar that anyone can drink with peace of mind without adding extra additives. It is the only local vinegar brewery in Shiga prefecture.

200 years of history and tradition

The history of Tankai Vinegar dates back to the Edo period. The Yoshinoya clan, a former Omizo feudal lord who owned Omi Takashima, was dedicated to the brewing industry of sake, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. One of them, Yazo, the second son of Bunjiro Yoshinoya (Yoshifumi), split his family at the end of the Meiji era and started brewing vinegar.

In 1955, the second generation Yazo established Tankai Vinegar Co., Ltd. under the registered trademark Tankaisu (淡海酢) "Tankai Vinegar".

The vinegar that had been extinguished for a while due to the control during World War II was revived, and the skill and heart of vinegar brewing have been handed down to the third generation today.


No additives or preservatives are added. Preserving the tradition from the Edo period, Tankai Vinegar continues to make vinegar that anyone can drink with peace of mind.


Fragrant Black Vinegar

Black vinegar is made by aging barley malt that has a rich and fragrant aroma, so you can enjoy a rich flavor from the vinegar. For drinking, dilute the vinegar 5 to 10 times.


Black Vinegar With Static Fermentation

Static fermentation is not a fermentation method that only takes about 6 hours to complete, unlike the fast brewing method devised for mass production. This method refers to vinegar that is made from traditional wooden tubs and fermented and aged by the power of nature for 120 days or more. Vinegar made by traditional methods without additives can be tasted more clearly when used in cooking.


Health Benefits Of Black Vinegar

Yamadai Pure Rice Vinegar

1. Helps smoothen the blood flow

Amino acid is abundant in black vinegar. This component has an effect that helps the blood flow more smoothly. By improving blood flow, one can prevent lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

2. Fatigue recovery

Citric acid contained in black vinegar is said to have a fatigue recovery effect.

3. Diet effect

Since black vinegar contains citric acid and amino acid abundantly, it promotes fat burning. These two nutrients make basal metabolism active thus helping weight loss.

4. Skin and beauty effect

Recent research has found that glycine contained in black vinegar has a function to improve immune function that protects the skin. This immune function preserves the moisture of the skin and plays an important role to protect the skin from external stimuli.

5. Constipation prevention

Black vinegar activates the function of the large intestine and has the effect of preventing constipation. Rather than forcibly cure constipation with medicine, it will naturally enhance the activity of the body and cure it.

Easy Recipes Using Black Vinegar

As a general guideline, take about 15cc to 30cc of black vinegar a day.

If you drink the undiluted solution as it is, the acetic acid component contained in vinegar may damage your throat and digestive organs, so it is recommended to dilute it about 10 times.

Here, we will introduce how to drink black vinegar deliciously and safely.

*Some products may be diluted to make them easier to drink. Please drink according to the product handling instructions.

Black Vinegar Honey Drink

The taste of black vinegar will go perfectly with the sweetness of honey.

Black Vinegar Honey Drink


・Black Vinegar
1 Tablespoon
1 Tablespoon

How to Make

First, mix black vinegar with honey thoroughly. Then add water.
After water is added, you can also chill it until it’s cold so it will taste even better. If you like, you can add a bit of lemon juice to improve the refreshing taste

Black Vinegar Milk

Combining the acidity and rich creamy taste of milk, this drink will taste similar to yogurt. The acidity of black vinegar becomes mellow and mild, making it very delicious and easy to drink.

Black Vinegar Milk
・Black Vinegar
2 Tablespoons
1 Tablespoon

 How to Make

Add black vinegar and honey to a glass of milk.
Stir until mixed thoroughly.

Customer's Review


Delicious for drinking and cooking
It is delicious as a drink, but it is very convenient to add to a demiglace sauce or stewed dishes as an accent to the dish. I always stock it so I won't run out.


Umami and rich in taste
I can feel the umami and richness that the vinegar I have used so far doesn't have. It even has a slight sweetness to it. I like this vinegar so much.


An irreplaceable seasoning!
I often use it for cooking. The taste is rich, it also tenderizes the meat, and the finishing taste is delicious. It is an irreplaceable seasoning at my home.


Easy to drink
It is not sour and very mellow and easy to drink.

Product Detail

Quantity 300ml
Ingredients Barley malt
Storage Guide Keep in refrigerator
Product Origin Shiga Prefecture, Japan

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