What is Tanuma vinegar black vinegar For black vinegar, a lot of amino acids including essential amino acids are abundantly included as compared with ordinary vinegar. This amino acid is...

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What is Tanuma vinegar black vinegar

淡海酢 黒酢とは
For black vinegar, a lot of amino acids including essential amino acids are abundantly included as compared with ordinary vinegar. This amino acid is said to be good for restoring the function of our bodies, diet and beautiful skin. It is said that there is work to supple the shape of erythrocytes and smooth the flow of blood. It seems there is a power to make the mushrooms bloody. Also, vinegar has the function of burning fatigue substance of the body and converting to energy, and it is good to take vinegar for recovery of fatigue.

What is freshwater vinegar?

Tanuma vinegar is an vinegar brewery located in Takashima-shi, Shiga Prefecture.

As the only vinegar brewery left in Shiga

The freshwater vinegar reproduces the recipe of the Edo period based on the ancient document and manufactures and sells natural brewed vinegar by stationary fermentation using sake as a raw material.We do not add extra things in old-fashioned manufacturing method, and everyone can make vinegar that can be safely drunk.In Shiga prefecture, it is the only local vinegar brewery.

200 years of history and tradition

The history of fresh sea vinegar dates far back to the Edo period.The local merchant Yoshinoya clan of the former Otsu Tatei clan, who took charge of Omi Takashima, was exclusively engaged in brewing business such as sake, soy sauce and vinegar.One of them Yoshinoya Bunjiro 's second son, Yuzo, was brewed at the end of the Meiji era and brewed vinegar, and eventually it became widely available to the Keihan market. In 1953, Yaichi 2nd generation established the freshwater vinegar limited company, with the company name "Tanumai vinegar" registered trademark.Revived the brewed vinegar which had been out of control for a while due to the control during the Second World War, and the vinegar making technique and mind has been handed down to the third generation until today.

Additive not used

Additives and preservatives are not added at all.It keeps tradition from the Edo period and continues to make brewed vinegar that anyone can drink with confidence.

Savory black vinegar

Black vinegar made by matured barley malt can enjoy a tasty flavor with a fragrant rich fragrance.In the case of drinking please drink from 5 times to 10 times to drink.

Black vinegar of stationary fermentation

Stationary fermentation is not a fermentation method that will be built in about 6 hours like a fast brewing method devised for mass production.It is an old-fashioned wooden vat, it is made of sake (liquor), it refers to vinegar that fermented and aged for over 120 days with the power of nature.Vinegar made with traditional methods that do not use additives can be realized more clearly when used for cooking.

Health effect of black vinegar

In recent years its high health benefits have become a topic, and the custom of drinking black vinegar is also spreading to the general family.But who actually does not know the health benefits in practice is mostly not?Here I would like to introduce the effect obtained by drinking black vinegar.

1. Black vinegar makes the blood smooth

In addition to the blood smoothness effect of vinegar, amino acids contained abundantly in black vinegarThere is an effect that makes the blood flowing inside the body smooth. By improving blood flowIt can prevent lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

2. fatigue recovery with black vinegar

Citric acid contained in black vinegar, heals a tired bodyIt is said to have fatigue recovery effect.Amino acids familiar with commercials etc. are also included in black vinegarIt helps recovery of fatigue etc. after exercise.

3. Diet effect of black vinegar

Since black vinegar contains citric acid and amino acid abundantlyIt has the effect of promoting fat burning.These two nutrients make basal metabolism activeIt is said that the effect of a diet can be expected.

4. Skin and beauty effect of black vinegar

A component of amino acid called glycine contained in black vinegar isRecent research has found that it has a function to improve immune function protecting the skin.This immune function preserves the moisture of the skin and it plays an important role to protect the skin from external stimuli.

5. Antioxidant action of black vinegar

Antioxidant action refers to the action of preventing body oxidation that causes aging.It is said that vinegar originally has antioxidant activityBlack vinegar is said to have strong effect and high effect, in particular.It is said to prevent and improve the aging phenomenon by antioxidant action.

6. Improvement of coldness with black vinegar

Depending on the amino acids contained in black vinegarIt has the effect of softening the hardened red blood cells.When the red blood cells soften, blood flows to the extremity of the limbsIt is effective in improving coldness.

7. Constipation cancellation with black vinegar

Black vinegar activates the function of the large intestine and has the effect of prevention and improvement of constipation.Rather than forcibly cure constipation with medicine, it will naturally enhance the activity of the body and cure itIt is less burdensome and there are no side effects, so we can improve our constitution safely and safely.

Easy recipe with black vinegar

Please drink black vinegar roughly around 15cc ~ 30cc a day. If you drink as undiluted solution, the acetic acid contained in the vinegar may hurt your throat and digestive organs so dilute it about 10 times and drink it. Here I will show you how to drink black vinegar deliciously and safely. * Depending on the product, it may be diluted to make it easier to drink. Please drink according to the instruction manual of goods.

Black vinegar honey drink ● MaterialBlack vinegar 1 tablespoon / honey 1 tablespoon / water (hot water) 150ml This is a drink that exquisitely matches the sourness of black vinegar and sweetness of honey. Firstly mix black vinegar and honey firmly and pour water. Put in ice and cool it to make it even more delicious. It is also advisable to add lemon and make you feel refreshing.


Black vinegar milk ● Material2 tablespoons black vinegar / 1 tablespoon honey 1 / milk 150ml It is like a drink like a yoghurt. The sourness of black vinegar turns into a mild taste and becomes very delicious and easy to drink. It is the best way to drink for a snack.


Product Details

raw materials Barley malt
Internal capacity 300 ml
Producing area Shiga Prefecture
Preservation method Store in cool dark place
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