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What is Ryukyus moromi vinegar Awamori Health vinegar born from the history of 500 yearsRyukyus moromi vinegarWas born from sake cake which remains when distilling the local wine "Awamori" of...

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What is Ryukyus moromi vinegar

Awamori Health vinegar born from the history of 500 yearsRyukyus moromi vinegarWas born from sake cake which remains when distilling the local wine "Awamori" of Okinawa. Moromi vinegar contains a lot of citric acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are produced by the action of black koji mold and Awamori yeast. Melted vinegar with faint awamori incense added, further added Okinawan brown sugar, finished deliciously with ease of sweet mellow mellowRyukyus moromi vinegaris. Please use Okinawa's wisdom to maintain health and beauty every day.

What is the daily intake of moromi vinegar?

Since moromi vinegar has less acetic acid component than ordinary vinegar productsThere is no worry of hurting your stomach and oral cavity. It is fine if you can drink the amount of your choice, but it is said that it is enough if you drink about 30 ml as a guide for the day. Instead of ingesting 30 ml at a time, let 's take it efficiently so that the effect lasts by dividing it into 3 doses.

Ryukyus moromi vinegar is delicious and ingenuity that does not get tired

Ryukyus moromi vinegar is different from common vinegar products, it is mellow and easy to drink.

Because it is vinegar, taste and fragrance are also sour? Moromi vinegar is different.It leaves a fragrant incense of awamori in a faint state, and there is no sour besides taste. Actually, even if you are not good at vinegar, there are many people who are OK with moromi vinegar. It is very easy to drink, so it's finished with a tasteful flavorFor a long time, from adults to childrenIt has become possible to drink it. Even if you drink it by dividing with carbonic acid etc, you can eat it deliciously.


The secret of sweetness to sugarcane from Okinawa Add brown sugar made from sugarcane in OkinawaIt is gentle vinegar with a gentle taste that children can drink. Brown sugar is an alkaline food rich in mineralsIt is characterized by mellow and rich sweetness. Since we can simultaneously ingest nutrients contained in sugarcaneMoromi vinegar is also excellent as a comprehensive health drink.


Fructose oligosaccharide is gentle to the intestines Sugar contained in milk and fruit contained in fruit were linkedFruit oligosaccharides work to increase bifidobacteria in the intestine. Those who are concerned about stomach conditionYou can drink with confidence even those who do not like vinegar. I realized I got betterIt is popular especially for women as well.


Abundant nutrients of moromi vinegar

Moromi vinegar is not only easy to drink, but also its abundant nutrients attract attention.Here, we introduce the main ingredients including moromi vinegar. (Per 100 ml)                                       
Component nameIngredientsDescription
citric acid1100 mgI have the power to change my body fatigue and lipid into energy.
Arginine178 mgPromotes growth hormone, Immunity improvement
lysine59 mgRepairing body tissues and working on growth
Alanine132 mgKeep your muscular volume and keep your body healthy
Glutamic acid52 mgEffects to promote excretion of urine and to activate brain function
Aspartic acid66 mgIt accelerates the decomposition of lactic acid that causes fatigue
 Using citric acid as a main ingredient to eliminate body fatigue,Arginine to promote immunity and growth hormoneFrom adults to children, the nutrients necessary for a wide range of layers are included. Regardless of generations, it has become a component that you can drink.

Production process of moromi vinegar

Momoromi vinegar is made from "moromi" that can be made in the awamori manufacturing process. Momo vinegar was born from traditional wisdom and ingenuity that does not waste material.

Rice washing · dipping · steamed rice

Make rinse carefully to remove rice bran that is attached to raw material rice.After that, we will soak water necessary for steaming and steaming in raw material rice.Steep rice raw steam with steam after sufficiently draining rice raw rice dipped.Raw material rice will be ready to make koji by steaming.

Seeding and making koji

Cool steamed raw rice to an appropriate temperature and spray Black Aspergillus oryzae.Transfer the raw rice sprayed with black koji molds to the koji shelf (triangle) and control the growth of koji while controlling the temperature.Due to the growth of Aspergillus oryzae, raw starch rice changes to glucose.At this time, citric acid is produced, making a better awamori-making environment.

Molomi making

We add rice koji grown on a bowl (moromi tank), water and yeast, ferment it, and make moromi.In about two weeks, Moromi with alcohol degree of around 18% is completed.


By fermenting and matured moromi in a distiller and distilling, awamori is born.I am using the property that alcohol boils at lower temperature than water.We will check the quality firmly.


Squeeze the distilled moromi while fresh.Filter and sterilize, put brown sugar here and complete Ryukyu moromi vinegar.

Five health benefits brought by citric acid of moromi vinegar

Moromi vinegar contains various nutrients, and attention is gaining attention to its health effect. Here, we introduce representative efficacy that momoi vinegar brings.

Health benefit 1Diet effect

Originally it is said that you can expect diet effect on vinegar,Of course moromi vinegar is no exception. Amino acid contained in vinegar and citric acid component have functions to aid in the burning of fat,It is said that the effect of dieting is high by that element.

Health benefit 2Fatigue recovery effect

Late acid accumulates in the body, probably becoming an acidic body, such as after exercise or when you are tired from work. The abundant amount of citric acid contained in moromi vinegar decomposes lactic acid and saccharides,It is said that it will change the acidic body to alkaline and restore fatigue.

Health benefit 3Skin beauty effect

Citric acid contained in moromi vinegar enhances skin metabolismIt is an effect of spot prevention and there is efficacy to keep youthful skin. Moreover, it is said that it has an effect also on rough skin etc, and women can expect a pleasant efficacy / effect.

Health benefit 4Reduction of blood cholesterol level

Recent studies showed that moromi vinegar has the effect of decreasing blood cholesterol level. Suppress the value of coter sterol that has gone up due to irregular lifeIt is said to be useful also for prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Health benefit 5Hypertension prevention

Moromi vinegar is rich in citric acid, amino acids, GABA (gaba), potassium etc. It is said that these ingredients have the effect of lowering blood pressure. There is no immediate effect, but it is said that improving the constitution of hypertension by drinking continues.

How to drink millet vinegar delicious

Moromi vinegar, unlike normal vinegar products, does not contain acetic acid ingredients, so you can drink the amount of your choice is fine. Because I get tired of just breaking with water and drinking every time,Here we will introduce tasty drinking method of moromi vinegar, easy-to-make recipe and so on.

Lemon fracture of moromi vinegar

Put ice and cool feeling up! It is perfect for days with high humidity such as summer and rainy season. Vitamin is also easy to drink, it is refreshing moromi vinegar health drink.
Cooking timeFiveMinute


· Momokuri vinegar
50 ml
50 ml
· Lemon juice
5 ml

How to make

Pour molasses vinegar and lemon juice into a glass and mix.
Finally put water and ice and stir it.

Momo vinegar pickles

It is pickle with moromi vinegar instead of vinegar. It is a handy health recipe that can also take dietary fiber with plenty of citric acid.
Cooking time1Day


· Momokuri vinegar
150 cc
· Cucumber
1/2 book
· Cracked sugar
Spoonful of tablespoon 5
·seven spice blend
1 teaspoon

How to make

Cut the cucumber and carrot into sizes that are easy to eat ※ If there is room in the stuff you can even stick it OK
Put moromi vinegar in Ziploc, add sugar, salt, Shichigi chilli and mix
Put the cut vegetables in it and complete it overnight in this state.

Product Details

raw materials Rice, rice koji, processed brown sugar, zarame, oligosaccharide, brewed vinegar
Internal capacity 900 ml
Producing area Okinawa Prefecture
Preservation method Please save at room temperature avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight, please save at less than 10 degrees after opening

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